“Public” (government-run, tax-funded) schools continue to fail

In our eyes, that is, the eyes of lovers of knowledge, of liberty, and of personal responsibility, peace, and prosperity.


In the minds of the enemies of liberty – the educrats, the academic elite, the self-proclaimed “progressives,” the regressivists, the powers-that-be? The schools are doing just what they want them to. Making good little “citizens” (helots is a better word, or just plain salves) out of children. Divorcing them mentally, socially, and morally from their parents and families. Teaching them the minimum to (a) help determine whom to anoint to join the “elite” and (b) function as an economic unit in the command economy also capable of being manipulated to pull the right lever in the voting booth.

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The Twenty Years War – lessons NOT learned

Look at the map.

How Big Is Texas, Compared to Other Land Masses? – Texas Monthly

Now, Texas is a lot flatter than Afghanistan, but historically, the inhabitants of Texas – whether Tonkawa or Numu (Comanche) or Spanish or Mexican or Texian/Texican or Anglo – are just as ornery and prone to violence as any Afghani tribesman. Or city-dweller. Or Talibani or Communist or Libertarian. (Yes, there ARE Afghanis who love liberty in a way that American libertarians – or at least anarcho-capitalists) can agree with.)

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The sub-rosa war on our liberties continues

  • The latest battles – in schools, businesses, courts, media, and government chambers – against basic liberties triggered by the continuing Pandemic Panic. But I repeat myself: regardless of the tactics, the target is ALWAYS our freedoms.
  • As normal, the news are filled with the latest battles against basic human liberties triggered by the now 20-month-long Pandemic Panic.

    Look almost everywhere – schools, businesses, courts, media, government chambers, and the streets and sidewalks of American cities and towns. You will see that our liberties, our freedoms, are a constant target for attack.

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    Answering misconceptions: American militia

    The hoplophobes and hoploclasts are always with us.  Consider this comment recently posted online.

    “There are no militias in the United States. They were all absorbed into the National Guard in 1906. You and your vigilantes, operating outside the authority of your State Governments, are not the militia. Even the militias at Lexington and Concord existed and operating under the direct command and control of their provincial government (the Massachusetts Provincial Congress, John Hancock presiding). You guys don’t have any of that, do you.”

    In the interests of answering challenges like this, consider this response to one of the points the poster brought up.

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    Looking back – 20 years and a lifetime

    Ben Franklin’s quote from either 1755 or 1774 once again is proven a valid prophesy:

    ‘They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.’

    Tuesday, Bloody Tuesday. 2001.

    Today, we look back twenty years. But perhaps it is time to look forward.

    The coincidental name commonly used of “9-11” quickly became common in the aftermath of one of the highest-casualty, costly attacks on American soil in history. Mama Liberty and I have generally (from that day, in fact) referred to it as “Bloody Tuesday.”

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    We’re back – and boy is there a lot to comment on!

    After nearly two weeks, The Price of Liberty is back. Much as we wish it had been a “vacation” (original plan) work and some tragedies distracted us from very important things. Like publishing more commentary for readers here at TPOL.

    Lots of things to discuss, including:

    • The disastrous end to twenty disastrous years in one of the most beautiful and terrifying places on earth – courtesy of both old parties and the bureaucracy, puppet masters, and elite there in DC, London, New York, and elsewhere.
    • The latest campaign in the twenty-year war on liberty waged with the excuse of the Bloody Tuesday (9-11) attacks here in the Fifty States: Ironically attacks on the very institutions that have benefited most from the false “war on terrorism.”
    • The latest battles – in schools, businesses, courts, media, and government chambers – against basic liberties triggered by the continuing Pandemic Panic. But I repeat myself: regardless of the tactics, the target is ALWAYS our freedoms.
    • The stealth war on American society continuing under the on-going Pandemic Panic. Especially in the urban areas: Antifa and Black Lives Matters and their masters, stooges, and fellow-travelers continue to hammer away at the American way under the cover of that very thing.
    • The growing tyrannical, totalitarian power of local governments – even in rural and frontier areas.

