The terror of local government in the Fifty States, part 1

By Nathan Barton

The attitude and record of local governments across the Fifty States is incredibly distressing, to me and many others. It is not a series of isolated incidents, or of a few big urban areas or small rural towns, but a commonly-found situation in virtually every state and every region, for governments of all sizes.

Part of the incredible stress on our society comes from this attitude of government at the local level, where residents and businesses (and even passers-through) are subject to hundreds of different ordinances and “guidelines” and “community standards” which micro-manage daily life. They create a maze of laws that provide constant stumbling blocks that  make life miserable for many (if not most) of the residents of that town, city, or county. Worse, there are hundreds of thousands of overlapping jurisdictions that make for more and more problems.

Mama’s Note: The worst part of that, and the most frustrating to those who understand liberty, is that most people affected by the vast sea of regulations, “laws” and the overlapping jurisdictions, can’t seem to see that they have abdicated their individual, natural self ownership to these bogus “leaders.”  Continue reading

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Nationalists and supremacists – segregated by color?

By Nathan Barton

The scene is familiar in the second decade of the 21st Century, especially in university towns.  A “protest” march (not quite a mob) of people bearing signs and torches and chanting slogans winds its way down a street.  It is surrounded by a mixture of cops in riot (combat gear, minus the camouflage usually) and counter-protesters, chanting back and screaming slurs.

Almost always, this scene (especially seen on broadcast television and the mainstream media sites like CNN and YouTube) is accompanied by talking heads and sound bites from the president of the university, the town’s mayor, and various “experts” talking about how we should be glad that the protesters are courageous enough to stand up to the discrimination and bias they face from the university, the police, and the public.  About how we must learn to accept diversity and work harder to make them a part of the community and accept them even though they are different.  About how they deserve repatriations for past evils committed against them.  How they are right to attack the powers-that-be, the cops, the merchants, and all the other elements of society that hate them and have mistreated them for decades and even centuries. Continue reading

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War: clouds on the horizon

By Nathan Barton

The drums of war are pounding: the dogs of war snap at their tethers, seeking to be let loose.

Or so you’d believe looking at the major, mainstream media – and much of the alternate media.

A South Korean news agency claims that North Korea plans to fire its ICBMs with nuclear warhead(s) at Guam (BBC).  This is of course in response to Trump’s and the Pentagon’s saber-rattling. Saber-rattling ratified and supported by new UN sanctions – sanctions NOT vetoed by either the Russian Federation or Communist China.

Mama’s Note: “Sanctions” witch only damage the poorest of the poor, as vital foods and medicines are blocked far more than anything else.

The Global Times warns that India overestimates Communist China’s desire for peace, and that the Chinese actually may launch small-scale military operation to drive Indian troops out of a disputed part of the Himalayas. Continue reading

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Billions for conquest and tribute – not one penny for defense?

By Nathan Barton

The tremendous expense of deploying a missile fleet capable in the long term of countering nuclear threats has spawned a debate in the American military establishment, as talked about in a recent Stars and Stripes article. How essential, in the 21st century, are the 400 strategic missiles embedded in silos deep under the plains of Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana and North Dakota?

The Pentagon has begun work to replace the Minuteman fleet with a new generation of missiles and launch control centers, but the plan would cost an astronomical $85 billion, one of the most expensive projects in Air Force history. At its peak (about 1990), the USAF fielded 450 Minuteman IIs, 500 Minuteman IIIs and 50 Peacekeeper missiles, a total of 1,000 ICBMs that had more than 2,000 warheads on them. Today’s 400 Minuteman missiles each field a single warhead. Despite many claims to the contrary, the US has greatly reduced its effective nuclear arsenal, as the Cold War receded in our minds. Today, though, Pentagon officials want to replace almost the entire nuclear arsenal, at a cost of up to $1 trillion. The replacement of the ICBM fleet, which critics have said is no longer crucial to preventing a nuclear war, raises the biggest questions. Continue reading

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The warping of American society: political correctness, assault by lawyer, and more

By Nathan Barton

Tradition, indeed, everyday life, is increasingly warped in the 21st Century. This is not incidental or unintended. Many people doing this warping want to twist society to and past the breaking point. They want to completely change everyday life, not merely due to changes in technology and natural changes in how people interact, but purposefully to mold society to fit THEIR philosophy and THEIR ideology: to gain power for themselves, their families and associates, and their descendants. Power over other people, power over society. They do this because their morality (if we dare call it that) is based on false selfishness and a short-sighted mentality that is purely evil.

They use the legal system (no justice found there) and political correctness (warping of public opinion and political pressure) to get their way.

Consider some recent events. Continue reading

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Ignorance, hypocrisy, and other character defects

By Nathan Barton

While I am concentrating on conservatives and liberals in this article, does it not apply to virtually all of us?  We can all be ignorant, unknowing, hypocrites, inconsistent, and prone to attacking others with hurtful words or words which can be misunderstood.

In the world today, the evidence is all around us.

After the visit of Trump to Poland (on the 6th of July), the progressive blogosphere screamed about an American president telling people that “we want God,” and therefore violating the Constitution. Clearly, Trump AND the people of Poland are too stupid, ignorant, and otherwise deficient of character to be able to do anything. Their mere existence is damaging to the progressives and all “right-minded” people.

Now look at New Hampshire, where the Freedom from Religion Foundation is in a tizzy about a hunting safety class being held in a church meeting house.  The atheists and radical activists are demanding that NH never allow another hunter safety class to be taught in a church house, and that no preacher ever be allowed to be a hunting safety instructor. Obviously such people as this preacher are too stupid, ignorant, and otherwise deficient of character to be able to do anything.  Their mere existence is damaging to the progressives and all “right-minded” people. Continue reading

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Ramping up the nanny state – a tiny delay

By Nathan Barton

The Trump administration has put on hold an Obummer-era FRA/FMCSA regulation that would have required companies to test all drivers/railroad engineers for sleep apnea, presumably adding that to all the other requirements for CDL (commercial drivers licenses). USA Today reports that the squatter’s proposal was the usual knee-jerk reaction to a screaming headline: sleep apnea was believed to be a factor in a Hoboken passenger train crash with fatalities in 2016.

The nanny agencies in the US DOT still strongly urge employers to test for apnea.  Although I suspect that the first trucker or railroad engineer (especially them, given the higher union presence in the railroads) who is dismissed or moved to a new job or not hired because of this will quickly engage an attorney who will scream “discrimination” in all directions.

Meanwhile, knee-jerk reaction like this is totally foreign to other professions – especially those in various kinds of government service.  Imagine if police officers were screened for, say, sociopathy and indications of short tempers which can (and has, on a very frequent basis) result in cops killing people for little or no reason.  Or screening budding politicians (before they can run for office) for psychopathy, sociopathy, delusions of grandeur and lust for power. Continue reading

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