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A Baker’s Dozen: Ways to get people angry at you (politically)

By Nathan Barton In 2019, we see more and more ways that either Progressives (Regressives, especially Tranzis) or Conservatives can come unglued at what we say or do.  Here are a few I came up with from recent news and … Continue reading

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A baker’s dozen ™: Teach a child to use a knife

By Nathan Barton Along with clinging to guns and our Bibles, many American lovers of liberty have a lifetime love of, and use of, knives.

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Things to do to keep from getting shot

By Nathan Barton … and maybe killed. A Baker’s Dozen ™ How not to die by shooting. There are some very common sense ways to avoid dying (or just getting wounded) with guns, especially here in the Fifty States.  Here … Continue reading

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A baker’s dozen ™ dealing with school murders

By Nathan Barton A Baker’s Dozen ™ Actions to Prevent, Mitigate, and Prevent Armed Attacks on Schools in The Fifty States There are constant screams about “banning guns” and raising the age, increasing screening of gun-buyers, and many other measures … Continue reading

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A Baker’s Dozen ™ Items in your auto first aid kit

By Nathan Barton I recently shared ideas for things to carry in your automobile.  One of those was a first aid kit.  But what should be in that kit?  Here, Mama Liberty and I propose the thirteen most useful things … Continue reading

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A triple Baker’s Dozen ™ – Carrying things in your automobile

By Nathan Barton Are we really responsible for our own safety, daily actions?  Or do we depend on others – especially government – to make up for our lack of thought, planning, and preparation? Consider traveling by auto, by car … Continue reading

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Baker’s Dozen ™ – Markers of a truly free society

By Nathan Barton As we lovers of liberty try to identify whether or not our society is gaining or losing liberty and freedom, we should consider what the characteristics of a society which enjoys real liberty are. Here is a … Continue reading

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