By Nathan Barton

A recent article in Reason Magazine Online is headlined, “Christians Started the Wedding Wars.”  The article, overall, is actually pretty good in addressing the way that Tranzis, especially associated with the Democrat Party and proud to be “Progressives” and “Liberals” (neo-Liberals), are trying to suppress freedom of speech and expression in the name of the “rights” of various groups (in this particular case homosexuals who want to “marry”) to be accommodated and affirmed in their beliefs and practices.

And rightly, Reason and Stephanie Slade (the author) compare this to the FedGov war against the LDS in the last half of the 19th Century and beginning of the 20th; the Morrill Act and other crimes against “Mormons” (members of the LDS church).  And (mostly) her history is accurate.

But where she is wrong is to blame “Christians” (here I use her upper-case version, which is not something I agree with, but a separate issue) for either starting or prosecuting the “marriage” wars now being waged regarding whether or not marriage can include same-sex couples, polyamorous groups, human-animal or human-machine “unions” and so forth. Continue reading

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It is NOT about “helping people”

By Nathan Barton

I heard it on the radio, and the New York Daily News is very excited about it, and how it shows all rich people are not evil, greedy, heartless monsters.

It seems that eighty of New York’s upper class have written the NY State governor and legislators telling them that they and other wealthy New Yorkers ought to pay more taxes; 2 billion dollars more, in fact, to do their “fair share” to “support schools, roads, bridges and programs to help poor and homeless residents of the state.”  The names include Soros, a Rockefeller (not the one who just died), and a Disney.

It is, of course, utter nonsense; the elite trying to continue to be parasites on society.  I am certainly not one of their elevated status (people who live in the Empire State, that paradise deluxe, and make $650,000 a year or more), but even if I were, this strikes me as an example of their arrogance and selfishness. Continue reading

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Is this aggression? Do we need government to protect us from this?

By Nathan Barton

A recent story states that a Dallas-area media reporter-writer has gotten the FBI to arrest a man in Maryland for sending him a tweet that triggered a epileptic seizure, which was a known hazard for the journalist.  The Dallas News reports that Eichenwald’s attorney compared the incident to mailing a bomb or an envelope with anthrax spores to someone. The federal charges are “cyberstalking.”

Based on the reports of evidence supposedly gathered from the accused stalker’s on-line records, it appears to be an actual attempt to do harm to the Dallas reporter/commentator.  Eichenwald claims that forty people sent him strobes after they discovered that strobe lights could trigger seizures.

Knowing very little about this, I don’t know whether or not you have to open a tweet in order to see something that clearly is more than a few words  (the infamous 140-character with spaces protocol).  Can you send videos?  A still photo could not (as far as I know) produce a strobe effect.  (Apparently you CAN send videos, according to CNN – if you believe CNN.) But I suspect that you have to turn on the video when you receive it. Continue reading

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Whinging or soliciting help? The pitiful state of public broadcasting

By Nathan Barton

I just received this e-mail from Friends of South Dakota Public Broadcasting, the local affiliate of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) and National Public Radio (NPR) and all the other “public media” that the folks over at Freedom Net Daily like to refer to as the “American State Media.”  Here it is, except for pictures (I’ve stripped all the formatting out):

In a time of uncertainty, it’s up to all of us to protect what matters most.

Friends of SDPB relies on contributions from members like you to support the quality programming you enjoy each day. But today we’re not asking for your money. Instead, we need your voice!
With the call for the elimination of federal funding of Public Broadcasting, we’re counting even more heavily on loyal members like you to help protect and strengthen the future of SDPB. How? Visit Sign the online petition to let your representatives know that you support public broadcasting and value the programs and services that it provides. Continue reading

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How much more pitiful can these people get?

by Nathan Barton

The advocates for manmade global warming are indeed worthy of pity as they humiliate themselves with more and more outrageous and pathetic claims about the horrors of global warming, even as their past claims and predictions are proven to be as bogus as their so-called science.

The latest?  Claims by an archaeologist and her colleagues, digging in the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming, that global warming causes mammals to shrink.  PBS enthusiastically reports this latest danger, and other mainstream media take the story and run with it, like the Mercury News.  That rag’s headline talks about horses shrinking to the size of cats (house cats, not the big ones).  (Of course, in the Mercury News, the headline writer is even more stupid than the writer of the article: the “cat-size” horses from (supposedly) 54 million years ago just shrank down from “dog size.”  And no discussion of what KIND of dog: Great Dane or Chihuahua?)

The science in these stories and the theory (and here, I slight the concept of “theory”) – the hypothesis – that they report is so incredibly bad that I suspect ancient Mesopotamian astrologers had a better grasp of “science” than these in the media, or their “scientist” sources do. Continue reading

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Space: the ultimate war zone

By Nathan Barton

Some more people are waking up to the potential of space, for commerce and war if not for liberty.

As reported by, Elon Musk announced that SpaceX plans to fly two people around Luna by the end of 2018, a private, commercial, tourist trip that will have as little as possible to do with government.

It is probably not that much more government involvement than a private road trip in your crossover from New York to LA would involve.  That SUV or any vehicle, had to meet thousands and thousands of government regulations to be designed, built, and sold.  You have to have registration and license plates and probably emissions and safety tests.  You will be driving on government-built and -funded, and government-controlled, highways.  You have to have permission from a government to drive the vehicle. I suspect that Falcon Heavy and Dragon spacecraft won’t have many more regs controlling it for that 600,000 mile trip than you might for the 6,000-mile cross-country excursion.

That is neat. Continue reading

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When will the Fifty States break up?

By Nathan Barton

It is not a matter of “if” the formerly united States of America will break up into two, three, five, a dozen, or even fifty or more independent states, but when.  Just as has been the case for nations and empires since the creation of the world, the USA will crack up, split up, and either have parts taken over by other countries, or form “new countries” from the pieces.

It may be the Polish model, where all the neighbors dice and slice and digest the various chunks, usually a small part at a time.  Or it may be the Roman model where the big chunks fight each other for the juicy bits in easy reach of them all, while the jackals nibble on the fringes.  Or it may be the British model where the various pieces are “voluntarily” allowed to go their own way, while the core gets smaller and smaller (and more and more arrogant, all too often).  Or the Soviet model of the core imploding and everyone abandoning the sinking ship.  Or the Spanish model of larger groups of colonies rebelling and then shattering again and again.

But whichever model it follows (or even if it creates its own unique version), the United States is doomed.  Has been doomed.  Since its beginning.  Nothing human lasts forever.  It all ultimately falls apart, decays, deteriorates, and crashes into the dustbin of history.  It isn’t just the big nasty evil empires that go away, like Assyria and Egypt and Persia, nor just the small countries like Judah and Israel, those little Italian city-states, or the bishoprics and margravates of Germany. Or Irish kingdoms. Or, even, AmerIndian tribes. Continue reading

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