Book Review: Basics of Resistance

Review by MamaLiberty

Basics of Resistance: The Practical Freedomista, Book I
By Claire Wolfe and Kit Perez

Have you ever dreamed of (or indulged in) resistance to the growing and destructive control of the non-voluntary government? Did you ever wish you could tap into the knowledge and experience of those who have done so?

Well, here’s your golden opportunity.

Don’t expect to find absolute recipes you can simply slip into like good shoes, however. The key points are solidly presented so that you can find what works for you, and help you organize (or not) in ways that increase your effectiveness and safety while you resist.

This book is so packed with good things that it’s not going to be possible to even mention most of them, but I came away with some gems that apply to almost everything we do in life, especially those who wish to tweak the noses of our would-be overlords in the involuntary government.

First has to be this: Know yourself (and others, human nature). Take a careful inventory of your strengths, weaknesses, intentions. Stretch your perceptions and understand the possible consequences of your choices and actions. Are you prepared to pay the cost?

Second is the vital importance of planning. Knowing what you know, and being aware of what you don’t know. Being willing to learn, to be part of a team if necessary. Or willing to stick your neck out all alone… the possibilities are almost endless. But if you don’t plan wisely, you have automatically planned to fail.

And third, but not exclusive, is all of the solid information needed to form or join resistance groups, how to secure your privacy and how to build effective organizations with special emphasis on the cell of three system.

Not all (in fact, almost no) resistance requires James Bond skills or tools. Simple quiet non-compliance is a powerful resistance tool. But the other possibilities are almost endless, and most of us have never even considered them.

Get this book and start to contemplate where and how you fit into the picture. Even though I’ve been a freedom activist for at least 50 years, I didn’t know or understand a lot of what is presented in this little book. So, no matter how old or experienced you are, there is certainly something good to learn from it.

Well written, wonderfully organized and clear presentation, something for nearly every freedom activist.

Available at Kindle version taking 99 cent pre-orders to be delivered April 19, print on demand paperback already for sale. If you want to purchase the book via Claire’s associate link, you’ll have to go to her blog and use the link there. More information and updates available at Practical

Do it now, before you forget. Get ready to monkey wrench or tweak government noses effectively and (relatively) safely – or prepare to support and encourage others who will.

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