Additional thoughts on Biden’s gunning for guns

David, Tom Knapp, and several others pointed out my typo in the second paragraph, and I realized it was also unclear.

Here is what I meant to write and what it now says:

“Especially since no doubt many of the purchasers are the deplorables: the 75 million + those who voted for Trump or Jorgensen + those who have these quaint beliefs in the Constitution, God, liberty, and such obsolete things.”

I was of course being sarcastic, but need to be clear.

Certainly those who voted for Trump do not all have these “quaint beliefs” – though at least some do. And many of those who chose NOT to vote for ethical and moral reasons do not have those beliefs either. (Some do, of course.) I also understand that many times their beliefs are based on a very poor understanding of what liberty is – and Who God is. Much less even a rudimentary understanding of that human, faulty document called the Constitution.

There are many errors in understanding liberty, especially vis-à-vis the US Constitution. One big one? The idea that the Bill of Rights GIVES anyone ANY RIGHTS. Human rights exist because we are HUMAN. Whether you believe in “nature’s God” or just plain “nature,” no other human has any legitimate power to steal away those fundamental rights. (Not saying that they don’t have POWER to do so, just that the power to do so is exercised illegitimately, no matter WHAT some Constitution, charter or law says.)

Governments, no matter for what purpose they were established, sooner or later get in the business ot taking away those God-given/Natural rights.

The right to keep and bear arms is always a good illustration of that. Human government is in itself illegitimate beyond family and other voluntary agreements and institutions. But it is a constant evil, just like cold, heat, disease, and even famine/hunger, and thirst. We have to defend ourselves against these things: in the case of government, there are as few sure ways as there are when dealing with weather. We can “move along, move along” to a better place (assuming there is one), or we can resist. We bundle up and have fire to fight cold, for instance.

With government, we respond to force and the threat of force – aggression – with threatening or applying force – defense – against the government.

That is what Biden (and yes, Trump, and many who call themselves “Libertarian”) fear: that they will not be able to FORCE us to do what THEY want us to do. Even if they cloak it in the lies “it’s for your own good.” I may believe that you are doing something that is NOT for your own good, but I recognize that I must let you decide. I cannot decide for you. I can suggest, guide, even beg – but I cannot legitimately, morally, scripturally, in a godly manner, make you do it.

But that is precisely what government and those in government – especially elected officials – believe that they have the power – and many claim “God-given power” – to do. They are wrong. They are, indeed, evil.

I may have the right to defend myself (and even others) against the consequences of what you choose to do. If you chose to attack me, or mine, or an innocent person, I may defend myself and them. If I choose to do so. When government tries to take away the tools I choose to defend against the wrong acts of others, the government is even MORE evil. And that is precisely what Biden seeks to do. And those who use Biden as their puppet, their poster elder.

Which is why he, and his efforts (the ones made in his name, anyway), and those of his supporters and appointees, MUST be fought against. We have the RIGHT to fight against them: to defend ourselves, our families, our communities. And many of us believe that we also have an OBLIGATION – freely taken upon ourselves – to do so.

And you do not defend yourself by allowing the enemy to disarm you.

Enough is enough. And this is enough for now!

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Biden’s agenda for guns

According to various sources, gun sales in the Fifty States (measured by background checks with BATFE and the FBI) hit a new record in January. Back on the 3rd of February, 24-7 Wall Street reported 4,137,480 sales for the first month of 2021, the largest single month since figures started to be recorded in 1998. In 2020, gun sales in the United States rose 40% to 39,695,315. That’s more than 1 for every 10 Americans!

Alarming! Dangerous! Especially since no doubt many of the purchasers are the deplorables: the 75 million + those who voted for Trump or Jorgensen + those who have these quaint beliefs in the Constitution, God, liberty, and such obsolete things. They often don’t even trust government or government officials.

So it is no surprise that our beloved Uncle Joe and all his helpers, starting with Miz Kammie and Beto, want to do everything they can to protect the American people (the other 250 million or so) from the coming epidemic of violence. (As well as the pandemic from China.)

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The myth of political differences

Years ago, Leonard Read stated it well.

