It’s for the children…

By Nathan Barton

Child abuse is a serious, deadly problem in this country.  Consider this:

Not long ago, a NINE year old killed himself in Denver. He was bullied because he decided (and announced) that he was homosexual.  (Or maybe transgender.)

We discussed this already, so you may recall the TEN year old punished for being respectful to his teacher in North Carolina. (He said, “yes, ma’am”)

These are a couple of recent examples of child abuse.  In the “public” (government-run, tax-funded) schools.

But there is more:

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No more “Garfield on my fork”?

By Nathan Barton

CBS and MSN News reports (the headline is inaccurate) that the US House of Representatives has passed a bill to outlaw eating cats and dogs here in the Fifty States.

CLASSIC HOAXES: The Swiss Eating Cats Prank - Pranksters

There IS an exemption: AmerInd can eat dogs “for religious purposes.”

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Bloody Tuesday

By Nathan Barton

It is, if I count right, seventeen years since someone hijacked four commercial airliners and used them to attack targets in the Northeastern United States.  Killing thousands, many of them simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Since then, many more cities have been attacked.  Many more people killed. Much of this as a direct result of the attacks on New York City and Arlington Virginia.

Stock Video Clip of Syria Pan Dolly shot aftermath ...

What have we Americans learned since then? What has changed since then?

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Majority rules?

by Nathan Barton

Some PAC I never heard of called “The Majority Rules” sent me a begging email urging me to sign a petition and donate to keep the Senate from confirming Trump’s nominee to be one of the Nine Nazgul on SCOTUS.


This PAC is also called the “Voting Rights Watch,” it claims to be unaffiliated with any political party, or candidate.  But here is the odd thing: all its website talks about is that they are taking action to ensure that whomever wins the popular vote becomes the Massa, POTUS.

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Modern American cult of death

By Nathan Barton

Aretha Franklin was a talented, gifted, popular and influential musician.  She is missed.

McCain also seems to be missed by a whole lot of people.

Since they both died recently, we got a double serving of the modern American cult of death this last week. It was, all told, a disgusting meal.

Americans have politicized and commercialized death – perhaps to a degree not seen since Ancient Egypt.

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More on ghettos and refuges

by Nathan Barton

A few weeks ago, I suggested that ghettos can sometimes be refuges for people and businesses, when society (or the powers-that-be) is very much against the people, their business, or their products and practices. Yes, they can be traps, as well.  You are not always in a ghetto by choice, of course.

Thanks for lots of comments from various folks, named and unnamed. Published and not. Here are some further thoughts on the topic.

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Commentary #1400 – loss and vision

This is the fourteen-hundredth commentary published on The Price of Liberty, courtesy and the dedication and work of Susan Callaway, Mama Liberty.

It has only been a few weeks since we lost her after her tough fight with cancer.  There is a big hole in our hearts, our thoughts, our daily activities.  I even find myself avoiding the drive through Newcastle, knowing she’s not there anymore.

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