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At last! A reason to support this new pogrom – Woodrow Wilson

We watch the increasingly shrill (and violent) attacks on anything and everything that can possibly be labeled as “racist.” This is exploding from the Twenty-Dollar Revolt over the killing of Minneapolis criminal George Floyd by a “racist” obviously abusive jack-booted … Continue reading

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The racism of robotics?

Despite little or no resemblance to Isaac Asimov’s humanoid-style robots or most of those in science fiction, the world is rapidly becoming the habitat of all kinds of robots. In the original sense of the word, I might add. Not … Continue reading

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Eating their own… even if long dead

By Nathan Barton There is afoot a proposal, “bipartisan” of course, to rename the Russell (Old) Senate Office Building (SOB – a worthy acronym for the place) in honor of recently dead John McCain. It is fascinating to compare these … Continue reading

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A “Reason”able accomodation?

By Nathan Barton Reason Magazine recently told the story of the tiny Liberty County (Texas) Vindicator’s fight with Facebook. In short, the Vindicator was not able to publish part of its serialization of the Declaration of Independence because a Facebook … Continue reading

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Racism rears its ugly head

By Nathan Barton Apparently, some part of “The Resistance” based in Louisiana State University (LSU) is demonstrating their incredible racism by demanding that the LSU mascot, the Tigers, be replaced by a different one.  They claim that the Tiger is … Continue reading

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Racism in Geography – A Case Study and Speculations

By Nathan Barton Warning: Massive rant ahead! Maybe even a tirade. Government destroys everything it touches: makes it worse and worse until at last, there is nothing (worthwhile) left. Last week, in the news in South Dakota, we found that … Continue reading

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The net is being gathered – Do you know where YOUR liberty is?

By Nathan Barton Watch them circle around the drain and go down. Despite many claims to the contrary, our liberties are vanishing like moths consumed by a torch. One of the latest regards the Gadsden Flag. The Volokh Conspiracy reports … Continue reading

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Are the Chickens of Social Progressivism Coming Home to Roost?

By Gordon E. Finley, Ph.D. The Michigan Democratic primary was a close race which Secretary Hillary Clinton unexpectedly lost and Senator Bernie Sanders surprisingly won. The pundit analyses of this unanticipated reversal relied almost exclusively on economic explanations.  It looked … Continue reading

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Hoploclasm 2016 edition: The Rejection of Guns for Some People

Libertarian Commentary, 6JAN2016, #16-01E By Nathan Barton There are many stories in the last few days about this grand pronouncement by the Crier-in-Chief; this one has images of a White House document, provided by The Blaze. There are a LOT … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 10 Sep 2015, #15-36C: Government Excess

by Nathan Barton How on earth?  CNS News reports that the FedGov “Bureau of Labor Statistics” reports that total Federal, State, and Local Governments (don’t know if that includes Tribal governments or not) employee numbers are 1.8 times that of … Continue reading

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