Ammunition Cartridges – What makes the difference?

By Arnold Scope
(With “note” from MamaLiberty)

No matter what you are using your guns for, be it hunting, target shooting or self-defense, when it comes to cartridges you have almost countless options. Popular rifles, like the Remington 700 are available in over 30 different calibers. Depending on the intended use of your firearm, there are some basics that should be taken into consideration when choosing one cartridge over another.

For home-defense a cartridge should excel when it comes to stopping power. Penetration, expansion and fragmentation are what will make the difference when you have to stop an intruder. Two popular options here are .357 and .44 mag rounds

When it comes to hunting, stopping power isn’t less essential, however, especially for long range shots. It can’t hurt to read a little into the flight path of the cartridge of your choice. While stopping power in terms of penetration and a more controlled expansion is needed for a clean kill, even a .308 or .300 Win Mag bullet will fail when it hits the ground instead of vital organs. Velocity and trajectory come into play here and determine if you bring home dinner from the woods or from Walmart on the way home. Continue reading

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America’s growing lawlessness

By Nathan Barton

I am seeing it more and more: people just plain ignoring the laws, at all levels.  More and more people are lawless.  Lawbreakers.

As a correspondent pointed out, it seems that the more laws that are passed, the more laws are ignored.  Broken, not just worked around.  People are, I admit, usually a bit cautious. People seldom drive 75 in a 55 mph zone if there is a state patrolman or sheriff’s deputy vehicle in view.  (Except that the cops themselves often violate the speed limit by 15-20 mph, when not running hot.)

But it is much more than traffic.  Recent articles, blogs, and correspondence tells me that many people are completely ignoring various laws in force in Colorado and California and Washington, to name just three states. In those states, what I am hearing about is gun laws, restrictions on buying/owning magazines, owning certain kinds of weapons, and giving/selling weapons (especially to family members and friends).

But there are many more laws that are being ignored, including federal laws.  More than one person has claimed that the average ‘Merican breaks at least a dozen laws every day. Federal, state, county, municipal, special district, tribal, you name it. Traffic laws, gun laws, food “safety” laws, financial laws, anti-discrimination laws, building and property management laws (codes are laws in most places), labor laws, smoking laws, smuggling laws, and so forth. Continue reading

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Bitcoin – tool for liberty or just another tool for tyranny?

By Nathan Barton

MIT just published a story about Communist China’s central bank testing a digital currency to use instead of (in competition with) Bitcoin and all the rest.

“Speeches and research papers from officials at the People’s Bank of China show that the bank’s strategy is to introduce the digital currency alongside China’s renminbi. But there is currently no timetable for this, and the bank seems to be proceeding cautiously.

“Nonetheless the test is a significant step. It shows that China is seriously exploring the technical, logistical, and economic challenges involved in deploying digital money, something that could ultimately have broad implications for its economy and for the global financial system.

“A digital fiat currency—one backed by the central bank and with the same legal status as a banknote—would lower the cost of financial transactions, thereby helping to make financial services more widely available.

Notice – this digital currency will be a FIAT currency, just as every piece of paper currency in the world is, with its value a chimera which can vanish at any time. Continue reading

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Nice to know – slavery still legal and expanding in the Fifty States

By Nathan Barton

The Nine Nazgul (the US Supreme Court) have once again affirmed that slavery is the law of the land.  Tax slavery, of course, but still legal.  And expanding.

The issue was the Nazgul announcement on 26 June of their Trinity Lutheran Church decision. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources declined to issue a grant to rubberize the playground of the Trinity Lutheran Church Child Learning Center, claiming that the state forbids grants to religious organizations (but does give grants to non-religious non-profits. So Trinity Lutheran sued.   The Supremes decided that the state can’t discriminate against religious entities when offering a “public benefit” such as a grant.

The so-called “conservative” christian groups and legal aid associations all crowed happily about equal treatment.  Many pointed out (accurately) that this overturned some unjustice created nearly 150 years ago by James Blaine, a crypto-socialist who hated organized religion and especially hated and feared Roman Catholicism. Continue reading

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Thoughts on liberty

By Nathan Barton

On Sunday, 2nd of July 2017, I celebrated the 241st anniversary of the Continental Congress voting to declare independence of the Thirteen States from the English Crown and the British Empire.

As I did that, I reflected over what vision (if any) those Founding Fathers had for their thirteen sovereign, fledgling nations.  Their alliance, at least at that time, was strictly a wartime, temporary one, though many (like Franklin) thought it should be permanent. There were already vast differences between the thirteen states: differences that would lead to delayed entry into the “perpetual” union, conflicts, and ultimately, total war.

Were these men really so short-sighted that their only goal was independence from Britain? The evidence is that was not their only goal, if indeed it was a goal and not merely the means to a goal.

Their vision was much greater than just independence of thirteen colonies of “Englishmen” (which already had people from (or whose ancestors were from) many different places). Continue reading

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On track for 1,000 dead in 2017

By Nathan Barton

According to the WaPo, once more in 2017, about a thousand people will be killed by cops shooting them. About the same as in 2016 and 2015, in fact. Assuming the WaPo data is accurate:

  • RI, WY, NE, and Vermont were all cop-killing-free.
  • NH (and maybe Alabama and Iowa) just one.
  • Each of the Dakotas and Montana had only two, and
  • (surprise to me) MN just 3 and NM just four.

No so much a surprise, in the big states, the killings are heavily localized: big nasty urban areas. Notice that Upstate New York and eastern Oregon had none, and neither did most of West Texas (the two in the Panhandle are on the I-40 corridor).

The Texas incidents are in the “Golden Triangle” of Houston, Dalworthington, and San-Antonio-Austin.  But like “regular homicides,” these are in the big urban areas, and especially the so-civilized West Coast urban complexes, the Northeastern Seaboard, and the big industrial metropolises of the Rust Belt.  But there are a few states that really stand out and have widely spread patterns: Oklahoma, Tennessee and Florida. Continue reading

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Another day – another shooting

By Nathan Barton

This is officially “workplace violence” and maybe it is.

People in a huge hospital in NYC (the Bronx) were attacked by a doctor who had apparently been fired from its employ some time ago.  Thanks to Scott, who sent me this link at 12160 Info.  The article tells about the killer. He killed himself in a hospital hallway, with the same AR-15 he used to kill another doctor and wound five others. The wounded were all treated in the very same building by panicked medical staff – at least those who didn’t run screaming in fear. (One panicked idiot used a fire-hose as a tourniquet – really?  In a fully staffed and equipped hospital, the only thing available in the hall and on the floor was a firehose?)

Mama’s Note: Here is a full account from the NY Times, likely more accurate. There are many questions unanswered, as always, and the investigation is ongoing. The results of those investigations seldom make the news, so we may never know. The fire hose thing? I don’t think so, which leads me to question the 12160 link.

The killer hid the rifle under a lab coat to sneak it in.  So, where is the security that all medical facilities in NYC are supposed to have? This is NYC – Sullivan Law and all that.  He was in public areas, out on the street, maybe in public transit, going through secured entries for staff, and nobody noticed?  Nobody cared?  Once more, we see disarmament laws don’t work. Continue reading

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