Libertarian Commentary on the News: #14-51F: Schools and Cops Destroy Society

By Nathan Barton

Just a few days to Christmas, and so, Merry Christmas to all! All I want for Christmas is to get rid of corrupt “public” schools and corrupt cops.  Here are a few reasons:

A blind 7-year-old child, accused of waving his cane around on a school bus, was punished by having his cane taken away, replaced by one of those styrofoam “pool noodles” for two weeks.  I know how important canes ARE to blind people (my great-grandmother had one) and how EVIL this action is.  This is clearly child abuse and a complete overreaction to a simple incident.

Officials at a Virginia school turned an allegedly misbehaving 4-year-old preschooler over to law enforcement, where he was put in handcuffs and shackles and ordered to talk to jail inmates, Thanks to Margaret for this one:  the child may be scarred for life, not just “scared straight,” as seems to have been the object.  Criminals in schools deserve this and worse.

The baby injured by a police raid team throwing a flash-bang grenade into the crib, in Haversham County, Georgia, has racked up more than $1 million dollars in medical treatment costs, and the County claims sovereign immunity and a prohibition on “gratuities” keeps them from having to pay.  Let us not just discuss the cop’s “war on blacks,” but also the “war on children,” and “war on families” and “war on ‘civilians’ in general; those wars including the cops’ own family members (both through domestic violence and actions against walking, driving, or taking pictures while black, white, or green).

It took five years, but a woman falsely arrested as a “teabagger” (the term used by the cop) for taking a picture of a helicopter outside a National Guard base on Long Island was awarded 1.2 million dollars for the false arrest and abuse by the cop, including claims that she was armed at the time and a “terrorist.”  The abuse by police is not something limited to the last couple of years, or even the half-decade since this happened.  And this five years reminds me of the old adage: “Justice delayed is justice denied.”  What misery did this woman go through for five years?

Speaking of photography, more and more stories are emerging from New York City about photographers being “violently arrested” by NYPD for recording the protests against police brutality. They seem to be particularly vicious when dealing with protests against themselves and their fellow brothers of the “Blue Mafia” style of policing.  Which isn’t just used against photographers, as shown in a video by a young actress filming four cops bravely beating up a twelve-year-old boy in New York.  Police are being recruited from the ranks of predators and/or trained to be predators of humans by their academies and their colleagues. An example of this training is found in Victoria Texas, where a 23-year-old cop (graduating from an academy two years ago) claims to have feared for his safety and so tazed a 76-year-old man on tape. (I am willing to point out the kid has been suspended and the Victoria police chief has apologized; not much, but better than the usual police response.)

Cops in Missouri County, Texas, have again added to the wonderful reputation of cops in Texas, together with the local prosecutor, when a jury cleared him after their third attempt to convict an innocent man following the cop’s SWAT team arrest (after lying to a judge) and beating of the man. His crime?  A friend had called the cops because he was depressed and drinking.  He had not been threatening suicide OR violence to anyone else, but the cops found out he owned a shotgun and sent in the SWAT team.  It was an excuse to “have fun,” I guess. For once, the juries have stood up against the police and the law in defense of an innocent man: that doesn’t happen very often these days with plea bargaining and the jury selection process.

It isn’t just schools and cops, of course, that are so busy at destroying society. And more and more people realize that. Fox News Poll: Two-thirds say the government is broken.

Mama’s Note: The problem is that they still think it can be “fixed.” “Elect the right people,” being the usual answer.

Nathan: One of today’s quotes on liberty addresses this: “People unfit for freedom — who cannot do much with it — are hungry for power. The desire for freedom is an attribute of a “have” type of self. It says: leave me alone and I shall grow, learn, and realize my capacities. The desire for power is basically an attribute of a “have not” type of self.” (Eric Hoffer).

As I have discussed before, government is a (bad) human invention, and ALL human inventions break down – a railroad engine or a ship or an automobile have only a certain economic life: you cannot keep fixing them forever unless they have some sentimental value so that you are willing to spend more than they are worth.  But most things need to be junked or parted out or salvaged or thrown away, at some time.  In the case of governments – especially the FedGov – and the State, this should have been done decades ago: it belongs on the “trash heap of history.” It cannot be fixed.

And of course, we have the “official” or “independent” criminals, often aided and abetted (even if “unintentionally”) by the court system and police. In North Carolina, a 14-year-old boy defended his grandmother from two brothers breaking and entering her house to steal medicine by shooting and killing one.  This was the pair’s third burglary on the house, and the man killed was on bail and wearing an electronic monitor when he was shot and killed using a Glock. The cops and the courts could not or would not protect this family, any more than they do tens of thousands of other families each day.

The young man lives with his grandparents because his father was murdered by similar gangsters six years ago.  The state and taxpayers are being saved the cost of monitoring and trying the thug: don’t know who gets to keep the bail money… Now, expect a zealous (fanatic) local prosecutor and police to (a) steal the gun used by the teen, (b) file charges against the grandparents for letting the “child” have access to the gun “unsupervised” (and thus  seize him and put him in control of the child welfare system), and (c) charge the teen himself with unlawful possession and use.  (Oh, and of course, the relatives of the dead thug can sue for wrongful death, as well.)

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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4 Responses to Libertarian Commentary on the News: #14-51F: Schools and Cops Destroy Society

  1. Matt says:

    Mama’s Note: The problem is that they still think it can be “fixed.” “Elect the right people,” being the usual answer.

    I used to think that about changing the system. Then I came to understand that electing the right people will never work. Many of the peoples causing problems are not elected and are generally not held accountable by the elected persons. Likewise changing the form of government will not make a huge difference. The last two decades we have seen quite a few governments come and go, all over the world. The “new” government that takes over generally looks and acts like the previous governemnt. We need to give anarchy a chance.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Indeed, but call it something that might be understood better. Individual self ownership AND individual self responsibility. Universal voluntary association, cooperation. Non-aggression, and vigorous self defense by any means necessary. Got to be a handy one or two word way to say that. TANSTAFL comes close, but nobody much understands that either. sigh “Libertarian” doesn’t count. They just want to own others and their property a bit LESS, perhaps. At least to start…

      The only people who want to be “elected,” or work for those who are, happen to be exactly the people who think they own everyone and everything else. There are no “right people.” 🙂


  2. Fin Baum says:

    Just saw this from Agora Financial. It goes along with your article.
    A study came out in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine just recently.
    It looked at all professions and then ranked them by which ones have the slimmest workers… and which ones have the fattest. Know who topped the list as the fattest?
    The police!
    That’s right. It turns out that cops (in addition to firefighters and security guards) are the fattest workers in America. A whopping 41% of them are obese.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Interesting, but I don’t really see any relevance. Their weight or diet habits are not the problem, of course. Their actions and choices, to harm other people and avoid responsibility at all costs… those are the problems.


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