E-4: What about the children? (A Baker’s Dozen ™)

As we get down to the last few days before the 2020 elections’ official date, we need to figure out what benefits we can gain from this mess. In the long term, we are certain to come out of our current difficult straits, but we need to be prepared for that future – not just to gain liberty and prosperity back, but to reduce the potential for certain things to happen all over again.

Financial Literacy Month: Teach Your Children About Money
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E-5: Pandora’s box: hope

As we have just five days left in the traditional election process for President and Congress, in this fateful year, we need to remember that ALL sides are pushing the meme of total chaos, social disruption, and expansion of our current civil war here in the Fifty States.

american flag painted on wall that is cracked to signify divisive politics in election season

At this point, in our Fifty States’ civil war (for control of the FedGov and many State governments), is the new reality. The violence grows day-by-day, as the media, academia, and political parties and government official push their message. That message is one of fear, of demonizing their political opponents, and demanding that instant action is necessary to prevent a horrible outcome.

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E-6: Ties of religious and racial hate to political philosophies

Over at Strike The Root, L.K. Samuels recently discussed the question “Why are so many socialists anti-semites?” It is a good column and addresses many facets of this worldwide, very long-term problem.

But perhaps there is more to the story. Much more. Something to consider in this final week of traditional American electioneering and voting.

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The “Lady” and the “Tramp”

I am, of course, speaking of Alex (or Sandy) Ocasio-Cortez and The Donald – with a blunt play on words. Neither of them is suitable for polite company, are they? Unlike the famous Disney movie duo, they are neither cute nor loveable. Indeed, they are dangerous to liberty, to freedom, to peace, and to prosperity.

The latest spat between The Donald – POTUS, Massa, and hated by all (according to the media) – and the young congresscritter from somewhere in the stews of New York City? Apparently, the congresscritter is upset with the POTUS because he dissed her in a speech to blue-collar workers in Pennsylvania. According to MSN, he asked, “She did go to college, right?”

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Really? The cure is worse than the disease.

I have mixed feelings about the counter-media site Natural News, run by Mike Adams (not the deceased UNCCH professor). While it frequently reposts important news and analysis, and often has thought-provoking commentary, it seems to too often be sensational and willing to grab and run with improbable stories that exaggerate fears.

But usually, it doesn’t actually advocate outright tyranny. Yet this is what Adams did recently, in a article demanding that the US DOJ seize Twitter, Facebook, and other media. Why? Because these media giants have censored news and opinion. Most recently, of course, the censoring of even links or references to the New York Post story on the corruption of Hunter Biden.

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Australian mass murders – and not just Australia

This was brought to my attention by J.Bk. over at the blog GunFreeZone. We have long pointed out that abortion – particularly late-term and “partial-birth” abortions – are nothing but a “polite” form of infanticide. Now, the Pandemic Panic has become an excuse to murder infants. Worse is coming, as long as we permit governments to tyrannize us.

All too often, officials and bureaucrats are taking counsel of their fears because they WANT to do so. The Pandemic has been and is their perfect excuse for not just the Lockdown but for a new age of tyranny, terror, and tearing-down of liberty.

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New Mexico: Tyranny grows in the Land of Enchantment

My last business trip to the Four Corners region did NOT involve traveling into New Mexico. Not from fear of COVID which grips the State and especially the Navajo Nation, which holds much of the northwest corner of the 47th State. Rather, I just had no business and no family or friends to see on this trip.

However, a friend who lives and works in New Mexico (in an “essential” job, did risk a lot to temporarily escape from the developing gulag that is New Mexico. To do “nonessential” things like visit immediate family and very close friends.

As it turns out, I may not be going back to New Mexico for some time, thanks to Empress Lujan-Gresham. On Tuesday, as I was returning to the still-free State of South Dakota, she extended her autocratic rule and issued a new imperial edict (“executive order”) to her subjects and anyone traveling to or through her domain.

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What can we do?

It is less than two weeks now.

As the elections continue to spin more and more out of control, what’s a lover of liberty to do?

It isn’t just the election to see who is Massa on January the 20th. It is who controls the Senate, the House of Representatives, and most of 50 State Capitols. For lovers of liberty, whether free-market anarchists, minarchists, or Libertarians, (and even some Constitutionalists and Paleo-Conservatives), there is little substantive difference between most on the ballot regardless of the D or R after their names.

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Looting – a Baker’s Dozen thoughts ™

Apparently, a part of the Pandemic Panic and Lockdown ™ and the Twenty-Dollar Rebellion (the post-George Floyd) “protest movement” – and therefore, the “new normal” is continued looting. Also known as pillaging and plundering, it appears that such actions are the prerogative of people protesting 500 years of evil white supremacy and racism, while demanding the defunding of police. Regardless of the “protesters” own race, economic status, or social class.

In the next few weeks, there will undoubtedly be numerous times that the “opportunity” for looting will be created by protests – however peaceful they are intended to be. So let us examine this cute little pasttime.

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A Baker’s Dozen ™ Results of The Most Important Election in Our Lifetimes ™

Just a couple of weeks left until The Donald (Trump), Creepy Joe (Biden), and Jo Jorgenson face off. This is (according to every pundit and freak-out artist) The Most Important Election of Our Lifetimes (tm – Laissez Faire) or TMIEOL.

Let us briefly consider several Baker’s Dozen (tm – The Price of Liberty) things that will happen if …

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