Our “sacred documents” – looking back at failure?

As Americans honor Independence Day, we tend to concentrate on the Declaration of Independence, one of our fundamental founding documents, and considered sacred by many – even inspired by God.

Another of those is, of course, the US Constitution. However, opinions among libertarians are mixed. Is it a “hologram of liberty” as Boston T. Party claims? Or is it a vital but flawed document as L Neil Smith pointed out? Or a counter-revolutionary document, as Tom Knapp has explained? All worth pondering.

Back just over a decade ago, an obvious but anonymous statist (with so-called “Christian conservative” and even “Christian dominion” ideas) penned an interesting essay, “Why our Constitution fails in other countries.” (6 February 2012)

Let us read it and then consider some additional points as we approach the 247th Independence Day.

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Warning – Independence Day ahead!

Welcome to the last day of June 2022, indeed a horrible month for many reasons.(Apologies for the delay in publishing – computer gliches are always with us!)

In just two days, many lovers of liberty will celebrate American Independence Day – the 2nd of July, 246 years ago, when those Founding Fathers in Philadelphia voted to publish a statement of treason and secession from the British Empire and their King. We are close to entering what SHOULD be Anno Libertatus 247: the 247th year of liberty. Not that merely agreeing to a document, even one like the Declaration of Independence, meant instant liberty even for the people of the united Thirteen States of 1776. Much less the rest of the world then or now.

This is a very brief posting and commentary, but let us talk about just a few things.

  1. It is impossible to be truly and individually independent as long as we saddle ourselves with mandatory, human government.
  2. No matter how limited and restricted a human government is, history – especially the last 246 years both in North America and the rest of the world – shows that it becomes tyrannical and evil.
  3. This is, as we celebrate Independence Day, “a season for treason.” That is what that document really was – it only was deemed NOT to be treason when it succeeded finally about seven years later.
  4. The most important acts of humans can, often sadly, be overturned by other humans – sometimes within hours, but generally within a few years at best.
  5. The price of liberty is indeed eternal vigilance.
  6. The price of liberty inevitably includes shedding of blood – often the lives, fortunes, and sacred honor of lovers of liberty.

Think on these things. And also on these:

  1. As we near Independence Day #246, we see as many as 40,000 people who (misguided though they may be) swore to uphold a Constitution they believe protected our liberty and independence who are being dismissed from government military service because they are asserting their personal independence.
  2. The slavery which so marred that declaration and society 246 years ago CONTINUES to be with us today. But today, it is a slavery not just of people of a particular “race” or origin, but virtually ALL Americans, subject to the emotions and callous acts of politicians and their controllers and supporters.
  3. The slave who does not work to free herself is not truly free – although freedom IS a gift of G-d, it requires that we ACCEPT that gift and USE it.
  4. People who are freed (from slavery or something less than total slavery) even by their parents are all too likely to NOT truly be free, but simply to enslave themselves to someone or something else.
  5. It does not take a generation to lose liberty, independence, and freedom – it sometimes can take mere minutes.
  6. We see, as much as ever, that people often ALSO enslave themselves TO themselves and their passions and ignorance and inability to discipline themselves and accept responsibility for themselves and their actions. Hence we have such evils as gun control, destruction of free speech and the truth, a permanent occupation of these States, and even such things as medical tyranny and mandates, abortions, and euthanasia.

Again, think on these things.

And thank you for reading The Price of Liberty.

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Texas – goodbye?

It looks like ALL sides are ticked with Texas. Time for a reminder, courtesy of TxDOT (Department of Transportation): Drive Friendly, and Don’t Mess With Texas. Especially if you are living in Texas.

What’s it all about? While it is mostly the Texas GOP that is causing the furor, there are many other political (and non-political) groups that support at least SOME of what the TxGOP is pushing in 2022.

First, Texans repeat the obvious: Uncle Joe stole the election. Admittedly The Donald HELPED by doing a lot of stupid things, but the current squatter at 1600 PA was put into office by a lot of nasty, illegal, and immoral actions. STRIKE ONE!

Second, the TxGOP calls for the Texas Legislature to put secession from the Union on the 2023 election ballot. (GOOD FOR THEM!) STRIKE TWO!

