Are we all doomed?

By Nathan Barton

It is bad enough that our “democracy” has ended with the “bogus” election of Trump as Massa (according to the Tranzis). That racism and sexism and xenophobia and homophobia will see millions of people in America killed, deported, or put in those FEMA camps (again according to the Tranzis). That man-made global warming has accelerated and 2016 is the warmest year in history and the coasts are going to drown (again, according to the Tranzis). That California will destroy America by seceding (according to Tranzis). No, there is worse.

Are we all doomed? Apparently our “beloved leaders” think so, according to a recent story at Lew Rockwell, about how the gubmint is preparing for massive solar storms:

“Did you know that the White House is currently coordinating with Homeland Security to make preparations for a possible solar storm that could bring an end to civilization as we know it? An Executive Order published on October 13, by the Obama administration shows an increasing concern among White House officials about “solar flares, solar energetic particles and geomagnetic disturbances,” following a solar event which generated a Category G2 geomagnetic storm on October 8. This action could likely mean that we have an imminent solar threat in our near future. A solar discharge of great magnitude could mean entire countries could be without electricity, civil unrest and countless lives lost. If federal officials are preparing for this sort of disaster, we have enough reason to arm ourselves with the knowledge of what we might face.”

Now, we are not talking about “extinction events” here – just events that could bring about the Final Collapse of Western, High-Tech Civilization. No doubt, a lot of people, especially in the emptier reaches of North America, and in the primitive reaches of every continent, would survive. But we are talking about a situation in which the Clintons, the Obamas, the Soros’es, the Gores, and the Wall Street Bankers will be unable to luxuriate in the technology they so depend on – in large part because their servants-employees will not even be able to make it to work.

Some people are preparing, it seems. CBS Dallas reports on an underground subdivision being built to prepare for “doomsday” and to provide shelter against these things, not just the Trump supporters rounding them up for the camps or deportation, but for the solar flares and maybe even global warming moving the coast a couple hundred miles closer to the Dalworthington MetroPlex. Don’t you wish you had a million and a half bucks to buy one of these places?

Meanwhile, if we don’t stop Russia – and Iran – and North Korea – and Syria – and no doubt Andorra and Monaco, we are all gonna get nuked with an EMP weapon that will trash our total electrical power system, every car or truck built since 1985, and – gasp! No smart phones, Twitter, or Facebook! Truly doom indeed. If anything, the screams of doom rushing upon us have grown worse in the last few weeks of the election campaign and especially since election day.

These are just more of the fear-mongering I’ve touched on recently, and ways to justify more money, more power, and of course, selling more and more things for preppers and survivalists, and to the government.

Ignore them, or at least try to. Be prepared to defend yourself and take care of your family and friends. And don’t buy this nonsense. We are NOT all doomed: but the statists and governments and liberals and neo-cons? Well, that is another story.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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2 Responses to Are we all doomed?

  1. Darkwing says:

    “Fear is the only way to control the people” and that is what the government has been doing since the 1940’s. A good job at that.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Not actually a good way to control people in the long run. They want free stuff and power over other people too… Where do you think politicians come from? Mars? LOL If all the non-voluntary government had was fear to work with, it would have fallen a long time ago.

      A while back, after seeing my openly carried gun. a man sneeringly asked me just “what are you so afraid of?” I told him, “Not a damned thing.”


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