The priorities of government

By Nathan Barton

(Note: This, in a shorter version, was originally a response to a comment to my commentary “The Art of the Deal – January 2018.”)

What are the priorities of government?  Of government agencies?  Of government employees? Of politicians in power in government?

The standard civics class speaks glowingly of “public service” and “serving and protecting” and such nonsense.  Some analysts will talk of “enlightened self-interest” and people will talk about defending life and property.  It’s babble.  (And there is frequently VERY little “enlightened” about the self-interest that states and rulers display.)

Government is, first and foremost, a parasite.  The priorities of parasites have little if any relation to the priorities of the host.

Usually, the priority of government (and government employees including politicians) goes something like this:
1. Maximize their agency/government control of people and business.
2. Maximize the employment/income security of the government employees.
3. Maximize their revenues (taxes, fees, grants from other governments, etc.). Continue reading

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Time for the FBI to go away

By Nathan Barton

Revelations concerning the failure of the FBI to follow up on published threats by the Florida school killer to do just that – kill people in school – are troubling.

Coming on top of the exposure of FBI (and DOJ) work to first win the election for Miz Hillary, and then to betray the Trump administration, it is more than troubling. Doubly so when the FBI is accusing Russians of trying to “influence” the 2016 election, and when Democrats are accusing the GOP and Trump of politicizing the FBI.  When the Democrats were actually doing exactly that.

The complete failure to fire, indict, try, or even demote these evildoers inside the FBI – or even just plain incompetents – for this sort of nonsense points out an obvious fact.  At least to me.

We have fresh proof of the corrupt and evil nature of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  To say nothing of its incompetence. Oh, it has been well-known that the FBI started out as a corrupt, meddling, and often incompetent organization, way back in the 1930s under the guiding hand of J. Edgar Hoover.  If there was ever a man who needed psychiatric and religious help, J. Edgar was him. For four decades, this man used the Bureau as his plaything, and was indeed a (if not the) power behind the throne (or at least that big desk POTUS uses).  Behind a façade of scientific and investigatory prowess and impeccable integrity, it was a steaming cesspool of corruption, ineptness, powermongering, pandering, and worse. Continue reading

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Saving children

By Nathan Barton

It has happened again. Seventeen people are killed by a crazed 19-year-old “child” in and around a school in Florida.  A 9-12th grade high school with more than 3,000 students.  Or rather, as Tom Knapp accurately characterized it (in Freedom Net Daily) 3,000+ “inmates” in a “government-operated daytime confinement facility.”

The horror of such an event should be obvious.  Especially since it appears this “kid” (19 is adult for everything except drinking alcohol and carrying concealed weapons) was well-known as a violence-prone nutcase who was preparing himself for just what he did.  And he is NOT a suspect: he confessed to the murders in open court. (His court-appointed public defender says his new client is “sad, mournful, remorseful.”  Well, we all know how to tell when lawyers are lying: their lips are moving.)

There are already numerous reports about how people – especially teachers – sacrificed themselves to save the lives of “children” in the school.  (Again, I put “children” in quotes because a ninth-grader is at least 15 years old – well past the age of accountability for 95 or even 99% of the population – and therefore historically and religiously considered an adult. Except by modern government, Tranzis, and (sadly) too many conservatives and libertarians.) Continue reading

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Lincoln – Truth and Consequences

By MamaLiberty

Yesterday, Feb. 12, was listed on my calendar as Lincoln’s birthday. I didn’t notice it then, even went to the county library – which was open! These past “presidents” don’t get much attention these days, since so many people are working overtime bitching about the current one… but we might all benefit from a critical analysis of those in the past. If we look at the true history, of course. The government indoctrination camps continue to present Lincoln and many others as saints and humanitarians, when they were anything but…

If you want the real skinny on Lincoln, this article is a good start.

