Dealing with abusive, corrupt police

Over at his website, Ari Armstrong of Colorado provides his six steps towards ending police abuses. Ari is a thoughtful guy, and a prolific writer and interviewer. He is libertarian (of, I believe, a minarchist persuasion).

His steps are worth contemplating:

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Sanctuary zones – 21st Century style

In the 1960s and 1970s, during the Third (or Fourth, I lose track) Indochina War, the stupidity of LBJ and RMN (and their advisors, and Congress) designated certain areas (like Laos, Cambodia, and China (Guangxi and Yunnan provinces, specifically) as “sanctuary zones.” US and Allied military forces could enter not these areas, which were used by Viet Cong and People’s Army of Vietnam for supply, movement, and housing. For much of the “limited” war, I am told (though I’ve not spoken with anyone who actually saw it) that a VC or PAVN soldier could stand a foot outside the border of Vietnam in those areas, and thumb their nose at the American, ARVN, Aussie, or ROK soldiers inches away – and even SHOOT at those soldiers, who were not allowed to return fire.

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Contempt for the law across the Fifty States – explosive results

Yesterday, we discussed how in the Fifty States, the “consent of the governed” has been withdrawn. And that certain segments of society have demonstrated their contempt for the law – thereby claiming that government and law is illegitimate. They apparently are accomplishing their goal of causing society to collapse, so that they can rebuild it in their own image.

A correspondent pointed out that this attitude is being transmitted to, and accepted by growing numbers of people who have previously supported government and the rule of law. Even if they disagreed with some or much of it.

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Freedom = I Won’t

These are NOT the faces of free people. These are the faces of livestock, obeying the will of their masters, their owners.


Some do it with joy – like dogs. Some do it with distain – like cats forced to. But if they are wearing masks (face-diapers, one correspondent calls them) because they are told to, they are not free.

On this 3rd of July, AD 2020, the last day of Anno Libertatus 444, too many Americans are being told to do so. Florida, Texas, Washington State, California, and else where. These are NOT States in which liberty can still be found. (It’s like the story of the woman offered $5000 to sleep with the man, who then offers $5.00. She accepted the first offer: she is a hooker: the rest is just haggling over the price. They have accepted SOME tyranny – now it is just haggling over the terms of slavery.)

In a couple of hours, 7500 or so people will gather at Mount Rushmore, to enjoy fireworks and see President Trump also enjoy the fireworks. Trump and Governor Noem (also to be present) have been condemned and harassed unmercifully for even having the fireworks, inviting Trump, and for not requiring “social” distancing and wearing of masks. The entire thing (together with the Twenty-dollar Rebellion and the Pandemic Panic and Lockdown) has become a cottage industry. A bunch of idiots have called for (and a few have threatened) the destruction of Mount Rushmore. No doubt the protesters (and perhaps a few rioters and even some looters) are already positioned to block routes, terrorize locals, and make lots of nice video shots for the media.

In South Dakota, unless they try to attack someone, damage something, or trespass, they are free to do so. South Dakota recognizes that is what the Declaration of Independence is about – and what supposedly the Constitution was meant to protect. Along with a whole lot more: free enterprise, free trade, the peace, protection from tyrants, and more.

All of which we have seen stolen away from us, time and time again. Especially this wonderful year of AD 2020. As I’ve asked before, is this an Independence Day to celebrate what we HAD and LOST? Or is it to look forward to a time when we again HAVE those freedoms? That liberty? Or is it just another bit of bread and circuses to keep the yokels happy?

The title of this commentary comes from an old science fiction novel, and should be burned into our minds – and constantly said to the Karens, the Mrs. Grundies, the nannystaters, the politicians and the bureaucrats, and the health enforcers.

YOU and I have the answer to what Independence Day means in 2020. Think well up on it.

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Contempt for the law across the Fifty States

TPOL argued recently that in the Fifty States, the “consent of the governed” has in effect been withdrawn. We pointed out the growing refusal to obey the various stupid, even insane, edicts of the Lockdown (due to the Pandemic Panic), AND the lawlessness of the Twenty-Dollar Revolt protesters, rioters, and looters (“in response to” the death of George Floyd and others). This includes more and more Americans from Maine to Hawai’i, and from Alaska to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

As a correspondent pointed out, this is just a response to, and in lockstep with, the loss of legitimacy of government at every level, and growing contempt for ALL law. By more and more people.

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The LAST Independence Day?

Happy Independence Day! Remember and honor those who declared and fought for our liberty – even if misguided in many things, incomplete in their understanding, and unable to actually achieve all that was needed. At least by our lights, looking back with perfect 20-20 hindsight.

More than two decades ago, my family started “celebrating” the “real” Independence Day – the 2nd of July, AD 1776. That was the day the Continental Congress took the bold step of accepting and approving the Declaration of Independence. As recorded by several members. It was a Congress entirely made up of men (human males), but supported and clearly approved of by their wives, their families, and at least enough of their communities (men and women) to fight for seven long years to win that independence.

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SJW Things to do instead of calling a cop – a review part II

Editorial Note: As this is much longer than usual (1900 words), it is broken into two parts. Part 1 was published yesterday. If you want a complete copy (Word or PDF), please ask in the comments, and I will send it to you as a single document.

Continuing the review of “12 things to do instead of calling the cops” published by several groups seeking to defund and/or disband police forces. TPOL comments are in italics.

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SJW Things to do instead of calling a cop – a review part I

Editorial Note: This is much longer than usual (1900 words), and so in broken into two parts. Part 2 will be online tomorrow. If you want a complete copy (Word or PDF), please ask in the comments, and I will send it to you as a single document.

The conservatives have been frothing at the mouth over this recent publication by a bunch of leftist, social justice warrior, snowflakes who are demanding abolition of, and defunding of, the police.

But when we look at this list of a dozen items, some of them make sense.  So here is TPOL’s ideas and review of their efforts:

12 Things to do Instead of Calling the Cops” is a new zine produced jointly by the May Day Collective and Solidarity & Defense. The entire text is reprinted below… TPOL’s comments are in italics. Their agenda shines through pretty clearly, which is one reason for the kneejerk reaction by conservatives and others.

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Preparing for collapse – electrical needs supplied

As the chaos seems to spread daily in the Fifty States – even to locations in Wyoming, the West River of South Dakota, and the Eastern Plains of Colorado, is it time to worry about what tomorrow will bring?

Probably not – IF you are prepared to deal with the daily challenges that are common to us all. (And if you are in the right place – but that is a separate point to discuss.)

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The “doublethink” community

Events in the first half of 2020 demonstrate that millions of Americans have some mental disorders that are far more serious than we might have ever imagined.

Rational, sane, and observant people have always noted that many people are somehow able to believe in two conflicting ideas or “facts” at the same time. Politically, we see examples of this all the time. For example, people that are deathly afraid of guns (hoplophobes) but still immediately call police (with guns) when they need help. Or people that are fearful of government power, yet constantly demand either “the government must do something about this,” or “there oughta be a law!” People can believe in the God of the Bible and still believe in macro-evolution.

MOST people are able to figure out, hopefully sooner or later, that they cannot hold two contradictory beliefs at the same time – and pick one. Often, they pick the right one: the one that is objectively true. But many people sadly do NOT. And herein is one of the bigger problems in the Fifty States (and the world) today.

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