Lies, states, statism, and statists – a libertarian view

In a recent commentary, we discussed the real objectives of the lockdowners – the people who claim to be concerned about people getting sick and dying of the novel coronavirus, and therefore create and support mandates about masking, vaccines, lockdowns, embargos, and more. A major part of their actions which leads us to recognize the real objectives as power and control and wealth is their tactics. Among other tactics, they LIE.

In today’s world, the art of lying – of not telling the truth (or all of the truth, or telling the truth in a way that the listener does not believe it) – seems to be incredibly sophisticated. Much of our daily life is warped by the lies that we are told. Told, and sadly, believe.

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What are the real objectives of the lockdowners?

We are now approaching 22 months of the public pandemic – and a full two years since it seems the novel coronavirus first made people ill (in China).

The daily news is filled with more and more reports of new lockdowns, travel restrictions, and the unending drumbeat of “cases” and “deaths” – which always (of course) increase. I think most rational and objective observers can see the extreme (and purposeful) bias of the news.

Between the news sound bites, we also have an unrelenting stream of propaganda. Not just in the form of the ubiquitous “public service announcements” (PSA) but many of the commercial adverts. We hear the proclamations of “medical correctness” – masks, vaccines, social distancing. And we hear how making sure our 5 to 11 year old children are “guaranteed a future” by getting the COVID-19 vaccination. And more. We are told constantly that the vaccine means fewer hospitalizations and deaths, and less-severe symptoms. In the public schools (and too many private ones) our children are told that wearing masks and getting the Jab is essential to keep grandma and grandpa from dying. And also to keep THEM (the children) from getting sick and dying.

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How to wreck a national tradition and holiday

Any idea what the “bah humbug” equivalent for Thanksgiving is?

Growing up, Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday and THE family holiday.  My family, being christians only following the New Testament, did not celebrate Christmas and Easter except as family holidays and times off from school and work: no religious activities attached. Thanksgiving was when we traveled to visit family. And spend more time than usual thanking the Creator for all we had.

Today, based on traffic, air travel, four-day weekends and more, Thanksgiving seems to still be fairly popular and even important (more than just starting the Christmas buying frenzy).

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A happy Thanksgiving from The Price of Liberty

May you enjoy all the blessings of liberty on this beautiful fall day, whatever the weather, the trials and tribulations, and problems with those who love neither liberty nor one another.

(from Gospel Anchor)

Please take time today to enjoy and thank God for liberty, and all of the blessings He has given. As we think about what we have been given in this life and the hope that we have for the next, we have many reasons to express our thanksgiving to Him – more reasons than we can count.

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A functional society? What is that?

The dysfunctional nature of modern popular culture (and therefore, society) has been an open secret for decades, even while the process accelerates. (It is perhaps more correct to say the process is accelerated.) It is less and less hidden, and the more publicly proclaimed (and accepted), the more the warped and twisted nature is hailed as the desired state of society.

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Kenosha disease a rapidly spreading pandemic

The verdict is in. After a very strange and highly-publicized trial, a jury of twelve has found the now-adult Kyle Rittenhouse NOT GUILTY of all charges. The jury deliberated for several days, and now it has spoken. Yes, Rittenhouse killed two men and wounded a third, but in self-defense.

So… it should be over, right? In America’s best legal traditions and constitutional practice, the case has been decided. Rittenhouse walks now as a free man. The issue is resolved.


Most commentators are looking at the trial and the response – people far more capable of doing so and expressing themselves well than those of us here at The Price of Liberty. So let us talk instead about some other issues.

The verdict in the court in Kenosha was “not guilty.” But in the “Court of Public Opinion” we have a hung jury. And the effects are and will spreading nationwide.

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What is the “Democrat” philosophy?

Gee, that is a tough question, isn’t it? And one that a lot of people (but probably NOT enough) have asked over the years.

And it has answers that have changed a whole lot over the years – even the last 20-30 years. At all levels of society and government.

Over at, their “staff writer” says, “The Democratic Party operates according to a philosophy that emphasizes positive rights and the notion that people are entitled to certain things and that government is obliged to create the conditions in which people can achieve these things. Thus, Democrats tend to favor the expansion of government and its involvement in most areas of human activity.”

At the same time, an unknown commentator (after the 2021 general elections), wrote, “…their entire theory of governance is based on paternalism, hysteria, conspiracy theories, censorship, moral superiority, virtue signaling, and a complete indifference to people’s material well-being.” Well, obviously NOT a fan of the Democratic Party, eh?

At first, the two definitions seem mutually exclusive, even contradictory. But let’s dig deeper. They are more complementary than mutually exclusive.

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The robotic censor – a reality at last?

The Daily Mail reports on a new device called Themis, which apparently lets rip a loud obnoxious two-minute alarm sound when “Through the use of speech recognition and sound sensors we were able to program Themis to detect offensive terms – racial slurs, offensive jokes – through the microphone,” according to the company showing off the device at a trade show in Dubai.

Themis Goddess of Justice Sculpture: Large
A statue (idol?) of Themis, 2nd wife of Zeus, aka “Lady Justice”

(Themis is supposedly the Greek goddess of “justice and social order.” According to wickedpedia, she is “one of the twelve Titan children born to Gaia and Uranus. She is described as “[the Lady] of good counsel,” and is the personification of divine order, fairness, law, natural law, and custom. Her symbols are the Scales of Justice, tools used to remain balanced and pragmatic.” Themis, the Greek goddess of justice, is blindfolded for impartiality and traditionally holds balanced scales and a sword. This proposal seems to be anything BUT good counsel, fairness, and all that. (Be aware, that there are dozens of acronyms and endeavors named Themis online.))

The purpose? Apparently, after Themis’ alarm turns off, the people subjected to the two-minute alarm are supposed to have “an open, understanding discussion among people on the possible trigger matter and the potential reasons behind Themis’s activation.” Of course, if you use the same “offensive” words or phrases, or refer to WHAT was and was not a racial slur or a disgusting joke, will not Themis, in its godly wisdom, again blast everyone’s ears? So much for “open discussion.” (This company better have a really vandal proof device and a great insurance policy: even the most mild of people would be ready to rip it out of the wall and trample it to pieces.)

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Beat the drums slowly: Armistice Day 103 years later

Editor‘s note: This column was supposed to be published last Thursday, the 11th, but got pushed aside by travel and work outside TPOL. Our apologies for the delay, but we think you will still find this worth reading and thinking about.

It was the “War to End Wars” that set the stage for nearly a century of some of the most brutal and certainly most destructive wars in the history of mankind. Millions lay dead: civilian as well as military, in four years of bloody conflict: millions more maimed and crippled or mentally damaged for life. Trillions of dollars (in today’s money) squandered, in weapons and supplies of war and destruction of so much.

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Vaccine “fascism” or what?

Max Borders at AIER makes some very important points about what can be termed “Vaccine Fascism” – an unholy alliance between big business and big government revolving around the increasingly contentious vaccine for the dreaded COVID-19. (Much more that just Big Pharma and the FedGov: huge numbers of businesses and governments around the world and at all levels are conspiring together in this. Hence my tentative use of “fascism” to describe this form of tyranny and totalitarianism.)

Here are his points for resisting the vaccine mandate issued in various forms by various officials and management, and why they don’t make sense:

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