Leonard Read quote: Such terms as communism, socialism ...

“Much the same thing” is not, of course, quite the same as identical, of course. There are differences. Perhaps different flavors. Just as there is a subtle but clear differences between Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, and Royal Crown Cola.

Or perhaps the difference in how we die when we breathe in hydrogen sulfide versus how we die when we breathe in carbon monoxide. Either way, we are dead.

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The tyranny of local government, revisited (part 2)

Editor’s note: Please feel free to read part 1 from August 2017, and the revisit of that commentary. This commentary was written in 2017, but more has been added [in red italics].

By Nathan Barton

I have come to understand that the tyranny of local government here in the Fifty States is more burdensome and much greater than that even of state governments, to say nothing of the FedGov.  And much harder to deal with.  [especially since March of 2020, with the CCP virus panic] Local government agencies, who cannot manage their own internal affairs and business, attempt to micromanage not only the public and businesses that they supposedly serve, but every other aspect of life.  Including other government agencies.  It is only a fear of “having their hands cut off” that keeps them from pulling the same stupid tricks on their state and federal counterparts.

Their claim – their justification – for doing this is for the “general welfare.”  I am certain that Madison spins in his grave over ever putting that rolling phrase into the preamble of the Federal Constitution.

Is it not obvious today that the FIRST and GREATEST threat to “the General Welfare” of the people is the government itself? Whether at a transnational, federal, state or tribal level? And especially at the local level? Not just the direct actions of that government, but the responses by people TO those actions?

In colonial and revolutionary times, local governments were much different than what we have in 2017 (much less in 2021- how much has changed in just 3+ uears).  Much more “voluntary” and with a tiny fraction of the powers they have stolen since then.  There was no “zoning” or codes for “property management,” and no such things as building permits and only limited sorts of business licenses and permits.  No traffic laws, and very few things unlawful just because they were an excuse for control and fines.  There were such things as blue laws and mandatory church attendance (because often the church was part of the state).  Government provided few services and no goods: limited protection (or assistance) against property and personal crimes, coordination of defense against attack, courts, and a few other community functions. Matters such as utilities (including waste disposal) were left to individuals and voluntary organizations, which operated with little or no government control.

And yet people thought that they had too much government – that what little they had was too tyrannical, too prone to corruption, too restrictive of personal and economic liberty. Little did they know. Especially at the local level: villages and towns and cities and counties.

Today, the situation is incredibly different. Local governments from villages of a few dozen to gigacities of millions each have hundreds up to tens of thousands of pages of rules. Dozens and hundreds of different types of fees and taxes. Through codes (themselves thousands of pages) they regulate everything from the height of grass to the color, size, and details of signs. From the amount of water to flush a toilet to the size and style of showers and tubs. From traffic speeds and parking to the size, temperature and condiments on hot dogs sold. Worse, the local governments provide virtually every sort of service and “convenience” imaginable to their “citizens” and visitors: power and water and sewage and electricity and gas and bus and train service. Swimming pools, gyms, libraries, gaming rooms, sports fields (and organizations) and more. Education, including art and historical museums. Homeless shelters and services for homeless camps. All paid for through an insane spider’s web of fees and taxes. Fees on copies and parking, fines on parking and uncut grass and music that is too loud. Taxes on water runoff and on the very services that the governments provide. Property taxes and vehicle taxes and taxes on tires. Sales taxes and excise taxes. Excess taxes, indeed. Taxes (or fees) on applications to pay taxes! Taxes on goods and services; license fees and permit fees and more taxes on sins like gasoline and alcohol and pot.

And for what? In large part to pay city and county and district and county employees. Especially elected ones but all the “civil service” ones as well. Even those who are productive to any degree (example, road and street maintenance people or utility workers) are ultimately parasites because using them is not voluntary: there is no free market, no choice. Indeed, much if not all of what local governments provide in the way of services is subsidized competition with private enterprise. Which is therefore bullied by those agencies: forced to make decisions based on fear of action against them.

