Madness spikes – and not just in government

By Nathan Barton

The press (old and new media) continues to try and demonstrate (and prove) the world is going mad.  Here are just a few examples:

USA Today for 4 June 2019 has yet another Global Warming “the theatre is on fire” article, claiming much that is not true and reporting (without any real supporting citations) that the earth “has passed the point of no return.” (And not even explaining what we are not going to return from). We have cute congresscritters and ADHD-ridden Swedish teenagers and “make me Massa instead of the The Donald” types all screaming about Global Warming. Using every opportunity to tout government (with more taxes, more regulations, more control, and more power) as the solution. Just imagine if the same effort was spent on trying to help the homeless and really educate children as is spent on pushing this modern new-religion myth to grow government.

Last month, the NY  Post reported that a “pastor” in Kentucky was arrested and charged with soliciting sex by text messages to two underage girls, for a “threesome.” And threatened a third one to take the fall for the messages. He is the “pastor” of Elevate Church, a micro-denomination (or mini-diocese) with two locations, and owns a pizza place where the girls worked.  His cell-phone is conveniently missing (reportedly in a river) and his name and picture are curiously missing from the church’s website. No information on whether this scumbag is married or not – but he is the epitome of why the religious pastor system is so bad, and why in the New Testament, church leaders (elders) were always married and with families: less likely to be perverts like this guy. And never just one: two or  more are accountable to each other, at least, in this world.

The Louisville KY Courier Journal reports that a predatory, wine-stealing Kentucky attorney has been disbarred, for stealing booze in 2001 and 2012, and ‘preying’ on a client.  What is the world coming to?  Imagine if this level of moral behavior were imposed on all lawyers? Like the professional clergy, the legal profession is more about being parasites than actually helping people: there are exceptions but seem to be rare.

In South Carolina, KHOU TV reports that a man who killed all five of his children (ages 8 through 1) and drove across the South for a week with their bodies in his car, has been convicted and now faces the death penalty.  The jury did not buy his “guilty by reason of insanity” plea, although it is clearly insane (or had been, in the past) to do something like this. Once again, we are seeing that fathers (and sadly, mothers, too) are descending into madness and evil.  What I find disgusting (and blame lawyers and government for) is that it has taken FIVE years to reach this point: he killed his five children in 2014!

TMA tells us that NBA players want the league to stop calling the team owners “owners” because with so many black basketball players in the NBA, that makes “owner” a racist term, because it makes them feel like slaves.  Odd, I thought that the only way that the teams could force their players to work so hard (sarcasm warning) for such a pittance was if they owned them body and soul. Again, the only love left in sports at the pro level (for the vast majority of the players and staff) is the love of money and the adulation of the masses. And clearly, the “pressure” of their wanton and luxurious life has driven them to madness.  Not that I have much sympathy for the owners of NBA or any other pro sports team, who like the clergy and legal profession (and global warming “scientists”), are parasites on the body politic and society: welfare queens and worse.

The British Daily Mail tells us that a 17-year-old Dutch girl from Arnhem was killed today in an approved, legal euthanasia. Having been sexually-molested since she was eleven, she convinced authorities that her depression was “unbearable” and that she wanted to be killed.  Government, that dealer of death for millennia, of course agreed.  Forsworn doctors killed her: the Hippocratic Oath means nothing with our modern insane society.

As Limbaugh mentioned, “the insanity continues to pile up.”

For once, I have to agree with him on something.



About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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1 Response to Madness spikes – and not just in government

  1. beau says:

    the descent into madness continues apace. such is how the end times of empire have appeared throughout history. it is our turn to, once again, attempt to teach humanity of the deadly foibles of empire, which, once again, humanity will not learn. so it was, so it is, so it seems it will always be.


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