Should we be surprised?

By Nathan Barton

Society?  What is that?  A suicide pact?

In a nation with events like this, it is clear that we are in no way a “civilized” society – except in the minds of the political leaders and other elite who like it this way.

Consider Minneapolis, where a 40-year-old Australian woman was killed by a police officer who “was startled” and shot out the window of his patrol car at the very woman who had called 9-1-1 to report a disturbance and suspected rape, as reported by the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  And on Friday, the Minneapolis police chief was fired by the city’s mayor, apparently for the chief’s statement that the woman didn’t have to die.  Of course, the police officer (not yet charged, of course, in the suspected murder) is the first Somali (Muslim) police officer in the city.  And was upheld (despite several other charges against him on various non-fatal incidents) as an example of how progressive Minneapolis is.  To show how progressive the city is, she was the first female, openly-lesbian, divorced from her lesbian “wife,” police chief in the nation – and now she has another “first” in being fired. And no doubt (assuming he actually goes to trial), this cop will use his early years in the bloody battlefields of Somalia to explain why he offed this unarmed woman in her pajamas.

Mama’s Note: I have to say that this incident was more shocking to me than a great many others that have happened in the last year or so. Not only the completely unjustified killing, but the official response in the current climate of backlash against such police misconduct. The fact that the “cop” is a Muslim is certainly not unrelated, but of course the “news” does not help us understand that any more than anything else. WAS he reacting to her being there in her pajamas? How could we possibly know? Continue reading

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You can’t win, you can’t break even … but can you get out of the game?

By Nathan Barton

The Casper Star Tribune reports that the Cheyenne Regional hospital has lost its Medicare and Medicaid certification from the FedGov (and the Wyoming Department of Health) because the hospital – in very simple terms – has been found guilty of abusing an adult, but blind, elderly human (they won’t even identify what sex this person is) by discharging the person (who wanted to be discharged) and going beyond what should be the natural role of a hospital and arranging for the person to be accepted by a shelter, after the family refused to help.

It is a topic that Mama Liberty knows a lot more about than I do.  She comments: “Talk about a no win situation for the hospital. They likely had zero option not to admit the person to start with. [Cops brought the person to the hospital.] Since there was no family willing to accept responsibility, and the patient was not really competent to care for him/herself, evidently… I’d like to know what the hospital was supposed to do about it. [Debby speculates that the person might have dementia or some similar, basically untreatable condition.] The hospital is ALWAYS under pressure from Medicare to discharge people as soon as possible (and often when they should not be)… always that pressure both coming and going… I expect there was NO viable option at all for the hospital. Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t… whatever you do. What the heck were they supposed to do with this person, especially since it doesn’t sound as if the patient was cooperative? I’ve done discharge planning, and it is a nasty, thankless job because you can’t seem to please anyone much of the time. The terror of having “Medicare” inspectors involved [the Wyoming state employees are nothing more than shills for the FedGov, as is the case in every state] – no matter how hard you work – is the killer. I am sure that the nurse or social worker who did this discharge planning is now looking for another job. Possibly at Burger King… “ Continue reading

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Arrogance (and stupidity) beyond belief

By Nathan Barton

This was discussed in Laissez Faire today.  It is incredible – and I was sure it must be from The Onion. (It was only in one of LF’s e-mail newsletters, so no link.  But even New Scientist  reported this.  Gee, gotta be true.

They wrote: “Something groundbreaking and seemingly impossible just happened in Australia — physicists should pay close attention. According to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, 2 + 2 equals, wait for it, whatever the h*** he says it equals.

“Allow me to explain, as best I can, the sheer profundity — and what prompted this extraordinary (and Orwellian) statement.”

“The discussion of the day, you see, was end-to-end encryption, defined by Wikipedia as “a system of communication where only the communicating users can read the messages. In principle, it prevents potential eavesdroppers — including telecom providers, Internet providers, and even the provider of the communication service — from being able to access the cryptographic keys needed to decrypt the conversation.”

“When pushed by a tech journalist whether Turnbull could reasonably tackle the political problem of end-to-end encryption when service providers (like WhatsApp, for example) claim they can’t even, by design, break into messages on their own platforms — the Prime Minister puffed up his chest. “Well,” he said, “the laws of Australia prevail in Australia, I can assure you of that. The laws of mathematics are very commendable, but the only law that applies in Australia is the law of Australia.” Continue reading

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Equal justice under law?