Another factor that makes local government a terror to liberty and free enterprise? Local government transfers wealth from some people to other people. Not just employees (officials or not). In essence, welfare even if not seen as such. It does immense harm to the economy and therefore to businesses and families. Whether it is “free” (or “reduced-cost”) parks and recreation, or homeless shelters, or “cultural amenities” (libraries, museums, zoos, etc.), people (and businesses) pay for things whether they use them or not. And each of these services offers opportunity for graft and corruption, striking fear in anyone dealing with them.

Much of local government is funded by the very people and businesses most abused by it: licensing fees for electricians, plumbers, and other skilled workers are used to pay for the parasitical inspectors that prey upon them. Parking meter fees fund parking wardens and more and more elaborate mechanisms to control, regulate, and harass the people parking. People applying for zoning and special use permits pay for the “privilege” of being publicly abused (and all too often denied) by officials and anyone who wants to, for doing something with/on their own property.

I do not believe it is exaggerating to say that local government terrorizes many people.

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The tyranny of local government, revisited (part 1)

Back on the 17th of August, 2017 – three and a half years ago, TPOL published this commentary.  In that time, the truth of the premise has been proven over and over ago.  It is worth sharing again, with a few more comments [in red italics]. Tyranny and terror are closely related: force and the threat of force is essential for government to enforce its edicts. And it grows more common and explicit.

The terror of local government in the Fifty States, part 1

The attitude and record of local governments across the Fifty States is incredibly distressing, to me and many others. It is not a series of isolated incidents, or of a few big urban areas or small rural towns, but a commonly-found situation in virtually every state and every region, for governments of all sizes.

Part of the incredible stress on our society comes from this attitude of government at the local level, where residents and businesses (and even passers-through) are subject to hundreds of different ordinances and “guidelines” and “community standards” which micro-manage daily life. They create a maze of laws that provide constant stumbling blocks that  make life miserable for many (if not most) of the residents of that town, city, or county. Worse, there are hundreds of thousands of overlapping jurisdictions that make for more and more problems.

Mama’s Note: The worst part of that, and the most frustrating to those who understand liberty, is that most people affected by the vast sea of regulations, “laws” and the overlapping jurisdictions, can’t seem to see that they have abdicated their individual, natural self ownership to these bogus “leaders.” 

The problem is multi-fold, but here are a few of the contributing factors.

First, despite the bills of rights found in the Federal constitution, and in EVERY state’s constitution, and in the charters of many local governments, the common attitude is that the powers of government are unlimited except in VERY specific and clearly defined areas of daily life, especially when it comes to so-called “police powers.” In the 1600s and 1700s, local governments (villages, parishes, towns, counties, cities) were seldom tyrannical – except for being used as part of the enforcement apparatus of the king or duke or other central government. But today, municipal or civic governments and others (districts, counties, boroughs, parishes, etc.) often not only pass laws that are far more restrictive (if not with so great a degree of punishment), but pass laws that are contrary to that of state government or the FedGov. Often these laws (whether codes or ordinances or statutes or resolutions) are both badly written and very complex, and result in serious consequences to the people.

The Pandemic Panic and resulting Lockdown have brought this point home hard. The idea that any threat to health – especially one with so low a risk, all things considered – gives an excuse for government to ignore laws and limits on their power is truly evil.

Second, there is a self-selected group of people who live in the Fifty States who make matters far worse. This group of people are completely dedicated to regulating every last aspect of community life. (Even while they often are determined to prevent ANY regulation of what they deem to be “private” life.) This lust for regulation is strong, whatever its motive (power, risk prevention/control, wealth, fear, environism, etc.) So strong that it dominates their actions.

These are precisely the people that have the most fear of illness and dying from the Beer Flu (or anything else) and demand more and more submission to government.

This “regulator-class” includes large numbers of people in local (and higher) agencies of government. Both politicians (elected and appointed) and bureaucrats in governments AND their counterparts in non-governmental organizations (such as homeowners associations and foundations) are very often of this nature. It is similar to pyromaniacs gravitating to firefighting jobs, but with far worse results. And all of these have their clients and patrons – and sadly, their admirers and lackeys.

