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The nanny state: a society of tattletales

By Nathan Barton Tom Woods recently reported on a well-known conductor whose career may have been ruined by a snitch, this weekend at the Oregon Bach Festival. Overhearing a conversation between two good friends (one British white, one Florida black), … Continue reading

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The terror of local government in the Fifty States, part 1

By Nathan Barton The attitude and record of local governments across the Fifty States is incredibly distressing, to me and many others. It is not a series of isolated incidents, or of a few big urban areas or small rural … Continue reading

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Racism rears its ugly head

By Nathan Barton Apparently, some part of “The Resistance” based in Louisiana State University (LSU) is demonstrating their incredible racism by demanding that the LSU mascot, the Tigers, be replaced by a different one.  They claim that the Tiger is … Continue reading

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Self-Ownership: A Biography of Lysander Spooner

By Jim Powell Lysander Spooner was an American legal theorist, abolitionist, and anarchist. The greatest natural rights thinker of the 19th century was the American lawyer and maverick individualist Lysander Spooner. He responded to the tumultuous events of his era, … Continue reading

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United and the free market

By Nathan Barton Seems that folks are ticked at United Airlines.  Dragging passengers off, overbooking and refusing to let passengers be passengers (by overbooking), and all kinds of other things have people posting and tweeting and more against United. And, … Continue reading

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By Nathan Barton A recent article in Reason Magazine Online is headlined, “Christians Started the Wedding Wars.”  The article, overall, is actually pretty good in addressing the way that Tranzis, especially associated with the Democrat Party and proud to be … Continue reading

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Post-modern government

by Nathan Barton Despite the fact that it has been 34 years since the last human walked on Luna, and those pitiful few who have so far (a mere 12!) are now dying of old age, few people would challenge … Continue reading

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