Progressivism and Prohibition – the awful aftermath

Having looked briefly at the relationship between Progressivism (Regressivism), Prohibition, and the Social Gospel, we now move closer in time to today.

Even though Prohibition was repealed nationally in 1937, its evils remain with us today. Although supposedly the Social Gospel was a historical phenomenon, it thrives in most modern religious groups around the world. Both of these, useful tools of the Regressivists in the past, continue to be useful to their goals for power today.

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Progressivism and the social gospel – history and implications

The last commentary discussed “progressivism” and alcohol Prohibition. It is one of the darker episodes of American history in the last century, and we are “celebrating” the 100th Anniversary of Prohibition in America.

Progressivism (Regressivism) and Prohibition are linked to, and have much in common, with another concept the religious Social Gospel. Like the others, it promotes large and constantly growing government and totalitarianism.

Just what is the Social Gospel?

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Progressivism and Prohibition – History and implications

Progressivism – which I believe is a key element and ally of Transnational Socialism (Tranzis) and which I think of more and more as “Regressivism” – has been an unfortunate and evil facet of American society and politics for a long time. Alcohol Prohibition was an integral part of that impact. (16 January 2020 is the centenary of national Prohibition.)

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Prohibition – 100 years today

Today, 16 January 2020, is the one-hundredth anniversary of the implementation of National Prohibition, when the 18th Amendment to the US Constitution officially took effect.

I’m posting a series of commentaries over the next several days about Prohibition, its relationship with the so-called “Progressive” movement of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, and other evil strains in American political and social history.

Feel free to chime in.

The prohibition of beverage alcohol, including both beer and wine, but especially of hard liquor – distilled beverages – has a long and sad history both in the Fifty States and in the British Commonwealth. Just as does the abuse of alcohol by too many people.

The pitiful history of prohibition – of alcohol and now of some drugs – is a painful but vital lesson to all lovers of liberty concerning some very specific evils of government. Including the historical evidence that however bad the situation, government action can make it worse.

Stay tuned, and please share this webzine with others!

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An idea for "federalism" in the Fifty States

A thought experiment…

In Virginia, the Assembly meets and pushes the anti-gun agenda of the tiny majority of the Democratic hoploclasts who won back in November. And 91 of the Commonwealth’s 95 counties (and 141 jurisdictions overall), have declared themselves “Second Amendment Sanctuaries.” This opposition to the state government is not unprecedented, but rare. Nor is it limited to Virginia.

In an era of ever more powerful government, the problem is more serious than ever before. What problem? The tyranny of a majority, especially when a republic has corrupted into a democracy.

Consider this map:

Half the Population of Each U.S. State
Red Counties: have at least 50% of the population of their state.
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Making a point – part 2

Again, let me restate. Those who love their liberty, their families, and their communities and nations need to use every tool possible to fight against the stupid tyranny of governments – the powers that be.

We used to do that by petition – and people took it seriously.

Used to.

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Making a point

Government at all levels seems hellbent on stealing away what freedoms we here in the Fifty States have left. Between them, big corporations, institutions (private and “public”) and the special interest groups, they want a society that would be more restrictive than that of the Third Reich in many ways. The nanny-statists in particular are both incredibly obnoxious and pushing constantly.

That is apparently the case even in Vermont, the Green Mountain once-Free State. The legislature again is trying to pass laws to steal guns away from more and more people. Including young people, ages 18-20.

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