These politicians, bureaucrats and people in power are constantly demonstrating their small-mindedness, inflexibility, and lack of common sense. As for any paper-pusher, the appearance is more important than any concrete results. Further, their mental bias means that they have little or no education, training, or experience in really accomplishing things. Important things like how to run a small business (much less a big one), how to build, maintain, and repair things, and how to work productively in situations where failure to meet expectations result in things like going broke, getting fired, or causing someone to be badly hurt or die.

These demonstrations have, of course, been “spectacular” in the past year. Even as they have claimed to “follow the science” they are denying reality and real science. Though masking, distancing, lockdowns, etc. are PROVEN to have made virtually NO difference in infections, hospitalizations, and deaths, they continue to spout the nonsense and demand compliance. While viciously attacking those who dare object.

There are so many examples. One very common issue (which we hear about several times a year) is lemonade stands operated “illegally” by children, where cops or (code enforcement officers) show up to bully.

That sad little exercise in tyranny of course is a totally dead issue today.  When have you seen a child’s stand in these days of fear and lockdowns?  The cops and code enforcement have graduated to more lucrative targets: cafes and beauty shops and the like.  And the voices of protest are drowned out by the nannies and the fearmongers.

More in part 2..

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Crashing careers – and lessons we can learn from them

All around us, it seems that political careers of major movers and shakers are cratering. Boom! Flatter than a pancake.

They are in both old parties – with various political philosophies.

But I think we can learn a lot from their trials and tribulations. Even if we don’t gloat over their falls.

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Defeating the enemies of liberty

Maybe I am just being sensitive, but it seems that in the past few months, rhetoric has ramped up on both sides of the Great Divide in American politics. Actually, ALL sides of the multiple divides of political thought and actions here in the Fifty States.

As we go through a nastier than usual winter in much of the continent, is all of this just lots of screaming that will erupt into action and movement – even more confrontations (including violence) – when Spring comes?

Indeed, are all of the Biden regime’s claims of wanting to build unity just leading to more division? Are the claimed threats that Trump, now powerless, was shattering the American nation – and still is – true?

At the same time, we are seeing more and more restrictions – and threatened restrictions – on liberty. To listen to many of us, freedom is vanishing as rapidly as snow in a chinook. So people ramp up even more. Grumbling grows.

Does that mean that we are facing civil war, come Spring of 2021? Does that mean the only chance we have of defeating the enemies of liberty within the Fifty States is violence?

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Socialists – the proto-Borg

Most readers will recall one of the series of Star Fleet enemies, the half-organic, half-mechnical “civilization” which motto was “Resistance is Futile” as they worked to assimilate – or kill – all other intelligent forms of life or seeming life.

“Borg” is of course short for “cyborg” or “cybernetic-organism,” an old SF (and science) term. The Borg are perhaps the best known of many versions of such things throughout the history of the genre. Usually (not always) these creations are the antagonist. The enemies of humans – especially humans who are and want to be individuals and not part of a collective.

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Crumbling systems

More and more lovers of liberty – self-professed libertarians/Libertarians or not – are more vocal in their critiques of our current circumstances. Not just the governmental system we Americans are saddled with, but the ever more bizarre society and the increasingly unstable economy. Doug Casey’s rants (at International Man and often found on ZeroHedge) on solving the problem of an evermore factionalized Fifty States has some good thoughts. One of the best is this one:

“The United States has devolved from the land of the free and the home of the brave to something more closely resembling the land of entitlements and the home of whining lawsuit filers.” (Doug Casey at International Man) Doug seems to be a master of understatement, doesn’t he?

Zero Hedge had picked it up about the same time that they also posted a rant by Daisy Luthor, a gallantly-outspoken lady on many subjects. Our system, she tells us, is crumbling before our very eyes. She is right. The signs are all around us.

As she references, many people warned that it was NOT the virus that we needed to worry about. It was the systems: political, governmental, social, economic, even transportation and agricultural. That is even more so the case now than it was, say, in September or April of 2020.

Indeed, after our last several trips into the dens of iniquity (from a free-market anarchist’s point of view) of Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah (traveling from the relatively free state of South Dakota)? It is clear that our systems HAVE crumbled in the last twelve months.

