The arrogance of the masked do-gooder

No, not talking about the Lone Ranger – back before that fictional character was nothing but a foil for a comic actor (now blacklisted by Hollywood in another example of arrogance).

Actually I’m talking about a man I saw a few days ago. It is a true story with a moral and a disappointing end – not unexpected but disappointing.

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Election Panic Syndrome?

Folks, Thanksgiving is here. Yet the election dominates the headlines and the opinion pages, and people’s conversations. It is clear that a LOT of people, on both sides, are panicking. It may be as serious a public health threat as COVID-19 – or seasonal flu! Maybe you have a friend or family member that exhibits these symptoms. Or… maybe you have some of them.

  • Do you listen with trembling anticipation to the hourly newscasts about the latest vote counts and lawsuits?
  • Are you fearful that no one may have won the office of Massa (POTUS) by noon on 20 January 2021?
  • Are you afraid that Great-Aunt Agatha’s vote, on her mail-in ballot, might not have counted because she died before the polls officially opened on 3 November 2020?
  • Are you afraid the mail-in ballot you got and dutifully returned, complete with its RFID chip, might have been spying on you while you dithered about who to vote in for dog-catcher this year?
  • Are you sure that requiring a voter to prove who they are is suppressing the vote too much?
  • Are you afraid your neighbor’s nasty little twelve-year-old may have hacked into your county’s voting software and THAT is why Beergut Joe Jones, with fifteen citations for exposing himself in public parks, is now on the school board?
  • Do you worry that Venezuelan and Russian interference in the election might have been nullified by Red Chinese interference?
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A Biden Regime: the Anti-Trump?

As the election continues to grind on, the media, all Democrats, many independents and more than a few Republicans (especially RINOs) are convinced that on 20 January 2021, Joseph Biden will be sworn in as Massa. Creepy Uncle Joe will no doubt either have a pre-recorded inauguration address, a very short one, or let Kammie (“the Commie”) give it instead. (That’s based on his rapidly-declining speaking skills the last two weeks.)

And apparently, either he already has a good working automatic signature-machine or is a wiz at signing documents. From what his “Office of the President-Elect” (apparently a 501c4 organization – NOT an official government agency – points for Biden) says, he will have hundreds of Executive Orders and appointments/nominations that he will sign and issue on that Wednesday afternoon. (After all, he is such an honest, transparent man, he wouldn’t dare sign anything in advance and postdated, would he?)

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Four hundred years

The year 2020, for all its problems, is the Four-hundredth anniversary of the founding of Plymouth Colorado, the beginnings of Massachusetts and the original “Northern Colonies” – established for much different reasons than Virginia and the rest of the Southern Colonies. As one of the four major sources of modern American society, the history is important. The desire for liberty and freedom brought with those first settlers played a very important part in establishing the freedoms that are so important to these nations and the world. Together with the other sources (the AmerInd nations, the Spanish, and the Southern Anglo-African movements), the New England colonists were critical to the unique character of these Fifty States especially for the last two centuries.

I think it worth sharing this lengthy speech by – oddly enough – a sitting United States Senator. Please do NOT think this means that I endorse Tom Cotton. He is a GOP member from Arkansas, former military (Army infantryman), but went to Harvard. I do not agree with many (most) of his political positions, and do not fully agree or endorse everything you will read from him below. But these are definitely things to think about as we near Thanksgiving 2020.

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Uncle Joe polishes his dictator credentials

A friend sent me this tweet from some doctor:

Dr. Jill Biden@DrBiden· Joe will be a president for all Americans.

Assuming this is true and Uncle Joe’s own belief, it seems to be to be a clear sign that he wants to be a dictator or monarch. “President for all Americans,” as established in a political model from 1966 called “Spirit of ’76” by Holmes Moss Alexander, is a euphemism for a dictator that will ride roughshod over Congress, the States, and individual liberties.

Apparently this is a subtle warning from a woman that surely knows Uncle Joe very well.

We should heed her warning and pay very close attention. Even though he (well, his handlers) is playing nice right now, I think we can expect that to change quickly. And well before 20 January 2021.

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Propaganda wars in full swing – those EVIL anti-maskers and more

As the Fifty States stagger on through month eleven of this Annus Horribilis, we see things are again heating up. We’ve not had the massive riots, and the protests have been nowhere close to what was promised and predicted. But the screaming matches, on our screens and radios and in the streets, are truly entertaining – at least in a horribly fascinating way. At least until we can’t take it any longer.

It is the commentary and the reporting that I question. As I read or hear different stories on daily events, it seems as though I am peering into several different dimensions. MSN/Microsoft News’ report of the Trumpista rally in DC on Saturday the 14th (of November) is a perfect example. As compared to what I saw of raw video, and heard/read on other outlets, MSN paints a totally different picture – one incredibly biased against Trump supporters.

But that is far from the only example.

Pandemic Panic

The lowkey foofarah over California Dictator Newsome is a great example. While the mainstream media mostly ignored this gross breach of his own imperial decree, The Gateway Pundit posted photos from an LA Fox station. I like this comment especially:

This total fraud is banning your children from getting an education, your business from thriving, YOU from moving about without an appliance on your face at all times, all the while hiding public records that supposedly support his draconian decrees. This is sick.

Harmeet Dhillon, CA civil rights attorney

But the media – even that Fox station – continue to spout the Pandemic propaganda about positive tests, hospitals, and deaths. Contributing to the mistaken idea I mentioned a few days ago: that 30 million Americans – nearly 10 percent of the population – have died from COVID-19. NOT 250,000.

