Just so you know…

By MamaLiberty

Just so you know… As I have for the last five years, I’m working four days a week at a local commercial greenhouse. I manage plant care and watering during the spring and summer. But this year I have three scheduled days, and one “on call” day each week. That’s going to keep me on my toes, for sure!

So, what does it mean for The Price of Liberty? I may not be posting as often, even though my regular readers are used to that. I may not be posting Nathan’s articles as quickly either, though I will try to keep up.

I’m still happy to consider any guest articles, but it may take just a tad longer than usual to get them approved and published.

Things will get back to normal by the end of July, though you may not notice at all. Just thought I’d say something in case you did wonder.

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