Events are driving us. The cultural war has morphed into an actual civil war. A civil war becoming increasingly violent. It is still “retail” violence: ones and twos – whether it is protesters or rioters, counter-protesters, cops, or innocents. But wholesale slaughter, at this point, seems inevitable. Many of us are surprised at the constraint and mildness of the post-election situation in November. Even more surprised that the unpleasantness in early January was limited to the Capitol in DC and a few armpits like Portland and Seattle.

All the various trends impacting on the news and our daily lives before 2020 are now far more extreme in their impact. And our reactions are also more extreme. Life as we knew it HAS broken down, and more so with each passing day. Some recent examples:

Texas Power Crisis of 2021

The unusually harsh winter weather and power problems in Texas this week are not the only time in recent decades that Texas (and many other states, ignored in the twitterstorm and vicious attacks on Texas as a Red State) has endured. Much of the nonsense being spouted today has little or nothing to do with the reality. Yes, the insane dependence of 2021 Texas on wind-power is a part. So is the refusal of politicians to allow improvements and changes in the system. But when we look at the root of the problem, it comes down to two things:

  1. Growing government control of infrastructure – and therefore more and more potential for stupid political decisions. The grid, even in Texas, is micromanaged by government, regardless of who or what actually owns the pieces.
  2. Growing centralization of infrastructure – growing interconnection of systems and therefore increasing the opportunity for government and political control of things which should be based on engineering.

Unfortunately, the Texas Power Crisis of 2021 will speed up BOTH these trends. Primarily by the FedGov, of course, as Biden and crew seek to prove what kind and caring rulers they are. With the claims being made, the potential of a Texan Democratic regime in a couple of years is greater also. Democrats will take new power for Austin at the expense of most Texans. (I’ve already heard of people planning to flee Texas, which they say is rapidly turning blue.)

Supply chain problems

In a recent trip to Colorado, we were shocked by the emptiness of more and more store shelves. Not just products made overseas, or supplied from distant places. Rather, items produced locally. Added to this is the slow response of the wholesalers and distributors for basic, common repair parts and materials. We hear in Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, and even South Dakota, of delays of months in construction materials, spare parts for popular vehicles, and even popular food items.

Some was blamed on the weather, though the weather in these states is typical for this time of year, and not as bad as many. More is blamed on lack of workers – or poorly-trained workers. Some is blamed on the Lockdown and related problems. But whatever the excuses given, this is a common problem plaguing the nation more and more in the past year. The supply chain is collapsing.

Congressional revenge

The sheer viciousness of the actions of Democrats now controlling Congress is not surprising. What is shocking is the broad scope of their efforts to “punish” Trump and anyone who was nice to the man in the past five years (since he began his White House run).

Definitely not surprising. Consider the extreme nastiness posted time and again against anyone (well-known or not) daring to question “the science” regarding masks and all the rest. Consider how badly people are treated for defending others, or even for not condemning them “strongly enough.” Yet another indication of the end of civility in political life.

This behavior in Congress matches the behavior of social justice warriors. Responding to any action, by any person, in mean, nasty, and outrageous over-reaction. These people are more and more eating their own: disowning and trashing other so-called liberals and progressives for something said or done years ago. It is not just a crumbling of civility and a breakdown of the consensus which (in many ways) allows government to function in this country.

Why? Ideology is now the dominant force for most political actions in DC. And the natural cowardice of politicians is obvious. They fear their political opponents AND their allies. Because the system is crumbling.

We must be prepared.

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The despicable state of “higher education” in 2021

From the smallest cowtown college to largest Mega-University, higher education is a parasite on society, the economy, and any possible benevolent type of government. While it is no doubt the case in Europe, Pacifica, and even our allies in East Asia, it is particularly bad here in the Fifty States.

Please don’t think that I am saying that education is worthless, or that a higher education is worthless. I am talking about the institutions that are supposed to be PROVIDING a higher education. Most – indeed, virtually ALL of these institutions are “worthy” of condemnation and more.

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