News, Fake News, and the Irrelevant “news”

By MamaLiberty

Last weekend I took a complete vacation from reading any “news” at all.  Did some writing on my own, but ignored everything supposedly going on in the world. Big shock to some, I suppose, but nothing bad happened to me.

Monday, looking at my news feeds again, I saw very little that actually counted as “news” I needed to understand, and almost nothing that I could rationally do anything about. Whether any of it was real or not, I couldn’t actually know of course.

Why in the world is someone’s wardrobe dysfunction “news?” Or their sexual exploits or fantasies? Why would I care in the least if someone has sex with their dog, or anyone/anything else? NOT MY PROBLEM.

Of course, all of the various political manipulations and “scandals” have little or nothing to do with my personal life… and I sincerely hope it continues to be that way. Hillary’s emails and Wiener’s sex texting are silly compared to the reality of the damage done to actual people in most of these stories. Hillary and her insane spouse are responsible for piles of dead bodies… Shouldn’t that be more interesting than emails? At least once in a while?

I suspect that any real news would occupy one tenth of the space given to all of the nonsense now presented…  maybe a weekly would be sufficient.

What is “news” to you? Do you really care about most of what is being presented as “news.” And why?

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2 Responses to News, Fake News, and the Irrelevant “news”

  1. Unclezip says:

    I’ve done the same. Reminds me of the old soap operas, where you could turn it off for months on end, then come back and catch up within minutes as to who is doing what to whom.


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