Innocent until… part 1

By  Nathan Barton

(Fiction… or?)

You are driving around town, going about your daily business.

You are downtown: you promised the preacher you’d stop by to help him move some furniture in his office.  But all the spaces around the building and in the parking lot are taken. So you finally find a space a block away.  It’s only a couple of doors down from the Kitten Shop – which is NOT a pet store.  You look at their black-coated windows and the enticing signs advertising XXX with disgust as you walk in the back door of the meeting house, where Joe Smith meets you.  An hour later, now hurrying to get to the car before the meter expires, you drive off to your next stop. You see a police car just ahead of you, at the traffic light before you make your first turn off the street where you parked.

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The state and armed forces – in space

By Nathan Barton

See the source imageWar in space? Military in space?

We who have been associated with The Price of Freedom, like many lovers of liberty, have always been interested in the exploring and settling space. As have Americans and Brits (Aussies, New Zealanders, and Canadians as well as English, Scots, Welsh, and Irish).  It is a natural part of our heritage. “To boldly go…”

Lady Susan and I also are life-long fans, and even writers, of science fiction.  (It’s not the point of this article, but the affinity of “libertarians” and science fiction is worth a comment or two in the future. As many others have in the past.)   And it is easy to assume that mankind will take all its baggage, good and bad, into space.  So the “peace in space” rhetoric since about 1955 or so is really an anomaly.

It is quite interesting, then, to contemplate Trump’s proposal to spin off yet another uniformed, armed force. This time just for space.
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Is it catching? (#3 of 3)

By Nathan Barton

Is it in the water?  the air?  Maybe the fog that rolls in through the Golden Gate or from Ocean Beach and Baker Beach?  Or is it some sort of infection that people can get from breathing someone else’s freshly exhaled-air or getting some of their spittle on your skin?  We know it is probably not JUST a sexually-transmitted disease.

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California – a legacy of filth and evil (#2 of 3)

By Nathan Barton

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Obi-Wan was wrong.  The writers that penned those words knew it.  Because they lived in a worse, more wretched hive.

It is called California.

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Suitable only for a moral people (#1 of 3)

By Nathan Barton

Just what counts as “initiation of force” against someone?  Against a community? When are we justified in using violence to defend ourselves or others against a threat?

This are all questions which concern many of us. Those who have a standard of morality, an ethical picture of the world and their place in it. Sadly, too many people, and too many societies (cultures) do not have either standards or any view of the ethical and moral nature of life.

Consider California. While there are many good people there, most are dirty: spiritually, morally, ethically. And therefore, most of them are controllers: haters of liberty. As a result, so is their society.

So this is where all the public pooping in San Francisco happens...

The infamous SanFran poop map.  It shows locations that I was once familiar with, when stationed at the Presidio of San Francisco. Not that Babylon-by-the-Bay was a much cleaner place in those days of the 1970s and 1980s. Either physically or morally or socially.

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Will the ruling on border agent immunity really make a difference?

By Nathan Barton

The Washington Times reports that the infamous Nazgul of the 9th Circuit Court have decided that a Border Patrol agent who shot and killed a sixteen-year-old male in Mexico while shooting from Arizona did NOT have immunity, for the murder, in a civil suit brought by the dead youth’s mother.

Cross his line… or don’t!

The case is disgusting and an example of the arrogance of federal agents and agencies, and the disgusting behavior of our court system, including both judges and juries.  Shooting across the border in claimed self-defense against a crowd throwing rocks at him, the killer apparently hit the Mexican youth TEN times.

(That is amazing, given the usual ability to shoot of too many federal and local cops, who can turn a car into Swiss cheese with hundreds of shots fired, and only hit their victim a couple or half-dozen times.)

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Is more government the solution to attacks on free speech?

By Nathan Barton

Alex Jones, the gravel-voiced publisher, owner, editor, and voice of InfoWars and other websites and podcasts, is in the news and the commentaries this week.

And he is actually in trouble.  As I understand it, Apple, Facebook, Spotify, Twitter, and Google (including YouTube), and even Pinterest(!) have attacked InfoWars and Jones’ own website, suspended his accounts, and in essence are denying him their services as an outlet for his news and views.  Or, if you prefer, his rants.

A lot of people are calling it censorship. An attack on free speech.

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