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The state’s cannabis racket

By Nathan Barton With yet another state legalizing cannabis for recreation as well as medicine, the inevitable backlash is gathering momentum. There are, sadly, people who still want the state’s racket, the war on drugs or something else, to continue.

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Should libertarians support “New California?”

By Nathan Barton Eagle Rising, a conservative website, has an article discussing and applauded efforts of “rural” California attempting to secede from the core urban areas of the Golden State. A lessening in the size and power of the People’s … Continue reading

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The terror of liberty

By Nathan Barton This popped up on my desktop this morning. That evil state legislature of Oregon, once such a bastion of compassionate concern and care by government, has terrorized its people in this new year of 2018. As reported … Continue reading

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Philadelphia – demonstrate brotherly love by making crime easier for the disadvantaged to commit

By Nathan Barton Thanks to Scott for passing this one on. Information Liberation (seriously, that’s the website’s name!) tells us that Democrats who are “people of color” (and their allies and supporters and instigators) are demanding that bulletproof Plexiglas barriers … Continue reading

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Who owns space?

By Nathan Barton “The Next Big Future” has an article which both castigates government (NASA) in particular, and then demonstrates an unhealthy and irrational faith in government as well as a weird claim of dependence on government, all in a … Continue reading

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Bait and Switch: Politics as Usual

By MamaLiberty President Trump: With tax reform we can make it morning in America again With my plan in place, jobs will grow, family incomes will rise and we will make America great again. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Read the … Continue reading

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More Gun Lies Your Leaders Are Telling You

By L. Reichard White To start with, as per the Standard Anti-Self-Defense Handbook — and using the so-far unexplained Las Vegas shooting spree as the latest platform — the usual Second Amendment scoff-laws still prominently include firearm suicides in their … Continue reading

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