Resistance is futile?

By Nathan Barton

Resistance is futile

The headline phrase is one of the many additions to our culture, from the Star Trek franchise. One used both in the cause of liberty and tyranny. It is a meme that government would love for us to accept. That those controllers, those people who fear that all people are like them and fear liberty and freedom, want us to accept.

The reality is of course that resistance is NOT futile, as American and world history shows: Continue reading

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Let freedom ring!


By Nathan Barton

Have you seen this?

Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor

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Is secession dead?

By Nathan Barton

Back in 2012, following the reelection of a very divisive squatter at 1600 PA in DC, there was a raft of petitions posted to FedGov websites (such as “We the People”) and other venues, petitioning the FedGov to allow various states to secede from the Union (or what was formerly a Union).

Mama Liberty and I commented on this in a posting “The Scent of Secession is in the air” dated 11 November 2018.

Now, more than seven years later, whatever happened?

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Let’s get rid of all the guns…

By Nathan Barton

USPS Select 2018 Stamps include World War I Turning the ...

Over at Firearms News is one of Vin Suprynowicz’s latest columns, “They took the doughboy’s rifle away.” It an excellent, long, and fun read, taking us back over a century and showing Vin’s exceptional reporting skills. (So often lacking in most news media today.) And he raises important points about government stupidity and the irrationality of the liberal (Tranzi and Regressive) mindset.

He points out the incredible evil (my words, not his) of rewriting history and removing key facts in the guise of political correctness and protecting the children and avoiding giving offense or creating fear in people.

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Reprint: Empowering each other – take 2

Originally posted 27 SEP 2012 by Mama Liberty. When I posted this a few days ago, I did not check the links and found that several no longer exist.  Hence this update, with new links and ideas added.

Updated by Nathan Barton

Helping other women (and men) become empowered to accept personal responsibility for their own lives/safety, and that of their families, is a big reason the original Price of Liberty came into being, and has been a focus of my life for a long time. It’s the reason I became a firearms and self defense instructor, and why I hand out hundreds of these cards each year.

Recently, I’ve found two other blogs by women who are informing and empowering others. I’d like to introduce them both to my readers here, and urge you to explore those blogs as well.

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Whose side are we on?

By Nathan Barton

The good Regressives (Tranzis) of Laguna Beach, California, seem to be working overtime to tick people off. By slamming their local cops.

According to a posting at Godfather Politics, the “liberals” are slamming the police department in that city for the new red-white-and-blue, US flag based logo on their cop cars, stating that it is “very aggressive” and “didn’t really represent our community.” Not surprisingly, they are getting a lot of negative pushback, from conservatives and even some liberals.

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Where’s the media?

By Nathan Barton

Last week in Phoenix, a horrific incident played out, resulting in four deaths: three from gunshot and one from beating with a baseball bat. To add to the horror, one of the shooting victims was a 5-year-old girl, and the baseball bat beating and killing was of a 7-year-old girl.  The victims were the wife, brother, and two children of the confessed murderer. This was reported by AZFamily, a media site, on the 11th and 12th of August.

Why did this NOT show up on national media? Not a hint.  Not a single editorial about how we need to do more to prevent gun violence and not a single word about the need for better “red flag” laws in Arizona or nationally.  Indeed, I don’t think it was reported outside of Arizona.

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