The corruption of government spreads

By Nathan Barton

“Power corrupts.  And absolute power corrupts absolutely.” – Lord Acton

Today, we take government corruption for granted. Indeed, government corruption has been a feature (NOT a defect) of government since Nimrod started his little empire in Mesopotamia 4,000 years ago or so.  Government has power, and therefore corruption. But it has, frankly, just gotten worse since then. AND a lot more pervasive, subtle, and harmful.

Today, at least here in the Fifty States, government doesn’t just corrupt itself and the other governments which infest our beautiful land of former liberty and bravery.  Government corruption is so ubiquitous and so bad that anything and anyone that comes in contact with it is corrupted by it as well.

And who, in these Fifty States today, does NOT come in contact with government at some time in some way? In trying to limit the power of government, we have created many levels and kinds. Adding up to a burden that is intolerable. Continue reading

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Who is in charge?

By Nathan Barton

Bear with me: this is going to start on a religious note, but we’ll soon get to the political and societal side of things.

More and more, as I study the Bible and religious matters, by myself and with others, I ask myself and others a very simple question.  “Who is in charge?”

Simple, but important.  Both in religion and in society and politics. Continue reading

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How wonderfully hypocritical

By Nathan Barton

Ari Armstong, a libertarian Republican in Colorado, just published his latest Colorado Freedom Report, discussing the response of the Colorado congressional delegation to the hot political fad of the month, trashing the Donald for the policy of separating parents and children when they jump the border.

He makes many excellent points, and the topic deserves more comment.
Continue reading

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Socialist Paradise adds yet another state to the list of prohibited destinations

By Nathan Barton

As reported by MSN, Chairman Jerry (Moonbeam) Brown continues to preside over the rapid deterioration of the People’s Republic.

‘A 2017 California law requires that its attorney general keeps a list of states subject to a state travel ban because of “laws that authorize or require discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression,” Becerra’s office said in a statement.

‘”California taxpayers are taking a stand against bigotry and in support of those who would be harmed by this prejudiced policy.” he said.

‘Oklahoma becomes the ninth state subject to the state-funded ban. Travel to Alabama, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee and Texas had previously been prohibited due to the 2017 law. ”

I am so glad that South Dakota is a banned destination: Oklahoma joins a select group of states that (at least somewhat) recognizes that true freedom of association involves a right to reject association: it is our choice whether or not to associate with, cooperate with, commune or fellowship with other people.  Whether it is in religion, business, family matters, or everyday activities.

Hopefully fewer people from California will come to South Dakota and try to push their moral opinion (which many of us brand as “immoral”) down our throats.  Ditto for Oklahoma. And the other states.  At the same time, hopefully Californians who believe in liberty – for others as well as themselves – will emigrate to South Dakota and other places, and help us counter the haters of liberty.

But that will not solve the problem.  Nor would the secession of California and its rapid decline into a third-world slime pit, creating an intolerable situation. One in which more and more people would demand a wall to keep Californians (and the flood of other migrants from around the world) from fleeing to Nevada, Oregon, or Arizona.  (Shucks, even Mexico might put up barriers, as they’ve done with Central America.)

Because we’d still be living under the thumb of DC.  We’d still be living in a land where black-robes can create “rights” out of thin air while denying real rights.  Where they can redefine words to mean whatever they want, and then use the power of guns to ram those down our throats. Where their posturing and pronouncements and slick, disgusting reasoning is supported by the occupants of the White House with very little question.  Whether they have (D) or (R) after their name.  Whatever their hair color.  Or their skin color. Or their supposed values.

Just like the black-robes and the arrogant money- and power-hungry members of the California Assembly – and the holier-than-thou resident of their governor’s mansion.  Whether that be a Schwarzennegger or a Brown – or even a Reagan.

The rest of the Fifty States are not that many steps behind the increasingly-socialist progressive paradise of California.  Indeed, it is a matter of degree and not kind. And many, like Colorado with its progressive laws, policies, commissions, and executive branch, are very close on California’s heels.  (And the black-robes refuse to take a stand for liberty, instead slapping the State of Colorado on the hands (gently!) for not being nice enough about kicking businesses in the teeth.)

So we see stupidity like travel bans, and kids getting busted for selling lemonade without a permission slip, and people harassed for having the wrong kind of medicine in their luggage.  And hundreds of other examples of the stupidity, arrogance, and just plain evil lurking in the hearts of politicians and bureaucrats, including the armed-thug bureaucrats.  And it will get worse and worse. Unless we stop it, by refusing to be their puppets, their billfolds, their sheep, their servants.

I don’t know if there are enough of us, yet, who are willing to say enough is enough.  But the number is growing daily.

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Things to do to keep from getting shot

By Nathan Barton

… and maybe killed.

A Baker’s Dozen ™ How not to die by shooting.

There are some very common sense ways to avoid dying (or just getting wounded) with guns, especially here in the Fifty States.  Here are just a few, which you can do without any agreement with anyone else, without permission from anyone else – especially the government.

I think they are a whole lot more useful than tweeting or posting Facebook messages, marching in rallies, or writing to newspapers or politicians.  None of those will help much, if at all – and may lead to a greater potential risk.

Keep in mind, that 99% of Americans – and virtually ALL of us who live in rural and frontier areas – are at very low risk of dying by gunshot.  We are much more likely to die in a car accident or by falls or drowning or in winter storms.

So here are thirteen ideas:

Continue reading

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How do we fight evil?

By Nathan Barton

You may have read this story recently: A national lemonade company is helping kids busted for illegal lemonade stands.
The Company is CountryTime. It is their response to a problem that has been around for years, but seems to either be getting worse or getting a lot more publicity.  In cities and counties all over the nation, cops and “code enforcement” officials are busting kids for “illegally” operating lemonade stands without benefit of their (government goons) permission.  Without business licenses and health official permits and inspections and without paying the fees.

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Does it matter?

By Nathan Barton

You may have seen this picture.

Apparently a lot of people have, thanks to the former 1600 PA squatter’s speechwriter Jon Favreau. He had shared the images on Twitter, mistakenly believing they were taken during Donald Trump’s presidency, and attacking the Trump administration for inhuman treatment of immigrant children.

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