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Generations of love – generations of hate

We all face the fact that we carry ancestral and historical baggage around with us. And that society is significantly (and often badly) impacted by that. Lovers of liberty need to remember we are all individuals. Yes, we fit in … Continue reading

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The nasty nature of the minimum wage and other do-gooder ideas

I was recently reminded of a point made by esteemed economist (the late) Walter E. Williams, concerning the impact of the minimum wage laws on young black Americans’ employment. At the time he wrote, black youth employment was four times … Continue reading

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“Homeless” camps come to South Dakota – and nastiness follows

When stupid actions are taken by stupid people (or who are hiding their true intentions), it is not uncommon for bad, unacceptable things to happen. A relatively small example can be seen recently in South Dakota.

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A proposal for an alternative to modern police forces

As the Lockdown Rebellion (against the COVID-19 Pandemic Panic) morphed into the Twenty-Dollar Revolt (the current madness triggered by the murder of George Floyd), a key meme emerged: Abolish the Police!!! (Expressed in many ways, of course.) Many libertarians immediately … Continue reading

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Is it to be war now? (South Dakota)

It was reported (KELO, KOTA, etc.) that SD Governor Noem issued an ultimatum to two South Dakota tribes (both OST and CRST: see below) about 2200 on Friday the 8th of May, 2020. The two tribes have 24 hours to … Continue reading

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