The Coming Storm

I’ve been called a pessimist – and much worse, of course. As much as I would love to see the hopeful future come, the reality of ever increasing evil and injustice stands squarely in the way. Each day the news – what we are allowed to see – tells of more and more encroachment by government on our privacy and liberty, property and productivity.

Each new outrage brings cries from the hopeful that “this time” the people will awaken and begin to fight the tyranny, but those who actually even protest are few and far between. Those who continue to trust in the law and constitution are many, and it is hard to imagine the depths of slavery they will endure before they finally admit that they waited too long. We are already tied hand and foot and resistance by isolated individuals is inspiring, but futile in affecting any change in the tyrants.

What would it take to turn things around? Just what does that really mean anyway? Turn around to what? Read the history of this country and try to put your finger on the point where liberty and justice for all was the norm instead of the exception. The native Americans, the slaves of various races, and many of the immigrants found little or no justice or liberty, even at the hands of the much revered “Founding Fathers” of the Constitution. Is that what we want to “return” to?

Let’s be realistic. Human beings are not fit to rule each other. History proves it, over and over again. A small group of people can rule themselves through voluntary association and mutual cooperation, but the ultimate “rule” for each person must rest on their own acceptance of personal responsibility for their actions and choices. The moment people divorce themselves from that responsibility, tyranny begins.

We’d all like to have someone else protect us and remove the dangers of difficult choices, but the price for that is ultimately death and destruction, slavery and misery. Liberty and irresponsibility are mutually exclusive. You can’t have it both ways.

Can we still isolate the infection and restore health to the whole body? Or can we continue as we are now and not progress to total slavery? Will our economy sustain us much longer, even in abject poverty? How can we prepare for a future like that? Is there anyplace on the planet where we can simply be left alone to live our lives as we see fit? If so, how do we find it and how do we get there? How do we defend it against those who would consume our lives and very souls?

There is only one way I know to find it. Take personal ownership of and responsibility for your life seriously, right now, and for always. It’s not easy. If you are not used to it, you will have to develop both tools and the will to carry it through. Ultimately, the alternative is slavery and death.

If we keep doing what we have been doing, we will keep getting what we have been getting. To expect otherwise is the essence of insanity.

What have you been doing lately, and what have you been getting? If what you are getting isn’t freedom, isn’t it time to do something else?

Your comments are most welcome…

And I’m proud to republish this essay from a friend at The Mental Militia.

Who Owns You?

Think about this concept for a minute or two.  Who Owns You?  Who is entitled to the product of your hands, head or heart?  Who has first claim on your life?  To whom do you have to answer for decisions that determine your direction, you plans, your dreams and goals?

Some of you reading this will have given over at least some portion of your life to a personal Savior.  Others will have given over some of their life to a significant other.  But what is the true answer?

The true and honest answer is, you own you.  The cases mentioned above are legitimate only with voluntary relinquishment of control, and even then you are still the final arbiter of your thoughts, words and deeds.

Important note:  you own not only your thoughts, words and deeds, you own the results, both the production and the consequences.

Here’s a heads-up:  the government, any government at every level, thinks it owns you.  While some of us protest the government’s hand in our pockets, vast numbers rely on the government owning the consequences of their actions.  Big bank and corporate bailouts, generations of welfare recipients whose only productive activity is gaming the system, you know what I’m talking about.

Some governments, we usually refer to them as totalitarian or dictatorships, implement this practice openly.  This is what happens with a disarmed populace.  Other governments, usually referred to as democracies or republics, pretend you have a modicum of control over your own life by periodically holding what are loosely termed  elections.  This is where a majority of the votes, gathered either legally or illegally,  are used to determine what shall be done with your life.

And this is what is going on in the United States of America right now.  More and more special interest groups believe they have a claim on your life, your earnings, your savings, even your personal protection.  And if they can garner enough votes, they get it.

While democracy may seem a reasonable alternative to totalitarianism, it more honestly can be called the tyranny of the majority.  Remember, for many decades in the United States, slavery was completely legal.  Doesn’t say much for majority rule, does it?

Have you ever heard someone say ‘If you don’t vote, you can’t complain’?  Unfortunately, the exact opposite is true.  If you vote, you buy in to the process that whoever gets the most votes wins, and therefore you cannot complain about the outcome.  Remember, if your side had won, you would have been imposing your will on the minority.

So, who owns you?  Is it your neighbors,  your alleged representatives, or an administration deciding they know what’s best and writing executive orders?  No.  You own you, and you alone are responsible for all of your thoughts, words and deeds.   Anything taken from you aside from voluntary agreement is theft.   The consequences of your actions aren’t included because you cannot abdicate that responsibility.  The ‘I was only following orders’ defense doesn’t hold water.

I am trying to create a meme around the question “Who Owns You?”  Some of you will see this on Facebook, some of you will see this in an email, others will see it on one or more of a few forums I frequent.  Please pass it along if you think it worthwhile.  I’ll know I have succeeded when I see it returning to me from quarters I didn’t expect.

Who Owns You?

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2 Responses to The Coming Storm

  1. pelletfarmer says:

    Wonderful post, ML. The questions are all the right ones, and the answers only too obvious. That’s the problem, I think…almost nobody is willing to answer them. It’s like if they identify the monster, then the monster will suddenly attack. They refuse to understand that if they DON’T identify the monster, that THEN will he attack. I mean, he’ll attack either way, but why do people think that if they only ignore it, it’ll go away? Or even crazier, that if they don’t identify the truth, then the obvious won’t happen? This, even though it’s happened over and over again, forever and ever.

    As you say, it’s the “essence of insanity.” These are not tough questions, and the answers are just so, so clear. Humans have abandoned their minds, their basic means of survival. How they expect to survive without them, is well beyond me.

    I wonder what law they expect to pass, to grant them their lives.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Fortunately, there is always a remnant, a reservoir of the rational and prepared. Those who survive will have the opportunity to shape the future. It is tragic that so many choose to live as slaves and die, but in the end that’s not my problem. They are responsible for themselves, after all.


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