    Lord willing, we shall touch on all these things in the next few days, as well as suggestions from readers and correspondents.

    As always, the Price of Liberty is not just eternal vigilance but sometimes all the things we value most. Is it a price we are willing to pay? For twenty years, we have discovered what SELLING our liberty in exchange for falsely-promised peace and security has really given us.

    A final thought: After nearly 60 years, JFK is proven to be a false prophet:

    See the source image
    Think about it!
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    A nation of lies – on ‘roids

    Look, we’ve known for a very long time that many of the institutions in our Fifty States and their leaders, staff, contractors, and advocates lie. These people are and have been liars.

    Consider the Congress. Every so often, one of them lies so much, so outrageously, that the voters (well, whomever counts the votes) decides to send them packing. But the institution? Lie after lie after lie.

    Consider the White House. To get to squat there, you have to be a liar to some degree. And constantly practiced at lying. And just as much as any past White House regime and staff, this one slings the lies bigtime.

    Consider the Supreme Court – as shady and tricky a bunch of lawyers as ever hung up a shingle; lies (whatever the Nine Nazgul call them) trip from their lips and their court clerks delight in confusion, loopholes, and anything they can do to tap-dance around the Constitution and good, moral, common sense.

    We could go State-by-State, and bureaucratic office and bureau and department, but you get the idea. And then list the corporations – the media, the unions, the “non-governmental organizations” and more. But I digress. My beef right now concerns COVID-19 vaccinations.

    It seems that Uncle Joe’s regime wants us who have been fully vaccinated to get a third jab. A booster shot. (Of course, they also want all of us who have NOT gotten these marvelous shots to get one – well, now, three.) This little “bogus” stick-the-needle in is supposed to start on 20 September 2021. At least, that is what The Hill (another lying rag) reports.

    The story is, as always, filled with both misleading statements and outright lies: either omitting the truth or putting falsehoods out as truths. Is it any wonder that we constantly see more and more uncertainty on the part of us, the public? Or that we see distrust in government, the medical profession AND the media growing by leaps and bounds?

    No fooling.

    This article reports that the Biden regime wants Americans who have been “fully-vaccinated” to get a third jab called a “booster” shot. Starting in about three weeks (September 20, 2021). For the COVID vaccine, the first dose, second dose and booster are all the same. ( it is not uncommon for some inoculations to be given in two (or more doses) because they contain different medicines that work together, and may be somewhat incompatible if given all at once, I understaond.) But NOT the COVID vaccines. The shots are all the same; supposedly that second dose improves the effects. The third “booster” dose seems to be needed because the first two doses seem to wear off in about three to six months.

    Remember, these vaccines are NOT like polio or smallpox or DPT: The vaccine does not prevent COVID infections. NOR does it prevent a vaccinated person from getting and spreading COVID. (We know that three United States senators who were fully-vaccinated got COVID!) What the vaccine does is NOT to stop COVID’s spread: they just are reducing symptoms and severity.

    You are less likely to get a severe case and less likely to die if you have the injections. So, they may be effective at reducing severity but they don’t stop infections and spread of the disease. So this third dose is because the first two wear off faster than the medical gurus expected. AND because the coronavirus mutates! And this isn’t the end of the matter, either. The third dose will also lose its effectiveness: expect a fourth, fifth, and so on as time goes on. Just like the annual flu shots which never seem to keep up with the flu virus or the human body.

    And has side effects – often detrimental side effects – just like all these Beer Flu vaccines do.

    Yet the governments, the health nazis, the media has all pushed the vaccines as some kind of “final solution” for the coronavirus. And used that as a reason (excuse) to push for mandatory vaccinations and tracking and all the rest of the continuing Pandemic Panic.

    And speaking of the nasty side effects, even the MSM (the Brit’s Daily Express) lists TWENTY-THREE side effects from just one of the vaccines. (Although they claim they are mild and short-term.) And note these are NOT 1 in 10,000 people getting these: but according to them, “more than one in ten” people: including diarrhea, swelling, pain, headache, chills and fever. And the severe, rarer side effects? That 1 in 10,000 with one shot becomes 1 in 5,000 with two shots, 1 in 2,500 with three shots, and so on. Mathematically, the more boosters you get, the more likely you will experience severe side effects sooner or later.

