(Mama Liberty wrote this several years ago, and with trepidation, I am updating it just a wee bit.  Please give me feedback.)

The years go by, and in many ways the hope of liberty and justice seem ever more distant… The police state continues to grow while the economy fails, and many more folks are at least thinking about the direction we’re going and the methods being used to drag us into increasing slavery. While we welcome with loud hosannahs anything which increases liberty, even in a single state or locality, we cannot lose sight of the overall trend and the threats to our liberty and justice.

You can be merely an observer, or pick up a sword and enter the battle. The choice is yours.

The price of liberty is far more than simple vigilance. The cost includes the difficulty of true self ownership and the integrity to accept complete personal responsibility for our lives, safety, property and welfare. The price that so many find hardest to pay, however, is the integrity to leave everyone else alone to do the same.

We cannot change human nature, and we cannot legislate/force others to be honest, thrifty, safe or intelligent. They must do it on their own or bear the consequences, and nobody can legitimately do anything about it except to be a good neighbor (example) and defend themselves from aggression.

The purpose of this web site is to define the terms, discuss the application of those terms to our quest for liberty, and to explore the ways in which we may achieve liberty in our own lives with a legacy of justice for our children.

We will not publish articles or allow comments that call for the initiation of force, government intervention of any kind, or make personal attacks on our fellow citizens.

There has been some comment from readers about articles that are not complimentary to certain politicians. They point to our policy of no “personal attacks”. What they fail to understand is that when a person becomes a politician and assumes a position of power, he is no longer able to claim that protection. His (or her) actions and character are very much relevant to our lives and property. Therefore, we must be able to criticize and communicate the things they do, and why they do them, so that we may be prepared and protect ourselves as much as possible. The same rule applies to those in business who ally themselves with government. Not just “big business” but any business which joins with government to gain power over customers, employees, or its competitors and suppliers.

None of them need to remain in the public eye or face unfavorable journalists. All they have to do is keep their word and honor their oath of office or resign and go home. It isn’t an “attack” to defend yourself against a mad dog. We can’t regain our liberty if we are “politically correct”.

MamaLiberty (published in 2017, updated (in italics) by Nathan Barton on 14 March 2019).