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The Resistance or the “Submission?”

By Nathan Barton The news and talk shows recently have been filled with reports of the continuing efforts to deny the legitimacy of the Trump regime, to portray Trump, his subordinates, and his supporters as this bizarre mixture of stupid, … Continue reading

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More “Borg” Thinking

By MamaLiberty More BORG thinking and rationalization. It’s not elites vs. populists. It’s cities vs. the countryside. “In the low-density and underdeveloped countryside, people live in much closer proximity to nature, surrounded by forces human beings only marginally control. In … Continue reading

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Follow up to Creeping Totalitarianism

By Nathan Barton A few additional thoughts on the long, sordid history of fascism and totalitarianism in the Fifty States, after my recent column. First, let me point out that the inevitable destiny of government (involuntary, human government) is totalitarianism. … Continue reading

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Creeping totalitarianism

By Nathan Barton I recently received three political quotes across my desktop. They are worth sharing. “You don’t have to scratch liberalism very deeply to find socialism underneath, nor socialism to find authoritarianism underneath.” — Don Luskin, (1954 -) American … Continue reading

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