By Gordon E. Finley, Ph.D.
[With “note” by MamaLiberty]

Following President Trump’s February executive order, the Department of Education has been reviewing regulations and guidance to make sure that they “adequately protect students.” Men on college and university campuses are students too, and they greatly need protection from the regulations and guidance of the Obama-era Office for Civil Rights, which remain in force at this writing. Campus drinking is a problem, but it is not the most serious problem (“Trump education official: Parties usually ‘both drunk’ in campus sexual assault cases,” July 12, 2017). Here is the most serious problem.

The situation regarding anything even remotely sexual on college and university campuses today is entirely controlled by ideologues steeped in former President Barack Obama identity and sexual politics. Those who caused the current situation to exist are “true believers” who must be replaced by centrists open to evidence and reason.

It is time to end the illegal practices of the campus kangaroo courts for allegations of sexual assault which were mandated by Obama’s Office for Civil Rights. These regulations and guidance required colleges and universities to always believe the victim and deny all due process rights to the accused, including the right to an attorney, the right of access to all evidence, the right to cross-examine and to have a standard of evidence for conviction consistent with the consequences for the accused of being found guilty. Continue reading

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The price of lost liberty – aviation liberty

By Nathan Barton

Flying taxis!

Ahlan, a Dubai English-language webzine and newspaper, reported testing in Dubai of an 800-pound, passenger-carrying 4-rotor drone taxi this week.

As I told Mama Liberty, just picture a bunch of these flying over the Black Hills!

A nice dream, but…

Not as long as we have the FedGov, and not as long as we have the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  They are the tyrants of the airways, and the powers-that-be will NOT allow something like this to operate without years of “experiments” and testing and review and probably multiple acts of Congress.  Especially for a self-piloting drone, with (at best) a “pilot” on the ground. Continue reading

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Ammunition Cartridges – What makes the difference?

By Arnold Scope
(With “note” from MamaLiberty)

No matter what you are using your guns for, be it hunting, target shooting or self-defense, when it comes to cartridges you have almost countless options. Popular rifles, like the Remington 700 are available in over 30 different calibers. Depending on the intended use of your firearm, there are some basics that should be taken into consideration when choosing one cartridge over another.

For home-defense a cartridge should excel when it comes to stopping power. Penetration, expansion and fragmentation are what will make the difference when you have to stop an intruder. Two popular options here are .357 and .44 mag rounds

When it comes to hunting, stopping power isn’t less essential, however, especially for long range shots. It can’t hurt to read a little into the flight path of the cartridge of your choice. While stopping power in terms of penetration and a more controlled expansion is needed for a clean kill, even a .308 or .300 Win Mag bullet will fail when it hits the ground instead of vital organs. Velocity and trajectory come into play here and determine if you bring home dinner from the woods or from Walmart on the way home. Continue reading

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America’s growing lawlessness

By Nathan Barton

I am seeing it more and more: people just plain ignoring the laws, at all levels.  More and more people are lawless.  Lawbreakers.

As a correspondent pointed out, it seems that the more laws that are passed, the more laws are ignored.  Broken, not just worked around.  People are, I admit, usually a bit cautious. People seldom drive 75 in a 55 mph zone if there is a state patrolman or sheriff’s deputy vehicle in view.  (Except that the cops themselves often violate the speed limit by 15-20 mph, when not running hot.)

But it is much more than traffic.  Recent articles, blogs, and correspondence tells me that many people are completely ignoring various laws in force in Colorado and California and Washington, to name just three states. In those states, what I am hearing about is gun laws, restrictions on buying/owning magazines, owning certain kinds of weapons, and giving/selling weapons (especially to family members and friends).

But there are many more laws that are being ignored, including federal laws.  More than one person has claimed that the average ‘Merican breaks at least a dozen laws every day. Federal, state, county, municipal, special district, tribal, you name it. Traffic laws, gun laws, food “safety” laws, financial laws, anti-discrimination laws, building and property management laws (codes are laws in most places), labor laws, smoking laws, smuggling laws, and so forth. Continue reading

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