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The despicable state of “higher education” in 2021

From the smallest cowtown college to largest Mega-University, higher education is a parasite on society, the economy, and any possible benevolent type of government. While it is no doubt the case in Europe, Pacifica, and even our allies in East … Continue reading

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The Year of the Rat

I was reminded recently that this, in the Chinese calendar, is the Year of the Rat. (I know little of the Chinese calendar except what I’ve read on the placemats of some of our favorite Chinese buffets.) Knowing nothing of … Continue reading

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Oh my stars and garters!

By Nathan Barton Every once in a while, some startling revelation shows up on the television or computer screen. It happened again.  A major understanding of the laws of the universe has been revealed – and get this: by a … Continue reading

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Post-modern government

by Nathan Barton Despite the fact that it has been 34 years since the last human walked on Luna, and those pitiful few who have so far (a mere 12!) are now dying of old age, few people would challenge … Continue reading

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