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America’s growing lawlessness

By Nathan Barton I am seeing it more and more: people just plain ignoring the laws, at all levels.  More and more people are lawless.  Lawbreakers. As a correspondent pointed out, it seems that the more laws that are passed, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on liberty

By Nathan Barton On Sunday, 2nd of July 2017, I celebrated the 241st anniversary of the Continental Congress voting to declare independence of the Thirteen States from the English Crown and the British Empire. As I did that, I reflected … Continue reading

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School vs. the Gateless Gate: Fixing the Damage

By L. Reichard White (Original publication) ©May 27, 2016 There are indeed, many paths through the gateless gate. This one is fairly easy — and when we arrive at the fence-line, there’s a little trick that will get you through. … Continue reading

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Loyalty Day – I missed it!

By Nathan Barton According to Claire Bernish over at The Free Thought Project, Monday the 1st of May was declared “Loyalty Day” by Hated Leader The Donald Trump – apparently (so Claire says in her headline) to “Remind Americans to … Continue reading

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My Mother Taught Me The Basics

By MamaLiberty My mother taught me everything I really needed to know about being a good person and living a good life. After reading the gist of a lot of the “news” this morning (I can only stand for so … Continue reading

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More war in space

By Nathan Barton Can government preserve itself in space?  Can the “new frontier” be more reliably controlled than the frontier of the Old West or the Seven Seas for centuries? Among other things, it is a matter of scope.  Which … Continue reading

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Space: the ultimate war zone

By Nathan Barton Some more people are waking up to the potential of space, for commerce and war if not for liberty. As reported by Space.com, Elon Musk announced that SpaceX plans to fly two people around Luna by the … Continue reading

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