Foreign policy – joke or serious?

The current squatter at 1600 PA might go down in history for his seemingly most-spoken phrase, “I’m not joking.” Neither are were here at TPOL. But regardless of what he’s saying, the actions of the government he nominally heads definitely are a joke. A big joke.

In this week’s column, Dr. Ron Paul (talking about Iraq, Iran, and Syria) states that American foreign policy has a perfect track record of 100% failure.

Allow us here at TPOL to disagree slightly with the good doctor: it is not just neocon foreign policy, it is American foreign policy as directed by the entire political matrix in power. Liberal, progressive, conservative, neoconservative: all of it has demonstrated an unenviable record of zero success in foreign affairs. At least in the last 50-60 years.

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America’s true primary monopoly?

Over the past 130 or so years, a LOT of American politicians, both Demo and GOP, have made a name for themselves in trustbusting and anti-monopoly stands and legislation.

Since the time of the semi-deified Teddy Roosevelt, virtually every president and Congress have supposedly sought to control the evil corporations which over the years have held monopolies on goods and services. Therefore robbing the American people of freedom of choice in what we buy and whom we buy it from.

The result has been less than spectacular. Even though government has constantly touted its successes. Steel, meatpacking, oil, railroads, telecommunications, weaponry, electronics, and many more have been broken up. Hundreds of mergers of companies have been prohibited. Billions of dollars have been spent and wasted complying with the various regulations and requirements, and the costs of actually breaking up these trusts, cartels, and monopolies.

Yet, today many observers note that monopolies and near-monopolies do not just continue to exist and be developed. They seem to be more powerful, more impactful on the economy and the American people.

Although that is not the primary subject of this commentary, it nevertheless touches on our topic for today: the incredible and truly profound and predominant monopoly in the American economy. And in American society.


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Nashville and Uvalde

As we discussed yesterday, there is a lot that we can (and MUST) learn from school murders. And based on initial reports, at least there was some learning on the part of the Nashville cops (the MNPD) and Covenant School, as regards trying to protect children.

Yet they failed, at least to some degree. Some, because there could have been many more dead children and school staff. Nashville’s “finest” did not repeat the serious, fatal errors of the idiots in Uvalde, or those a long time ago at Columbine, Colorado. They responded and ran to the sound of the guns. And they dealt with the mad… mad-it, in the most direct way: they killed it. But only after the monster had killed six people. They didn’t get there in time.

Photo and text from Oleg Volk

The staff and leadership of Covenant Presbyterian Church and their Academy also seems to have learned something, but not enough. Definitely not enough. Oh, they locked the doors. They apparently had some kind of a plan to respond. And they had courageous adults – staff – willing to act and give their lives for the children. We should and do honor them for what they did.

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Nashville, Uvalde and before – truth revealed?

Publisher’s note: As we await more information about the tragedy on Monday, 27 March 2022, in Nashville, we look back at the last school shooting, in Texas. There, much of the death was the direct result of government-run tax-funded “public” schools and self-serving, even cowardly and incompetent cops. Nashville, as we’ll discuss in the next commentary, was different. But we can learn lessons from both. And we NEED to learn.

 I learned something important from armed school volunteers. Consider this observation by a man promoting arming teachers, school staff, and volunteers:

They knew that moving toward the sound of gunfire was dangerous. They knew that the situation would probably be resolved before the police arrived. They also knew that a policeman they didn’t know might respond to the scene. These teachers knew they might get shot by an officer who was unfamiliar with the school and its staff. These teachers accepted that they might not see their children again.

They accepted that they might be killed because they knew their students and friends would be safe. They knew that an immediate defense might be imperfect, but it was the best option to save innocent lives. They were going to move toward the sound of gunfire and the results don’t have to be perfect as long as their kids are safe.

The problem with this?

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Remember this? Is it going to happen again?

This photo was taken just three years ago, on 20 March 2020, in a Northern Great Plains city.

Bread and pastry shelves

Meat shelves (beef, pork, lamb) – the stuff in the bottom right is fake meat products.

This city is in the heart of beef, lamb and wheat production: vast farms and ranches. And only 300 miles from huge pork- and corn-producing areas. In states with large fryer chicken raising.

This was, of course, under the regime of The Donald. He bought into the Pandemic Panic, and all but totally shut down the American economy.

This apparently is what the present regime of Uncle Joe and his merry gangsters want to bring back. with the full cooperation and participation of the Woke banking/financial and other Tranzi thugs. And of course, Congress.

How? Lots of ways.

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Worldview roulette?

A lot more people are supposedly dying than are supposed to. These are
called “early deaths.” They include children, adults (both young and
old), and even gangbangers. They may be the next scarecrow to frighten the
populace into loving government more. And obeying the elite more.

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Death from above

Government officials and politicians delight in finding reasons for all of us to be fearful.

While there are many reasons for this, perhaps the major (generally unspoken) reason is that fear causes people to seek a savior – a man on a white horse. And government is always up for playing that role. Most of our readers understand this: they really ain’t such a thing, but they love playing one on television!

Anyway, one of the latest reasons we are to fear is seen in this picture. Asteroids!

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Unacceptable facts about government

In facing today’s myriad problems (“challenges”) far too many of us think “if we just had a better society,” or “if we just could force people to be better.” Or even, “if we just had a better government,…” “IF” one or the other things could be done, we’d have fewer (or no) problems. Life would be a paradise. (Or at least much less of a hellhole.)

This idea is built on lies. Lies because the facts are not taught, not understood, and not acceptable for most people.

Why are these facts that are so unacceptable to so many people? We are filled with lies by public schools, by relatives, by neighbors, by authorities, from an early age. We are also made fearful by those same people and media and others. We fear that government is essential to protect people and things we hold dear. That society and culture are built around governments and dependent on them. And that God established governments.

These things are lies.

Although many profess to love liberty, they seem to act, to behave, otherwise. Because they believe these lies.

But the plain facts of history are clear:

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Banks, politicians, and lies

Once again, his puppet masters are having Uncle Joe lie and lie and lie. After all the bank drama in the last week, do you remember this?

In his State of the Union speech grand lie, Uncle Joe told us, “Our economy grew at a rate of 5.7% last year, the strongest growth in nearly 40 years.”

Right. With inflation both insanely under-reported and increasing daily, with supply chain collapse stopping work, with more and more people feeding on the taxpayer’s teat? Those were the second and third largest bank failures in American history, and not just due to inflation.

That’s crazy. Banks don’t fail in strong economies if the banks are well-run. As we at TPOL have pointed out before. Conclusion? One or the other or both: the economy and the banks are weaker than we were told.

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Open season on political corruption? Or corrupt politicos?

Looking at headlines in the last several weeks, there seem to be multiple situations in which action may finally be underway to address political corruption. Even to tackle various politicians who are generally assumed (or loudly claimed) to be corrupt.

The Donald (as I write this on 18 MAR 23) is figuring he is going to be arrrested on Tuesday by police in NY – in what can be viewed as political corruption. A US House committee has presented evidence that CCP-owned companies paid out millions of dollars to the immediate Biden family during then-VP Joe’s time in office. Both the US House and the FBI are investigating lying scumbag George Santos for various acts of corruption. There are many more.

It should be a libertarian’s dream, to see politicians, both in and out of office, held accountable for at least some of the crimes they have allegedly committed. Both before and to get into office, while in office, and even out of office. This is at best scratching the surface BUT it is a start.

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