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A Baker’s Dozen ™ Items in your auto first aid kit

By Nathan Barton I recently shared ideas for things to carry in your automobile.  One of those was a first aid kit.  But what should be in that kit?  Here, Mama Liberty and I propose the thirteen most useful things … Continue reading

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Lies and more lies: Ohio State “Shooting”

By Nathan Barton Back to work and commenting after a Thanksgiving weekend… The mainstream media (the “Fake News” according to several correspondents) demonstrated why they should be called that today, when a Somali Muslim student, after hours of ranting about … Continue reading

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Stranger With A Gun?

By MamaLiberty I carry a gun everywhere, all the time. Most people in the grocery store, the bank, the courthouse or anywhere else don’t even seem to notice, except for the few who ask me what I carry, ask if … Continue reading

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Self-defense or preventative aggression? A case study

By Nathan Barton Self-Defense or Preventative Aggression? We can interpret Seoul’s recent announcement several ways. According to the BBC a few weeks back, “South Korea has a plan to annihilate the North Korean capital if it shows any signs of … Continue reading

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Is it time yet?

By Nathan Barton One of the most copied and favorite quotes in the “community” of lovers of liberty and true, free-market anarchists is by Clair Wolf: “America is at that awkward stage. It’s too late to work within the system, … Continue reading

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A Dummy’s Guide to Depending on Government?

By Nathan Barton Several recent events again illustrate how really, really stupid it is to depend on government to deal with emergencies or listen to government agencies when they try to dictate what private citizens and businesses should do in … Continue reading

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Bakers Dozen ™ Rules for liberty partisans

By Nathan Barton The enemies of liberty are all around us: we must strike and not count the blows; for just one strike, just one effort, is not enough. We are not talking about or advocating aggression against those who … Continue reading

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