Government control over life and death – the battle continues

By Nathan Barton

Among the many “achievements” of the recently seated Democrat House of Representatives are its attempts to further extend federal government control over our lives and deaths.  Some of this is done in the guise of “better” health care, which is now viewed by politicians (not just Democrats or Tranzis) as the responsibility of government.

A major thrust by Pelosi and gang this year is the “Medicare for All Act” (HR 1384), which seems to comingle the worst of ObummerCare with “new and fresh” ideas which would have been very much welcomed (and were implemented) in the Dritte Reich in the 1930s.

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A Simple Solution ™ – Greater Justice Under Law

By Nathan Barton

The jury is the heart of Anglo-American justice, historically.  This situation, although never achieving the ideal, was far better than the current hidebound mess Americans (and members of the Commonwealth) are saddled with today.

See the source image

Today, the American (and most Commonwealth) court systems have failed to provide timely, responsible, fair justice to virtually anyone.  The situation is intolerable.

In particular, judges (as employees of the government) cannot be fair and impartial, and have achieved the kind of power, individually and collectively, that no free people should allow for anyone.

So what can we do?

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The fake history of slavery in the United States

By Nathan Barton

Many sites claim to have timelines or histories of slavery, usually “in America” as if the United States (the Fifty States) were all that there is to “America.”

But that is just the first error.  Many sites have twisted and incorrectly reported key events in the sad and terrible history of involuntary servitude (chattel slavery) in North America, and the United States specifically, both as part of the British Empire and independent.

See the source image

(One of many maps, a bit more accurate than most.)

Slavery, in many ways, is a key theme of understanding the history of the New World, including the Fifty States) and our institutions – not just in the Southern States.

Unless we properly understand the history of this evil institution, especially in the New World, we cannot hope to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.

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Updated “About” page for The Price of Liberty

For anyone interested, the “About” page (upper left on the home page) has been updated and revised.  I am going to slowly and carefully update various items on The Price of Liberty, and your input and comments are very welcome.


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The world’s (and history’s) biggest monopoly

By Nathan Barton

Just a short posting to share something neat!

Over at the Garrison Center, Tom Knapp has a winning commentary. Not only does he offer a contrarian view of Senator Elizabeth Warren (“Fauxahontas” to many people), but he also points out that the world’s biggest monopoly is one that he hopes Warren (and many others) will seek to bust.

The FedGov.

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Revealing their secrets?

By Nathan Barton

Democrat congresscritturs’ “signature legislation” is intended to take away free speech rights of Americans

As reported by the Washington Examiner, HR-1, the “For the People” Act is very likely the major attack on freedom of expression launched in the Fifty States in a generation. Not only that, the Act, if passed (highly unlikely in this Congress) would cost more than 250 billion dollars. A quarter trillion bucks stolen from taxpayers now and in the future.

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Update – South Dakota civics test fails

By Nathan Barton

A quick follow-up on the South Dakota bill that would have required home-schoolers to pass a state-mandated (and -written) test on civics in order to get a valid high school diploma.

It has (for now, at least) failed.

After the requirement for homeschoolers was removed in committee, the entire section was “hoghoused” back into the bill.  However, in two floor votes, the homeschool language was then removed, and ultimately, the entire bill died.  The State of South Dakota will NOT require a civics test to graduate from high school from anyone: public, charter, private, or home.

The vote was an interesting one.  South Dakota has 35 senators, 30 Republicans and 5 Democrats.  The bill died 13 to 21, and as far as I can tell, all Democrats voted for it. So that means that there were 8 GOP types who supported an unfunded mandate and micromanaging piece of legislation.

The history of the bill is also interesting that it was introduced at the request of the governor. The GOP governor.

Which may explain why 8 GOP votes continued to support this: clinging to their vows of support for Governor Noem.  And because requiring things like this are typical of conservatives.

I do not condemn the idea of teaching civics and having tests of knowledge of civics.  It is an important part of life and therefore should be taught.  But having state government (or federal, or tribal, or local) dictate that to homeschoolers and private school students is a bad idea and should NOT be any part of government power.

I taught my own sons the subject of “civics” (or as we called it, “civil affairs” and “constitutional government”).  And will no doubt (Lord willing) teach my grandchildren that as well.  Just as my own father taught me the basics of civics (he called it “social studies”) when I was growing up.

And it is clear, in reading and hearing what goes on in the Fifty States today, that there is a great need to teach young people about government. But the LAST people we want either teaching civics or dictating the content of those studies and tests, are the bureaucrats and politicians of government. Resources? yes.  But NOT in charge or with influence.


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