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A brief look at the 9th Amendment and “gun control”

By Nathan Barton In 2019, much of the Bill of Rights has become a dead letter, honored (but threatened) by words and largely ignored (or avoided through loopholes) in practice.  L Neil Smith, in his BORE initiative, points this out … Continue reading

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Our right to beverage alcohol

By Nathan Barton Is it a “right” or a “privilege” to buy and/or drink alcohol? Is that an inherent human right? Is that a right of Americans under the Constitution? Or is that a privilege granted to us by government? … Continue reading

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Let freedom ring!

  By Nathan Barton Have you seen this?

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Declaration and Constitution

By Nathan Barton The Bill of Rights, added to the Constitution of 1787, and the various State Constitutions’ Bills of Rights, have a fairly concise list of “rights” which are recognized (NOT “given”) to individuals, with a tad bit of … Continue reading

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The state and armed forces – in space

By Nathan Barton War in space? Military in space? We who have been associated with The Price of Freedom, like many lovers of liberty, have always been interested in the exploring and settling space. As have Americans and Brits (Aussies, … Continue reading

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SCOTUS legalizes sports wagering nationally

By Nathan Barton The WaPo reports that SCOTUS has overturned a federal law which has been on the books for a quarter-century,  The law, supposedly to protect the ‘integrity of collegiate and professional sports, enacted in 1992, prohibited 49 states … Continue reading

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The Second Amendment

By MamaLiberty The hysterical media hype of the “progressive” marching children has faded some the last week, though the anti-gun – anti liberty – crowd continues to make the news daily. Some important counter measures have been publicized as well, … Continue reading

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