A new Greater East Asian war?

In the last commentary, we looked at what has been screamed and done in the past few weeks around Taiwan, China, Australia and that region.

So why is everyone in the Western Pacific/East Asia area pushing so hard that war is a concern?

Sea lanes, the world economy, internal Chinese tensions, geopolitics and demography. Read on to see what fun is going on!

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China-Taiwan war at hand?

Well, according to a Taiwanese government official, speaking to Australian media, it is imminent. With nearly daily flyovers into Taiwanese airspace – no NOT just the Taiwanese air defense identification zone – the People’s Liberation Army’s air force seems determined to push the confrontation with the Taiwanese, Americans, Japanese, Filipinos, and Indonesians, while the People’s Liberation Army’ Navy ramps up efforts to heavily fortify more and more “liberated” islands in the vast expanse of sea which China claims. Recently even the Taiwanese President warned of China’s immediate threat, as reported in Vision Times.

It is both actions as well as loud voices and threats – and not just from the Chinese Communist Party’s media arm. Chinese government officials are also being loud and brash. And they love to make threats.

So, will these threats and actions lead to actual war? Read on.

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Zukumpft Reich Australia?

Is this the future for the once proud, rebellious people of the Dominion of Australia? The NEAR future?

Artists impression of the Wellcamp quarantine facility, showing rows of cabins.
Concept of an Australian “quarantine camp” near Toowoomba, 1000-“bed” capacity. (By the way, note the indications that they are making it easy to expand.)
WHII Blue Class 4 2015-16 - Mr. Laredo's Classroom
WW2 Photograph of Birkenau “Arbeitslager” (Work Camp), Poland (Unlike the Australian concept, the buildings’ uses are labeled.)

A similarity of appearance is merely coincidental. Australia is VERY different from the Third Reich. Very few people speak German, there are few Jews, and the current Australian leader does not have a mustache. (Really.)

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The corruption of politics: a recent example

Some of our readers may have seen this a few weeks ago. I realize it ties in with some of the recent commentaries posted here on The Price of Liberty.

From Tom Woods posting, 28AUG2021

As I understand it, this young lady (Rebecca) is both chair of the Manhattan branch of the Libertarian Party AND the personal assistant of the well-known John Stossel. Stossel is known as a libertarian advocate, if of the minarchist persuasion.

I know nothing about her but this tidbit.

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Politicians’ disease

Politics is dirty.

At the same time, to many people, politics seems as essential to human life as taking a poop. Which is pretty dirty, after all. Or having sex, which all things considered (and however big a deal people make about it) is pretty nasty too.

But in a lot of ways, politics is worse. Much worse. It seems like someone taking a dump and then rolling around in the excrement. Or picking it up and chasing down people to smear them with it – against their will.

Sorry if I’m disgusting readers right now. But you will be able to see my point here soon.

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He pled guilty

Just now listened to the news, and Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller pled guilty, ending his court martial (except for sentencing).

Listening to the charges, and knowing somewhat of the specifications of those charges, I believe that he felt he had little choice, except possibly the charge of “conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentlemen.” After all, he really did do all those things.

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Is a “modern” civil war coming to the Fifty States?

Editor’s note: As part of The Price of Liberty’s continuing discussion of the past “civil war” (War between the States) and the possibility of a civil war in the Fifty States, a brief piece of fiction (short story) is posted to TPOL here. Remember that rebellions, civil wars or wars between brothers are very often much much nastier than external wars.

Execution of “Republicans” during another country’s civil war

Americans are constantly fighting other Americans. At home, in businesses, on the street, and elsewhere. The fights may include “guests” in the Fifty States, such as border jumpers, folks with green cards, and even tourists. We are NOT a peaceful people.

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The extreme accusations of racism and sexism, past and present

[Publisher’s note: Today (Tuesday, 12 October) is the “traditional” Columbus Day, honoring the man traditionally credited with the “discovery” of the Americas. An error long taught correctly, but like Confederate statues and battle flags, and Christmas, an annual opportunity to beat the drums of political correctness and other tools of enemies of liberty. Hence this commentary.]

The enemies of liberty are exerting a seemingly ever-increasing effort to wipe out more and more personal liberty. A key part of that seems to be an effort to erase history. As a result, we find more and more examples of extreme accusations and actions. Among their tactics? Reach back decades (or even centuries) to condemn actions and ideas which are (in modern politically-correct thought) wrong. Evil. Racist, Sexist. Promoting white supremacy and bigotry. And not just condemn (which we must understand that many actions DO deserve), but erase them from memory. Not just the memory of the general public, but the memory of the supposed guardians of civilization and culture.

The result is likely to again demonstrate George Santayana’s famous observation:

Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness. When change is absolute there remains no being to improve and no direction is set for possible improvement: and when experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

Vol. I, Reason in Common Sense by George Santayana
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Technology for liberty 3 – Firearms and not-firearms

This news appeared a few days ago in Field & Steam: GOEX black powder may disappear because Hodgdon is shutting down its sole plant. To quote the article:

“Given the fact that GOEX black powder is generally regarded as the best black powder currently made, its disappearance will be a terrible thing. Fortunately, there are a few other manufactures of black powder that are still in business. And, if you are of the resourceful, pioneering, or prepper nature, you can make your own black powder. Just be careful you don’t blow up your kitchen—actions like that tend to unsettle the neighbors and local authorities.”

The Girandoni Rifle – Please read on!

I want to touch on this – not many of us use black-powder weapons, whether muzzle-loaders or classic cap and ball (or even early cartridge) pistols. BUT not from where (I hope) the readers expect.

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Technology for liberty 2 – satellite cellular

After discussing distributed grid cellular and internet communications in a local area, the natural question is “how do we communicate over larger distances?”

We’ve had “satellite cellular” phones for decades – a standard ploy in action movies and books. IF you have a thousand FRNs a month to spend on a subscription and $10,000 to buy the phone – every couple of years. And of course, a backpack (add THAT to your bugout bag!) to carry it in.

But we are now looking at something much different – and better.

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