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Counting our blessings here in the States

With the beginning of a new year, Anno Domini 2023, although still in Anno Liberatis 246, we should pause and think about all our blessings. All the many ways 330 million of us, for the most part, enjoy things in … Continue reading

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Pollution and a young, surprisingly stable planet

Warning – what follows ain’t rocket science, but it is a wee bit complicated now and then. Don’t try to share with people you know are mentally challenged and buy whatever the media spews at them, unless you have the … Continue reading

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The dangers of math illiteracy

The other day, I listened and watched as my wife (a management analyst by profession, specializing in solid waste management) taught a woman in her thirties – an intelligent woman – how to calculate interest rates and loan payments. Things … Continue reading

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Military threats to the Fifty States: A nuclear attack

By Nathan Barton Back in the early 1970s, during one of the periodic flare-ups of tension in the Cold War, Reader’s Digest published a scare story. The major threat in the public eye at the time was Soviet ICBMs and … Continue reading

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