America’s Most Deified Politician . . .
By Thomas DiLorenzo

Lincoln was by far the most hated, despised, and reviled of all American presidents during his lifetime, as historian Larry Tagg documents in The Unpopular Mr. Lincoln: America’s Most Reviled President.  His deification was the posthumous work of the Republican Party propaganda machine.

Lincoln was very careful with his language when he explained to the world in his first inaugural address and other speeches that he was willing to enshrine slavery explicitly in the text of the Constitution (with the “Corwin Amendment”), but that he would invade any state that refused to collect the newly-doubled federal tariff tax and send the proceeds to Washington, D.C.  So-called “Lincoln scholars” lie though their teeth about this, in other words.

Lincoln’s invasion of the “free and independent” Southern states, as all states are called in the Declaration of Independence, was the very definition of treason under Article 3, Section 3 of the Constitution,which defines treason as “only” levying war upon the United States, or giving aid and comfort to “their” enemy.  The word “their,” signifying the states in the plural, means treason is waging war against South Carolina, Virginia, etc. Continue reading

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Those evil GOP congressmen

By Nathan Barton

Warning: This is satirical in the extreme.  Be warned.

Second warning: ALL congressmen, even those who claim to be at least somewhat libertarian – minarchists at heart, I guess – are evil to some degree.  Evil properly being defined as the absence of good – of godliness. Anyone who believes that it is right to use physical force or the threat of force to make someone do something, or for any reason other than in response to aggression against yourself or someone else, is ungodly to some degree, and therefore evil.  Be warned.

Those evil, evil GOP types in Congress.  Not content to try to take political control of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice and subvert them to their own evil ends.  Not content to pass tax relief bills which provide peanuts in tax relief for 99% and billions for the 1% (or so the Dems claim). Not content to turn the FedGov into a theocracy. Not content to abuse millions of innocent children of illegal immigrants by refusing them free rides for everything. No, these evil monsters with their pockets stuffed full of NRA and Koch cash, while stuffing interns and worse, are now killing good, honest, hardworking American trash workers, and going out from their luxury train to pretend to render first aid while they can enjoy the worker’s death close up.  AND using good, American-government-run railroad trains to do it. Continue reading

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Elections and fraud and meddling

By Nathan Barton

Mama Liberty sent this story and comment to me the other morning: As Vladimir Putin steals the Russian election, our leaders are shamefully silent.
She wrote: Now, wait just a cotton pickin’ minute here. Washington DC about boiled over with the mere suggestion that Russia “influenced” the US elections… but some seem to think it is perfectly proper to influence an election in Russia? The thing that comes to my mind is that there are probably millions of people like me who see no difference at all between any politicians, anywhere, and wouldn’t “vote” for any of them.

Do I hear an “amen” from the crowd?

Now I, like many others, have been hearing all this accusation about meddling in elections back and forth. My early morning newsfeed included this story (Las Vegas Review Journal) reporting that George W Bush is certain that Russia interfered with the 2016 Presidential election – with the story insinuating that this was yet another attack on Trump by the Bush Family. (Actually, based on that memo and other reports, it could also be that he believes that Russians aided the CLINTON Campaign in trying to interfere with the election.) Continue reading

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We don’t NEED government

By Nathan Barton

Ah, it is panic time again as the Congress tries ever so hard to prevent another government shut down.

Poor little Senators and Congressmen.  As if they didn’t do it to themselves. And continue to do it.

As before, you won’t find me bemoaning the shutdown.  What I’d love to see would be a few WEEKS of this bogus “shutdown” with a few hundred thousand bureaucrats on furlough.  Tough on them?  Yeah, a bit, but they will get a taste of people who do work (especially real work) who can get laid off or put on unpaid leave at almost any time.  And who have to plan for not getting that regular paycheck (and other benefits and security) regularly.  Actually I’d love to see MONTHS of REAL shutdown; or a complete termination of these government services.  Let the free market provide what we really need – and are willing to pay voluntarily for or do ourselves.

Because the truth is, we don’t need government. Continue reading

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