    My objection is not JUST with the vaccines, but with the government lies and constant tap-dancing and twisted “facts” about the Beer Flu. For the drug companies, the vaccine madness is a bonanza; just as it is for the government. One for money and the other for power. Which i why it is BAD for the economy, BAD for liberty, and way too often, an outright danger to your health.

    As Thomas DiLorenzo writes, after a close study of true history, “…one realizes the breath-taking enormity of the lies and falsehoods about American history – of the ruination of America – generations of court historians in service of the state and statism have concocted.” 

    The Beer Flu is just one more opportunity for politicians, big AND little government, big AND too much little business, academia, the denominations, and so many others to lie. Not, admittedly, for the sake of lying, but for the gain in wealth and power – influence and out and out control – that these lies give them.

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    Suicide of a nation – and a civilization?

    The incredible, insane, and hypersonic collapse of Afghanistan and the chaos and stupidity of so many people is on view and has been for a week.

    Hang on, folks! Things are going to get worse before they get better. As they are right now.

    As I write this, the Biden regime is actually withdrawing US troops from the Kabul Airport, while simultaneously ordering Americans (and anyone else) from coming to and entering the airport. Estimates are that between 10,000 and 20,000 Americans and other Westerners/foreigners are still in Kabul and elsewhere in Afghanistan. Why the withdrawal, five days before Uncle Joe’s deadline? (A self-imposed one, to boot – an other strange piece of data.) Because there have been several explosions and at least twenty dead in a firefight at the Abbey Gate of the airport. Including 10 US Marines. The news is still coming in, and no doubt much of it will be wrong. But it is reported that at least one of the explosions was a suicide bomber.

    But this commentary is NOT about the suicide of the Republic of Afghanistan, nor the suicide of Al-queda, Caliphate (ISIS), or Talibani murdering thugs. Rather, I propose that what we are seeing (and not being able to see it all) is the suicide of another nation – the American union. (Perhaps I should write, as we are a union of Fifty States, that we may be witnessing the suicide of as many as FIFTY nations.)

    And perhaps, of a civilization – Western Civilization.

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    Accelerating collapse? Afghan aftermath

    Editor’s Note: This commentary was supposed to be published four days ago, but events intervened, so some of the data is now outdated. But the major points are still valid. As events continue to crash around us (personally for the publishers/editors and for the States and so many communities in them), new commentaries may also be delayed.

    The Situation

    The news out of the former American imperial outpost is dire.

    The new Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan still have an estimated 20,000 out of 40,000 Americans left trapped, not just in Kabul (“sheltering in place” if they are obeying the stupid orders of the FedGov) but throughout the country. AND at least 6,000 American troops – more than remained when Uncle Joe walked into 1600 PA – with probably more to return. Although they are basically handcuffed, little more than security guards and traffic guides.

    And that does not count what could be as many as 100,000 Afghani “local nationals” already on or being quickly added to the purification lists of the Disciples of Mohammed (the Taliban). That is, the kill lists. The same sort of lists previously developed and used in Vietnam, Cambodia, Mesopotamia, pre-WW2 Germany and Austria, and probably South Africa, Nicaragua, and post-French Algeria. Now we are seeing it again – not by communists but by an equally-disgusting and fearsome enemy of humanity – NOT just the West.

    What can we learn from this?

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    Colorado’s rapid collapse – in real time – a follow-up (Part 2)

    In addition to the commentary series on homeschooling (starting here) last week a lot of readers accessed the commentary about Colorado’s collapse here. Let us see if we can ramp the fear up! This week, Colorado was joined by Afghanistan, yet another mountainous nation collapsing as we watch. And even faster than Colorado. As discussed in another commentary, New Mexico might be a third. Montana burning might be yet another.

    But let us discuss, as promised, Colorado. Here, it is not victorious rebel religious zealots sweeping over the provincial (county) seats. But it possibly IS the corrupt governments that are aiding and abetting the collapse of society, economy, government, and liberty.

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