By what legitimate authority?

In the course of conversations about many of the high profile incidents being used to further the efforts of politicians and socialists of all stripes, especially the gun grabbers, the thing that came to my mind over and over was the question: by what authority? Why do so many people assume, or even enthusiastically agree with the idea that politicians, bureaucrats and “law enforcement” entities and personalities have some absolute and undeniable authority to do whatever it is they do, and to force that on all the rest of us who do not agree with their plans.

We went on to discuss the idea of these incidents being instigated, planned and carried out by government agents to further this “authority.” And then, of course, we came to “conspiracy” theories and whether or not these events really happened or were merely used to further the goals of the “authorities.”

And it seems fairly obvious to me that there is not a cut and dried answer. I’m sure there are elements of “conspiracy” in many of them. Opportunistic use of events and personalities involved, manipulation of the facts and all the government/media spin and speculation, as well as the gullible nature of those absorbing the information, confuses that issue badly.

There definitely seems to be a plan, and a goal

Not a “conspiracy.” A pogrom.

Only instead of “Jews,” this time it is independent thinkers, productive people who would rather not be robbed, those who can and will defend themselves and their communities. Free people of all kinds. And if we are too afraid of being seen as “conspiracy nuts,” I guess the pogrom, once again, will be a success.  But I don’t really think that challenging the “official story” of these atrocities is the central need. “Conspiracy” is too pat. There’s just so much more to it than that.

The question not being asked by most of us is: By what legitimate authority? How does anyone legitimately gain authority to control the lives and choices of other people against their will?

Did you ever ask a politician, a gun grabber, a public school teacher, a bureaucrat… “By what legitimate authority do you demand, order, enforce, do these things?”

I have. Most, of course, cite the “constitution” and/or “the rule of law.” I then ask them how those things can confer LEGITIMATE authority. Where does legitimate authority over people’s lives and property originate?

So far, NONE of them can answer that, and most become extremely angry when questioned at all. Yet I would think that is the most important question we can ask.

And it’s the most important question we can ask ourselves. Do we own our lives, or have we given our sovereign and natural authority over ourselves to the rulers and politicians?

Those who have freely consented to be controlled by the constitution and the layers of ruling class and bureaucracy it created do not need my permission or my blessing. They are free to do so. The problem is that they feel equally or even especially free to impose that on me, even though I have NOT consented to be so ruled. By their own words, they must have the “consent of the governed,” but not one of them is willing to entertain the fact that not consenting -simply opting out – is possible.

Ask the question. Ask yourself first. Act accordingly.

The Most Dangerous Superstition
By Larken Rose

“The root cause of most of society’s ills–the main source of man’s inhumanity to man–is neither malice nor negligence, but a mere superstition–an unquestioned assumption which has been accepted on faith by nearly everyone, of all ages, races, religions, education and income levels. If people were to recognize that one belief for what it is–an utterly irrational, self-contradictory, and horribly destructive myth–most of the violence, oppression and injustice in the world would cease. But that will happen only when people dare to honestly and objectively re-examine their belief systems.”

By what legitimate authority do these people control YOUR life and property, and why would you want them to control mine as well as yours?

Get the book. Read it. Think about it, then share it with everyone possible. Until that evil superstition is eliminated, or at least challenged sufficiently, the power addicts will continue to dominate our society.

Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.
C. S. Lewis
English essayist & juvenile novelist (1898 – 1963)

15 Responses to By what legitimate authority?

  1. Mrs. Oldstyle says:

    Woodrow Wilson said, “We want one class to have a liberal education. We want another class, a very much larger class of necessity, to forgo the privilege of a liberal education and fit themselves to perform specific difficult manual tasks.” The destruction of independent thinkers has been ongoing for a long time and not in secret. So, no one should think your premise is some kind of conspiracy theory.


  2. bogbeagle says:

    IMO … “authority” means to have YOUR body act according to the will of another person. In short, when authority is exercised, you dance to another man’s tune.

    There are only 3 ways to do that.

    1. … By Consent; that is, with your agreement.

    2 … By Force.

    3 … By Deception.

    AFAICS, there is no fourth way.

    Even the laws of the State recognise that there is crime involved in the use of Force (in the absence of self-defense). We used to call it Slavery.

    Similarly, Deception (specifically, fraud) is held to be criminal.

    Which means that the ONLY legitimate way to exercise authority over another human, is with their Consent. This is the essence of Contract. And, it’s why the path to peaceful relationships is paved with Trade.

    For many decades, Western Govts have constructed the myth of Consensus … ably abetted by the media (deceivers) and the Police (heavy mob). The Internet is blowing great holes in this supposed Consensus, largely by revealing the Deception.

    This leaves the State with but one means by which to maintain its power. That means is Force.

    I never met a Man who reacted favourably to being Forced. If the powers-that-be cannot regain control over the narrative, there’s gonna be trouble. Not just in America, but world-wide.


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  6. M.P. says:

    Hi Mama!

    I just thought I would send a link to my story. The following is just one example of what happens when a mere mundane questions authority.

    Unfortunately, my story is far from unique and is becoming more and more routine on a daily basis. I just wish more people would wake from their stupor to understand what is happening to them and all around them before it is too late (maybe it already is).



    • MamaLiberty says:

      That’s sad, and I’m so sorry for your loss.


      • M.P. says:

        Thank you for your condolences. My only consolations are that I will see my baby girl again when I make it to heaven and I still have the love of my living daughter that gives me strength to carry on, hard as it may be.


  7. Dawn King says:

    Could I please get a copy of “The Man I Might Have Saved?”

    Many thanks in advance!



  8. smitty says:

    I too, thought of Spooner as I read this.

    These days, consent seems to have become a concept of the herd: that the consent, or at least go-along-to-get-along, of the majority with regard to the governing authority, by implication applies also to those of us who don’t agree…

    I skimmed this site but found no reference to the book mentioned in the first comment.

    Where may I find out about it?




  9. Lynn Atherton Bloxham says:

    I keep thinking of Lysander Spooner and how wise he was. Then he was almost ” lost” for so many years. Robert LeFevre was the first person in heard mention Spooner in 1967. Blew me away. Several of us spent the night keeping the poor man awake, talking about the “Constitution of No Authority.” What I look back and also remember is that though reasoning it out, nevertheless, it took months before I began to grasp the implications. So it is important that we grit our teeth and have patience with these people who are so sound asleep. Maybe just one incident will suddenly awaken them and get them asking questions. Hopefully!
    I would very much like your book. Is it a download or mailed?
    Been a busy month as I am learning morePphysical Therapy to do with my husband and though he does the exercises, I am just as tired!


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Thanks for writing! I edited your message to remove the address. The booklet is on the way through cyberspace.


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