We don’t need people like this – and it is time we said so

By Nathan Barton

You may have read about the Covington Catholic High School students in DC this weekend who abused an elderly Vietnam Vet (a Kaw, as I recall) from Michigan, in a clash between Right-to-Life marchers and the “Indigenous Peoples March near the Lincoln Memorial.

Witness the dangers of social media (such as Facebook and Twitter): the first impressions are not always the truth.  In fact, as in combat, what you THINK is happening from the initial reports may be totally different from what is actually happening.

But we see much more in the reaction to this incident.

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Imperial holiday this weekend?

By Nathan Barton

As we approach the one-month mark on the “partial government shutdown,” we find more and more dire predictions about the catastrophe looming, which has just not yet hit the Fifty States.

Being distracted by a good many things I’d forgotten that this coming Monday is “Martin Luther King Junior Day.” When I mentioned that to my son (as he tried to figure out schedules for testing and such), I had a slip of the tongue.

“Remember that this is a three-day weekend because Monday is an Imperial holiday.”

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Shutdown demonstrates the future

By Nathan Barton

As the current partial government shutdown continues and sets a modern record for the Fedgov’s closure, it may be that we are seeing the future.

No, it is NOT a future that looks like the National Mall in this photo.

Overflowing trash, toilets and safety concerns. National parks face second week of shutdown ...

Rather, it is the idea that government does not have to own or run our national treasures, to let us preserve and protect them and enjoy them now and in the future. That indeed, we don’t need government for most (or all) of what government supposedly is essential to provide.

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Truckers dilemma

By Nathan Barton

Business Insider’s recently discussed “Black Smoke Matters.” This brought to mind frequent sightings as my family and I traveled the roads this last year.

Image result for trucking strike Image result for semi truck traffic jam

A Facebook group (with an 11-member board) is organizing truckers for a one-day strike on Friday, 12th April, three months from now. They already have 12,000 to 15,000 drivers signed up. (That sounds like a lot, but there are about 1.8 million over-the-road (OTR) truckers here in the Fifty States.)

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Latest weapons industry advocacy bill introduced in Senate

By Nathan Barton

The delightful and compassionate senior Senator for California led a cabal of dozens of Democratic senators in introducing this important bill in the US Senate this week.

According to a press release by the revered Conscript Mother, the bill is misnamed as “The Assault Weapons Ban of 2019.”

I think that the more appropriate name would be the “Weaponsmakers Promotional Act of 2019.”

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Honesty, yes … but about what? And more examples of the world going bonkers.

By Nahtan Barton

As the FedGov sets a new record for government shutdowns (even though it is a very limited one), 2019 is starting out as an epic year of weirdness and frankly, insanity.

Before I provide more examples, here is the one that triggered the thought.

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France – Part II

By Nathan Barton

Considering the Yellow Vest protests (even rebellion) in recent weeks, we left my journey through the history of French revolutions, rebellions, and protests in 1945, freed (by their own, not just Allied (British Empire and United States), efforts.

french fighters 2

In 1945, France was seemingly at peace, and it seemed that the people were in charge.  Or were they? The corrupt Third Republic was dead, the various monarchists had no real power. The Fascists were being chased down, the colonies were being reorganized.  A new democracy was born.

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