CalExit heating up

By Nathan Barton

As political conditions turn more and more sour across the Fifty States, it appears that some folks are working hard at opting out.

Not giving up on electoral and other traditional politics as so many of us have.  But in essence, saying “a pox on ALL your houses.”

I’m told that the CalExit movement now includes 130,000 members. To those of us used to political movements far off the mainstream, that is a lot of people, even with California’s population (now near 40 million). That is about how many people voted for Libertarian candidates for US Senate in 2016 (although I suspect many LP members in California are also Calexit members).

But even more interesting is the way that Calexit supporters IN California are making contacts and gathering support from outside the state.

And not just libertarians.  That is (mostly) a given: ANY state (or other entity) should have the right to secede: to find their own destiny among the nations of the world, the people of the planet.  As the original Thirteen States seceded from the Empire.  As Texas broke free from the United Mexican States.  As California itself departed from the United Mexican States just a decade or so later.

But conservatives in other States are showing some interest.  A few, but it still comes as a surprise to many.  (Even though it makes great sense from the conservative point of view.)

It should be no surprise that the Tranzis – neoliberal-progressives (regressives, as my sons call them with great accuracy) – are perhaps the greatest opponents to California secession. The long list of Californian Democrats with great power in DC makes that clear: too many of them don’t want to be a big frog in a little (California-sized) pond when they can continue to be a big frog in the big pond of the Fifty States. (I don’t pretend to understand the logic or the motives for that attitude, other than sheer power and greed.)

Whatever the reasons, support for Californian secession is growing outside the state, across the political grid.

In Southern California this weekend, a Calexit convention will feature some of those outside supporters.

Calexit 6OCT

The convention will discuss the “why” as well as featuring the “who” California’s secession is desirable from many political (and cultural and economic) perspectives.

Indeed, given the events of the 1840s, its restoration to nationhood, and departure from a failed federal union makes a great deal of sense to the cause of individual liberty, both in California and the rest of the world.  Many argue that California leaving the Union  (even if still in some kind of free association or alliance) is good for both California and the remaining Forty-Nine States.

The last few months’ political squabbling in the FedGov probably is ramping up interest in either letting California go its own way. Or just plain booting it out.  From the Trump regime’s attempt to take away California’s right to set its own environmental standards for motor vehicles (foolish or not) to Pelosi’s vicious feud and impeachment gambit, conditions are ripe for the secession movement to grow.  (And not just for California.)


About TPOL Nathan

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8 Responses to CalExit heating up

  1. Marcus Ruiz Evans says:

    Therefore your best bet as conservatives is to “cut out the CA cancer on the USA”.
    We aren’t changing. And many Californians (not me but almost everyone else) wants to force their CA values on you because they think they know better than you.
    Again – I dont think like that – but I am tiny minority


  2. Rick says:

    Nathan, do you support Calexit? Tell me, where is the liberty under socialism/communism?


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      I support secession as a right of all people. I do not support imposing ANY political system (especially but not just socialism and communism) on anyone against their will. I see present-day California as an infection making the Fifty States ill, and believe it needs to be excised. If they want to exile themselves, so be it. At the same time, there are many people in California who will properly resist the tyranny of Sacramento, Babylon-by-the-Bay, Hollywood, and the rest – perhaps by some version of the New California movement, in turn splitting the state by seceding from it. I have friends and relatives in far Northern California (Jefferson State areas) who have worked for that for years.
      By lancing the boil that is Newsom’s and Pelosi’s and Harris’ (and Schwarzennegger’s and Boxer’s) California, I believe that there is a much better chance of restoring liberty to the Forty-Nine States, and perhaps to a new 50th and 51st State (New California and Jefferson, maybe). I can’t call it a win-win, but it is better than nothing. And frankly, I don’t think that California would survive as long as Venezuela under its present tyrants: I think that many of the same people now supporting CalExit will revolt against Sacramento when it is no longer supported by DC.
      Sadly, a lot of lovers of liberty will have to vote with their feet, and leave California. As has been done – Mama Liberty was one. It will be a nasty, ugly, bloody mess before it is overy. I don’t like that anymore than you do, believe me.


  3. Rick says:

    Tell me how this is not a taking of lands which are not theirs. They all ought to be ashamed. CA as a ‘nation before America invaded’? Nucking futz


    • Marcus Ruiz Evans says:

      “I see present-day California as an infection making the Fifty States ill, and believe it needs to be excised.”

      We are working with 13 “red states across America” to make that happen. They all think CA is a sore on America that will bring CA values to their state – and they want to stop it.
      As a conservative – republican- Trump supporter – whatever – supporting Calexit – IS SAVING CONSERVATIVE VALUES FOR THE USA.


      • TPOL Nathan says:

        Marcus, thanks for your comment. I see it not so much as “saving conservative values” as a step in restoring liberty. Both in California and the other Forty-Nine States. Everyone interested in this coalition and the recent CalExit convention in California can view videos at YouTube and at Marcus, a question: do you see CalExit as creating an opportunity for California to become a fully socialist state? Or something like the present situation in China?


      • Marcus Ruiz Evans says:

        Question: Is Calexit a plan to turn California into a socialist vision?

        Answer: Not anymore than California already is.

        California already is giving health care to the poor beyond the ACA, and to the Undocumented, and is already working to infringe of the ability of Federal agencies to go after those hiding in the shadows because they did not legally go through the Fed immigration process. We already have safe places for LBGTQ, We already have a law that would make all Fed environmental regulation stay in place – even if Trump voted to undo it, and we already have intense Climate Change law.

        I think CA is already pretty socialist if you believe that health care for all and LGBTQ safe places are socialist. Personally I don’t consider these things socialist (but that is another debate at another time).

        Being independent would not move California to feel and think more super lefty than it already does. The Federal government has been unable to really enforce many of their laws on the state.

        So no I don’t see independence as making California more socialist.

        This place is already super left – as a state – nothing will change the trajectory.


  4. Marcus Ruiz Evans says:

    Filmed LIVE in Hollywood California. Oct 6 12:00
    Media invited
    To attend Studio Audience and watch presentations:
    – 415 595 3394 (leave a message – you will be called back)


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