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The Free Cheese

By MamaLiberty First light, 5:58 AM, Mountain Standard Time in Newcastle, Wyoming. The sky is clear to the East, and the temperature is a balmy 22 degrees. The usual early February warming spell so frustrating to gardeners and others who … Continue reading

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Disappearing from the American landscape: why?

By Nathan Barton When researching the column on “Disappearances: American Style?” (some time ago) I did find a few interesting articles about disappearances that are of interest but distracted from the point of that commentary. Still worth looking at and … Continue reading

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Ground Hog Day

By MamaLiberty No true “first light” yesterday, and it’s snowing this morning so I don’t expect one today. Just a gradual increase of diffused light that reveals the deep cloud cover and the snow all around. It can be beautiful … Continue reading

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Cold and Cold Running Mud

By MamaLiberty First light at 6:10 AM. Mountain standard time, Newcastle, Wyoming. Sunrise at 7:30 AM, a few scattered clouds fast fading from pink and black to white. Most of the last snow melted yesterday, and we will now have … Continue reading

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The World From My Window

By MamaLiberty First light at 6:11 Mountain Standard Time, January 28, 20017. The light was a thin line over the mountain, under dark clouds. As I watched, the blue glow from the snow all around grew lighter, and individual features … Continue reading

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New Boss Speaks…

By MamaLiberty Donald Trump pledges ‘America first’ creed, says ‘you will never be ignored again’ I just finished reading Trump’s inaugural address. Here are some of my thoughts… Sounds very much as if this lunatic will complete the destruction of … Continue reading

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No good deed…

By Nathan Barton We all know the saying, “No good deed goes unpunished.” It was the (unofficial) motto of several Engineer units with which I served or knew well. Always a bunch of recent examples, but here is one that … Continue reading

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