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Honesty, yes … but about what? And more examples of the world going bonkers.

By Nahtan Barton As the FedGov sets a new record for government shutdowns (even though it is a very limited one), 2019 is starting out as an epic year of weirdness and frankly, insanity. Before I provide more examples, here … Continue reading

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Las Vegas Massacre

By MamaLiberty Truly terrible event. I’m very sorry for all of the victims and their families. But, as usual, even with minor happenings, the “news” and even the official accounts are rife with misinformation, outright contradictions, and political posturing. Too … Continue reading

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News, Fake News, and the Irrelevant “news”

By MamaLiberty Last weekend I took a complete vacation from reading any “news” at all.  Did some writing on my own, but ignored everything supposedly going on in the world. Big shock to some, I suppose, but nothing bad happened … Continue reading

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Stupidity – in and out of government

By Nathan Barton Maybe it is not appropriate to discuss this after a week in which an idiot apparently was able to outwit (or dodge around) other idiots (several of them elected officials and many more political appointees) and set … Continue reading

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Morality, Society, Norms and Government

Libertarian Commentary #16-15A, by Nathan Barton I am working on various projects in “Indian Country” – that is the official FedGov term for the AmerInd reservations and “trust lands” which are found across the nation in virtually every state, if … Continue reading

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