The Corrupt Election Scandal

More and more alternative media are sharing more and more information about fraudulent voting, computer highjinks, fake counting, and more. An example is the Gateway Pundit. Meanwhile, the propaganda coming out from the mainstream media and too many politicians – regardless of party – is totally different. “It has been proved that there IS no voter fraud,” we are told loudly – and without proof or anything other than the statements of other media and politicians. But reputable journalists, like Vin Suprynowicz, are reporting a much different story.

The Anti-vaxxers

With the prospect of at least three vaccines for the dreaded COVID-19, the media is even more vicious in attacking those people who suggest – in any way – that they are not 110% on board with jabbing everyone with needles or having us eat contaminated sugar cubes. This deserves and will be the topic of a separate commentary. But it is clear that the propaganda war is heating up when it comes to mass vaccinations and especially vaccinating children.

The Anti-maskers

Just two states, MSNBC tells us, are left of the “Axis of Evil” whose governors and legislatures – and state health czars/commissars – refuse to mandate masks anywhere and everywhere. Just so you know to avoid those places and live, they are Arizona and South Dakota. Many CITIES and apparently some COUNTIES in Arizona HAVE issued dictats to wear masks in various places.

In South Dakota, though more and more people are voluntarily wearing face-diapers, only a few of the Tribes have mandated wearing them. These are the same ones that have established and implemented lockdowns and border checkpoints, using goons in and out of uniform, and armed with everything from pistols and rifles to spears and (I think) coup-sticks. SD Gov. Noem has publicly and quite loudly stated that she will NOT bow down to any trumped-up Uncle Joe imperial decrees to mandate masks. Pun intended.

But the Mrs. Grundy and Caren types are roaming the streets and stores across the nation. Like Carrie Nation with her little hatchet and loud braying voice. Even in South Dakota, a problem addressed by Gov. Noem recently. Anyone who does not wear a mask, or expresses ANY doubt about the science, wisdom, and life-or-death necessity of putting these diapers on, is condemned as anti-science haters who want to see your grandma lowered into her grave as soon as possible. And whom would sacrifice your 2-year-old on the altar of rampant, even maddened capitalism. I have been told of people being attacked viciously and with nearly deadly force in stores and on the streets for not wearing masks. The media and government promotes this with their propanganda.

As Tom Woods just lectured us in his e-mail commentary (tongue in cheek), “Rising ‘cases’ are YOUR fault, you awful person.” Right…

In some States, government agencies are shaming businesses who have more than two cases (positive tests) of COVID-19 among employees, or to whom a case can be “traced.” And media – even media which claims to be pro-liberty – is cooperating fully, using their newscasts to reel off the names of these horrible businesses that just want to kill people – or at least Uncle and Auntie. (New Mexico is one place where the second round of Lockdown has gotten even more ridiculous. Albuquerque cops are going from door to door to bust violators. While the propaganda outlets spout support for imperial decrees and more enforcement. There will be more mobs in the future, without a doubt.)

The evils of staying at home

Even as lockdowns, curfews, and total shutdowns force people to work from home (if they are fortunate), this is seen as evil. In an earlier commentary, I talked about calls for WFH (work from home) special taxes on business and employees.

Now, the BBC has a bizarre story about how racism, prejudice, and other evils are promoted by working from home. Apparently, we aren’t exposed to other races (and some religions are considered races – Muslim, Sikh, etc.) and ethnic groups. Work from home? Apparently you don’t have friends except of the same race, color, religion, and ethnicity. And you are racists if you don’t have friends that are different than you are.

Again the propaganda is amazing. It would be funny if it didn’t get people killed.

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Lobbyists, lords, and … no liberty, eh?

Byron King, over at Agora (or one of their sister firms), recently wrote this analysis of lobbyists. Let us read and ponder it.


…as the post-election drama plays out, the Biden transition team is staffing up with registered corporate lobbyists.

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Why lie?

Because… “Never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” Rahm Emanuel Emanuel was paraphrasing another not-quite-so-extreme Democrat from more than a half-century ago: “When written in Chinese, the word crisis is composed of two characters — one represents danger, and the other represents opportunity.” John F. Kennedy

“History reminds us that dictators and despots arise during times of severe economic crisis.” Robert Kiyosaki

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COVID-19 madness is really not new

It seems, that COVID-19 is contagious – even highly contagious. But the rate of spread and contagion of the novel coronavirus pales in comparison to the rate of spread of panic and madness triggered by this pandemic.

Madness? First, the truth is NOT given by government agencies and the mainstream media – the establishment. Not just that, but the truth is being actively suppressed. Lies about prevention and treatment, spread by government, media, and business since March, are being promoted anew. Every effort is made to terrorize people into cowering in their homes, dependent on the “charity” and “kindness” of government for everything. Any and all news about the spread, research, actual illness rates (versus test results) and severity of illness is exaggerated. The establishment not only poohpoohs actual truth and attacks those who try to provide it, but works actively to prevent the truth from even being distributed. And to demonize those telling the truth.

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Under the tyrant’s boots

See the source image

With friends, clients, and family in northwestern New Mexico, we pay close attention to the news from the Land of Enchantment.

It isn’t good these days. According to the Farmington Times, New Mexico’s thuggish empress has waved her scepter and decreed two+ weeks of fresh lockdown. Not just a lockdown, but a stay-at-home order and more. “Businesses” (including churches) are not allowed to have more than 25% of occupied capacity of their building or 75 people max to be there. While liquor stores and bicycle maintenance shops are “essential” apparently schools are not. Thanksgiving is all but outlawed – no, not just the holiday but the mere giving of thanks. Rationing of a long list of “essential supplies” has been established. (Including medications, baby formula, and diapers. Unsure if toilet paper, paper towels, and hand sanitizer is. Maybe those things are not “essential.”)

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