Ukraine continues to win – the propaganda war

Although the mass surrender of Ukrainian troops from beneath the steel mill in Mariopol continues, with 1730 troops giving up to Russian forces (according to Russian sources as reported in the Irish Times but apparently confirmed by various others), the West continues to believe that Russia is losing.

That may not, of course, be the case. But most westerners believe it, courtesy of Kiev’s propaganda war, aided by London, DC, and of course New York and Hollywood.

Indeed, the mainstream media so far seems to be ignoring (well, not reporting) that the Azovstal plant’s defenders are surrendering in large numbers. (Although the BBC did state a few days ago that Russian forces have in essence defeated the Ukrainians in the city. And Fox News just published a story about 2 PM EST on Saturday that Russian forces had apparently taken the plant and were claiming total control and victory.) And the alternative media also seems to be ignoring this: World Net Daily, The Blaze, Breitbart and others reported nothing in the past 48 hours.

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Genocide in the 21st Century

It’s all fun and games until it is YOUR kind of people that start getting processed.

The Twentieth Century is often considered to be THE Century of Genocide. But it seems that that revered, ancient tradition is far from dead as we near the end of the first quarter of the Twenty-first Century.

The charge is flung freely. By the entire diamond grid of political factions and positions.

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Who will watch the watchers? Who will terrorize the terrorists?

The WaPo, chief publication of the government “public-private” partners called the mainstream media, is touting the Democratic “response” to the Buffalo New York killings. Their response in essence consists of once more demanding MORE laws to “prevent” killings by taking more and more guns away from more and more people. AND creating more bureaucratic “law enforcement” and “intelligence” agencies to coordinate federal efforts against “domestic terrorists.”

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Canadian dictatorship grows stronger

Simon Black shared this little tidbit last week: It’s Official! Justin Trudeau Is Above the Law

Sadly, the Dominion of Canada, once considered to be a gentler and kinder (and even more free) version of the Fifty States, continues to spiral down into just another post-Imperial woke dictatorship. This is just one more example.

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White House shills: Conflict or convergence of interests?

A few days ago, The Blaze featured a discussion of Uncle Joe’s new media-shill and her supposed conflict of interest. The shill (officially the White House Press Secretary) is a homosexual who is “married” to a CNN correspondent. The article questions whether or not this intimate connection constitutes a “conflict of interest” – and also points out that the outgoing liar-for-hire (Uncle Joe’s shill for the first year-plus of his regime) is ALSO involved in a conflict of interest as she moves from the White House to jobs with not one but TWO networks.

May I submit that these are NOT “conflicts” of interest but instead just two more examples of how the interests of media (especially mainstream media, MSM) and the powers-that-be that rule “America” are in sync: a convergence of interests in continuing to lie and dominate and tyrannize and control the once free people of the Fifty States (and most of the world). They very much share commonality of their interests.

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Socialist America – History: Rural Electrics

How did the Rural Electrification Act impact America?

The 1936 Act very much sped up the provision of grid electrical power to rural and frontier regions, including AmerInd reservations, across the United States, by providing power where commercial (investor-owned) power providers could not economically provide service, and municipally-owned (government-owned) utilities WOULD not provide service, back in the 1930s. This was done through subsidized, low-interest federal government loans to grassroots organizations organized as cooperatives (and a few public power districts as you find in Nebraska today). It slowed down the massive accumulation of power by local governments – counties and smaller towns – in contrast to many larger cities and towns where providing electrical power joined providing water, sewage, and even trash collection services as yet another political football for corruption, patronage, and control (micro-management control at that). It also provided a limited amount of more competition at least along the fringes of urban/suburban areas.

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Oh baby, baby

Supply chain troubles continue to bedevil us, as the demon-in-chief continues to wander mentally, verbally, and no doubt physically around 1600 PA. Not that HE is to blame – or that the occupant of 1600 PA should have ANY power over supply chains of anything.

But the sad fact is that Uncle Joe DOES have an insane amount of power over the economy – both actual and by perception and influence, at least to disrupt and destroy.

Including supplying formula. Yes, I know Uncle Joe says the shortage is the highest priority of the federal government right now, and will get better within weeks. How long can a baby go without food before they starve?

Is Uncle Joe to blame? A lot of people want to blame him.

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Let’s restore a civil society

Today, these States seem to be suffering yet another national pandemic: one of rage and paranoia.

Consider that since June 2020, that cesspool on the Potomac has enjoyed a trifecta of anger, fear, and paranoia on the part of the political class and their minions. Perhaps not unlike what happened back in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Yet different and worse, in many ways.

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The war drums continue to beat

Somehow (amazing, that), the leaked evil preliminary decision of the nine black-robed Nazgul (the Supreme Court of the US) to jettison that crown jewel of liberty has virtually driven the war in Ukraine off the hourly news, the websites, the talking heads, and more! At least here in the Fifty States.

BUT… the Russo-Ukrainian War rages on. And its impacts on the Fifty States are continuing. AND growing.

Russian strategic goals according to many in the West
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Guns and statistics – liberties and lies

A guest column by Don Robinson

Some time ago (back in 2017), Don answered a question, and his answer is worth reading. The question: What statistics would convince “pro-gun people” (who love guns) that less access to guns and certain guns being banned, would result in a safer America?

Now, in the opinion of TPOL, the answer to this is an easy one: FAKE STATISTICS. The kind the hoplophobes and hoploclasts constantly throw at us. But Don took the question and answered it carefully.


Well. You asked for stats, so here they are. After you read this, I’d like your response to your own question.

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