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Space: the ultimate war zone

By Nathan Barton Some more people are waking up to the potential of space, for commerce and war if not for liberty. As reported by Space.com, Elon Musk announced that SpaceX plans to fly two people around Luna by the … Continue reading

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Trust In Government, Media At All Time Low

By MamaLiberty Whom do you trust? Government, media, doctors, scientists, everyone or nobody? How many of us have been included in these surveys? Do you trust surveys? Surveys Show Global Trust In Government At All-Time Low, Losing Control Worldwide Distrust … Continue reading

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Oh dear! Theocracy is just around the corner

By Nathan Barton Restating a campaign promise, the new Massa recently announced – at a PRAYER BREAKFAST, of all things – that he intends to “destroy” the Johnson Amendment. USA Today “reports” on this in a commentary-laced “news story” which … Continue reading

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The Free Cheese

By MamaLiberty First light, 5:58 AM, Mountain Standard Time in Newcastle, Wyoming. The sky is clear to the East, and the temperature is a balmy 22 degrees. The usual early February warming spell so frustrating to gardeners and others who … Continue reading

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By Nathan Barton It seems to happen every four years, and we heard it a lot in 2016.  “If SO-AND-SO gets elected, I’m going to migrate to Outer Upper Snowland.”  Those are almost always some kind of Tranzi celebrity.  Usually … Continue reading

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Cold and Cold Running Mud

By MamaLiberty First light at 6:10 AM. Mountain standard time, Newcastle, Wyoming. Sunrise at 7:30 AM, a few scattered clouds fast fading from pink and black to white. Most of the last snow melted yesterday, and we will now have … Continue reading

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New Boss Speaks…

By MamaLiberty Donald Trump pledges ‘America first’ creed, says ‘you will never be ignored again’ I just finished reading Trump’s inaugural address. Here are some of my thoughts… Sounds very much as if this lunatic will complete the destruction of … Continue reading

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