United States Space Force – a positive vote by L. Neil

I am sure that I (as well as Neil) will be taken to task by more than a few people for linking to his recent article at the Libertarian Enterprise on The United States Space Force. In part, this will be because:

(a) he speaks slightingly of Murray Rothbard.

(b) he praises The Donald, at least relative to other POTUS.

(c) he advocates for what is, essentially, an increase in power of the FedGov.

(d) he assumes that the FedGov will do the right thing with an USSF.

I don’t see it that way – even on the last point.

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Drug wars come close to home

By Nathan Barton

The recent attack which killed nine people: three women and six children, in the middle of Sonora State in Mexico, brings the war on some drugs – and Mexico’s internal war – close to home. It is an opportunity to teach some lessons I think we all need as lovers of liberty.

The event reminds us of what Arizona and Sonora were like for several hundred years, up to the 1890s. Travelers attacked and brutally murdered by savages. And also very much like the last official Mexican Revolution, back in the 1910s.

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False history as taught by media today: an example in the Black Hills

Publisher’s note: This was written several years ago to challenge the publication of a photo and caption at Imgur. However, it expresses some of Nathan’s views regarding liberty and government. The media is doing exactly the same thing concerning current events that they do to historical events like the Black Hills Gold Rush and Deadwood.

Deadwood, 1876 Image by Imgur


Everyday Koala is a typical “infotainment” website, from which more and more people get their “news” and “education”:

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California revolt before or after Calexit, New California?

Picture Of Flag Burning - California

The insanity of California’s government and Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) has placed new strain on the California (People’s) Republic.

A FoxNews editorial asks if the “Third-world” style blackouts together with a new season of wildfires will lead to a voter revolt by the 40 million people of the state.

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Thou shalt not steal…

… unless the value is less than $950.

Of course, that is NOT what the 7th Commandment, given to Moses on Sinai, says.

Unless, of course, you live in California. There, Proposition 47 was passed back in 2014. It makes the theft of anything less than $950 a misdemeanor, not a felony. And in essence, it means that there is no prosecution – or even investigation – of any theft or robbery of anything less than that. Whether it is shoplifting or burglary or picking pockets or breaking into cars or robbing a passerby.

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Government and child abuse

What price do we pay for government?

More disturbing, what price do OTHER people pay for government?

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California’s time is running out

The news out of California grows more and more bleak.

Consider this article from last week’s Independent Institute’s Blog: “Nearly 1 million Californians may find themselves without power this week as a result of pre-emptive blackouts imposed by electric utilities Pacific Gas and Electric and Southern California Edison in an attempt to mitigate wildfire risk. But neither denying power to consumers whenever it is dry and windy nor throwing more money at the problem, which appears to be the state legislature’s preferred solution, represent satisfactory long-term solutions. What is really needed is less government interference in the energy and housing markets.”

It turns out that the Institute’s prediction was right on the money. Not just on doing without power, but about wildfire, the stupidity of the General Assembly, and more.

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