Third, the TxGOP has clearly taken a hardline on supporting and enforcing the Bill of Rights: both the 1791 US version and Texas’ own. STRIKE THREE.

As far as DC, the Woke, enemies of liberty in general, and Tranzis are concerned, it is indeed THREE STRIKES AND YOU’RRRRE OOOUT!

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“More guns, less freedom”? – reviewing an opinion piece

At risk of alienating more Libertarians and even some libertarians – to say nothing of the enemies of liberty: reader, beware!

An opinion piece in a niche publication, GQ picked up by MSNBC, condemns several recent Nazgul (US Supreme Court) decisions. The philosopher-kings/tyrants-in-black, the author says, wants to “take America back to the 18th Century.”

While the piece is typical of the Woke regressives’ reaction in the past five or six days, it illustrates perfectly the irrationality and agenda of those enemies of liberty. (Here is where I start stepping on toes!) Actually, they are enemies of life AND liberty.

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Night of rage – Canadian-style?

After Friday’s proclamation by the Nazgul (Supreme Court)’s overturning of the Roe v. Wade decision after very nearly 50 years, all the pro-abortion activists again stated their intent to push for a “night of rage” and condemning the Nazgul, indeed calling for their overthrow and all sorts of other things.

Based on the massive uprising by pro-abortion and other woke groups this weekend? There will be almost nothing done: it is all talk. Impeach the Nazgul? Pack the court? End the filibuster? Establish an “underground railroad” for “pregnant people” to “flee” to States to get rid of the “pregnancy tissue” as they call it? Vote the evil monsters (Republicans – not that we here at TPOL have a problem calling GOP politicians monsters) out of office in November?

Just don’t think any of this is going to happen. With apologies to Canadians – or at least lovers of liberty there – we all know that Canadian protests are generally inconclusive and “moderate” – and ineffective.

One cartoonist’s view (unattributed) of Canadian protests, and now most pro-abortion “Night of Rage” events.

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Are we done killing infants?

Six months and two days short of a half-century, and according to one count, 63,459, 781 dead babies later, the nine nazguli (the Supreme Court), aka “the American Philosopher-Kings” has (six-three) decide to overturn Roe v Wade.

FYI, Roe v. Wade was a landmark legal decision issued on January 22, 1973, in which the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a Texas statute banning abortion, effectively legalizing the procedure across the Fifty States.

Since then, and of course before that, tens of thousands of people have devoted major efforts to overturning and limiting that decision and the actions since them. Supported by the prayers, money, and encouragement of millions of people. Of course, tens of thousands of people also worked feverishly, supported by the money and encouragement of millions, to keep and expand the “right to abort your unborn child” in that same fifty years.

And millions and millions of “I-don’t-want-to-be-a-mother [again/yet/ever]” HAVE killed (or had someone kill) their unborn child. (Yes, morally, the woman on whom the abortion is performed is as morally responsible for killing the child as the abortionist is – with the exception of those who were mentally incompetent or physically forced to endure the procedure.)

Abortions come only ONE to a child, but the female human who has the child aborted can do it over and over again with more children. In fact, back in 2020, a 38-year-old woman in Chicago “celebrated: her 100th abortion. Assuming she reached puberty about age 13, that was 100 in 25 years: a staggering 4 per year. That killing rate is probably way, way beyond anything any gangbanger on the streets of the Windy City ever achieved, and certainly not for an entire career. Indeed, while there maybe some Air Force pilots/crews with that kind of kill record, it is unlikely that any ground force (Army, Marine, even Special Forces) careerist has that record.

Even if the average number of abortions is just two/woman, there are over 30 million American women (or visitors/border-jumpers/etc.) who supported abortion by having one: a staggering 10% or so of Americans.

The supporters of abortion-on-demand (or some variant of that) may be as high as 60-80 million Americans, just as a quick ballpark estimate. It is harder to estimate, and I shan’t try, the number of Americans who oppose it. But this number, out of 330 million Americans, is at least an argument that “democracy” would not necessarily support abortion.

