If all you have is a hammer, everything must be a nail

I’m sure you’ve heard – even said – some version of this commentary’s headline.

Today, the Social Justice “Warriors” (SJW) – best known as enemies of liberty – try to prove the truth of that saying every day.

Consider this recent article in The Guardian, that stalwart of British (Imperial and Socialist) Journalism. “Food injustice has deep roots: let’s start with America’s apple pie,” proclaims activist Raj Patel’s headline. (Hmm, hard to think of a more imperialist name, eh? Admittedly, probably his parents chose it for him.)

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The “Daily Fear”

In his novel 1984, Orwell’s Ingsoc had the Daily Hate. This was a period where emotionalism was whipped up by the people’s puppeteers, against whomever was the enemy at home and abroad. Which of course encouraged abject obedience, mind-numbing repetition, loyalty to their masters, and more.

Today, in the Biden regime, Uncle Joe himself seems to be encouraging not just emotionalism about every issue, but a complete lack of facts, consistency, and logic.

I call it the Daily Fear, but we could call it the Daily Threat, or the Daily Specter, or just plain stupid.

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Salt losing its savor and more problems

Way back in the day (1998) the Foundation for Economic Education, a premiere organization and website supporting liberty, had an article about that very thing: salt losing its savor. It discussed the way unions are treated by government agencies (like the National Labor Relations Board and the Courts) as “more equal than all the other equal animals.” For one company to “salt” another company’s staff with its own agents is industrial espionage and illegal and strongly condemned, but a union using the same idea to sabotage a non-union firm is not just acceptable, but supported, by government.

Salt of the Earth | Disciples | Torah Portions

But unionizing is not the ONLY example of this sort of “do as I say, not as I do” stupidity. Lets look at a few examples.

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Drinking the Koolaid

According to recent reports, finally after 15 months a “majority” of Americans think that we can go back to life as normal after the Pandemic Panic. Specifically, that we do NOT need to stay home as much as possible and minimize contact with others.

But apparently there is a big exception. Supposedly, 71% of people who self-identify as Democrats – 71%! – believe that we must continue to stay at home as much as possible, for fear of getting or giving COVID-19 to others.

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Beer flu, pandemic panic, and the police power

We are now fifteen months into the Pandemic Panic, and the greatest expansion of the police power of state and local governments in American history. Why? Not because of any disease, but because of this:


This is what the governors, the State legislatures, the mayors, the city and town councils, the county commissions, and especially the staffs – the officials – of all these governments and their health and police and every other agency believe.

Even though it is wrong. Very wrong. And immoral.

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When do protests become aggression? When do protests become riots? Is this good or bad?

Summer is here. We are already full swing into construction season. And Minneapolis just demonstrated that protest season is here too, and in many cities, just around the corner. Looks like a hot one again this year, in both ways.

One of the ways in which society can collapse, at least temporarily and locally, is when protests and/or riots shut down normal activities. Whether it impacts only a small part of an urban area or an extensive zone, these things can be highly disruptive. Let’s look at them in a bit of detail.

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Will we ever have a world in which race does not matter?

More and more people seek to tear apart the Fifty States – virtually every major city and many smaller ones – in order to “fight” racism. As they do so, let us for a moment believe their screams of anger: they want to end racism. That is, they want a city, a state, an empire, a universe, in which race does not matter. That everyone is treated equally regardless of your… your what? According to the Oxford Dictionary, “membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginal.” Racial? “Relating to the major groupings into which humankind is sometimes divided on the basis of physical characteristics or shared ancestry.” Today, that can be your skin color, your hair color, the shape of your eyes, the shape of your nose and lips, even what sex organs you have. It can also be your native or ancestral language, your religion, and many other things.

Hmmm. Can we destroy racism? Can we have all aspects of racism disappear from these Fifty States? Or the world? Can we have a world in which all these differences do not matter to anyone? Or at least one in which no actions are made based on racism?

Can that be done?

I don’t think so.

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The evil that is “police power” in these States

In the last year, we have seen increasing calls – some perhaps strongly justified – for the abolition of police across the Fifty States. Some local jurisdictions have, at least in essence, done so, or make it their public policy to do so.

But none of these appeals and demands actually get to the root of the problem. No, it is NOT police abuse, it is NOT killing of innocents by police, it is NOT racism or sexism or colonialism or imperialism.

It is “police power.”

That does NOT mean that the police (uniformed, undercover, secret, etc.) have power – or even that they have too much power. It is NOT the power of cop to stop you at any time, demand your identification, arrest and detain you, or even pull out a gun and blow your brains out.

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Paying the piper locally

Paying the Piper: The failures of local government in the Fifty States is more and more clear as the 21st Century progresses. And it is the inhabitants of their lands that are paying the piper for these failures.

Local government in these States is, at best, a failure.  At worst it is far, far worse than the vicious horror that is State and Federal government in 2021. And perhaps worse than at anytime in mainstream history of North America.

And their failures – again and again and again – are intolerable.

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Memorial Day – the Price of NO Liberty

Belatedly on this Memorial Day, last day of May, 2021, let us reflect just a wee bit.

As millions spend this day in ceremonies and visits to gravesides and memorials to honor certain dead people – and millions more spend this day in rest, relaxation, binge watching, sports (watching or playing), stuffing themselves and blowing off work.

Consider specifically, that many people REFUSE to honor these dead for various reasons. Here are some of those reasons: those men and women went to fight and die for various causes that are despicable in the eyes of many.

Before we look at the list, let me state, one way or another, the people for which this day was established paid the price OF NO LIBERTY – they died, regardless of their cause, because that was the price of them having no liberty, their society having no liberty. Or their enemy having none. Or both.

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