I understand about 30 States will outlaw abortion at some point in a pregnancy. At the same time, most of at least 20 States already have or will take action to protect or expand the “right” to kill an unborn child in the womb (or immediately or partially OUTSIDE the womb). An example is Colorado, currently a blue State,” where the homosexual government is strongly in favor of “women’s rights” even if he does not love them.

So that means the answer to the question is NO. Americans will NOT see the killing of infants in the womb because of this. This holocaust WILL continue, just in fewer places and maybe with lower numbers. Continuing to demonstrate that these States are NOT governments who uphold the ONLY excuse they might have for human government: protecting life and liberty.

Some post-script comments: Like Mama Liberty, the founder of TPOL, the present staff of TPOL has constantly deemed (based on scientific (biological) and religious understanding) that human life begins at conception, and that aborting a child is homicide. That while there are sound reasons for not criminalizing such actions (such as illegitimacy of human government), government should not ever be permitted to promote and fund abortion.

We also point out (and always have) that the abortionists – whether that is their primary profession or a one-time act – are not just killers – and indeed premeditated killers and abusers of children. And those who are “professional” are just as much mass-killers as any madman with a gun killing students in a school or people in a mall – or dropping bombs on civilian populations.

We should not compare the States to other nations, but this clearly draws a line between those at least trying to protect life and liberty and property and those who seek power and the rest of the agenda of enemies of liberty.

We await your comments.

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Crossroads or fork in the road – dead ends ahead?

The constant meme, mainstream or alternative media, seems to be that 2022 is all about major changes – both those which happened in the first half of the year (almost over) or will supposedly happen.

Now, astute (and the few “woke”) readers will condemn TPOL for using “dead end” in the title. (Have you noticed the “dead end” signs are being replaced by “no outlet” because “dead end” is politically incorrect and encourages suicide?)

But all the choices the States have this year seem to lead, if not to death, certainly a whole lot of destruction. Inflation? Supply chains? War in Ukraine? War on Taiwan? Pro-abortion riots and assassinations? Anti-abortion killings and mob violence? And on and on.

Right now, let us talk about economics – inflation and other fun stuff. Including (whisper it so the government bugs have a harder time hearing it) recession.

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Just another supply chain problem, eh?

Welcome to summer! As we seem to be running out of all sorts of essential and nice to have things, courtesy of COVID-19, the Pandemic Panic, and those looking for any crisis to blow up into a world-ending disaster, we see we have another supply problem.

Here in the West, especially the Southwest, it is a little thing called water. The Colorado is short of it, and so Lake Mead keeps dropping, exposing all those mysterious dead bodies and more. And until the torrential rains last week, Montana and Wyoming were hurting too. (And may still be, even with the flooding.) Much of the West is in drought.

With that background, a correspondent asked this:

“What are the two major problems facing the water supply in the Southwestern United States?”

I figure that a LOT of people will be upset with me, but here goes. 

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American fascism and the War Between the States

A number of libertarian historians, and in particular, Thomas DiLorenzo, have long researched, written, and preached the truth about that American demigod, “Honest Abe” Lincoln. One of his latest commentaries can be found at Lew Rockwell. Thomas notes the 100th Anniversary of the Lincoln Memorial in DC, one of the great “secular temples” that graces the streets of the District of Criminals to glorify not just their own kind (that of politicians and rulers) but their philosophy.

US Mercury Dime Reverse featuring the Fasces

We here at TPOL always learn from from Dr. DiLorenzo’s articles, and often reminded of things we know and yet did not understand the full significance. This article is no different: Thomas points out the massive presence of fasces in the Lincoln Memorial, and how that reflected not just the attitudes and political philosophy of the era (WW1 and immediately afterwards) but also the record of Lincoln himself.

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The opium pages

Once upon a time, I am told that the letters-to-the-editor, opinion pages, and comments pages actually did have an impact on public discourse. If such a time existed, of course, it is long past.

Recently reading a local daily newspaper’s comment section (where people can share their ‘two cents’ worth’), I was struck by not just how people behaved, but how lies and vicious accusations have replaced civil discourse and any attempts to seek and expound on truth.

It was reminiscent of how modern religious organizations expect that preaching to the congregation (rather than reaching out to those outside the group) accomplishes anything but reaffirmation of the core constituency.

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