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Is it right?

By Nathan Barton Can we not learn how to defend ourselves AND be kind and inclusive?  Can we not show respect and tolerance for others by understanding how not to offend?  Can we not exercise free speech without being condemned … Continue reading

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Shutter Evergreen State

By Gordon E. Finley, Ph.D. To comprehensively understand the future direction of Higher Education in America, one must go beyond the issue of free speech and dive deeply into the underlying political and ideological dynamics driving Higher Education today. Heather … Continue reading

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The warping of American society: political correctness, assault by lawyer, and more

By Nathan Barton Tradition, indeed, everyday life, is increasingly warped in the 21st Century. This is not incidental or unintended. Many people doing this warping want to twist society to and past the breaking point. They want to completely change … Continue reading

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Stress, anxiety and depression

By MamaLiberty In the “news” today I found this article, and I can’t help but comment. More Americans suffering from stress, anxiety and depression, study finds… The author dances around a number of things that could contribute to the problems, … Continue reading

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‘Tis the season

By Nathan Barton The annual battle over “religious holidays” has started up. World Net Daily reports that a FOX Christmas program had requested a special Army musical group to participate in their broadcast and received this dismissal: “After reviewing your … Continue reading

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Educrats and Power: Their subversive nature and actions

Libertarian Commentary #16-17F by Nathan Barton The subversive nature and actions of Educrats What are the limits to authority of the public (government-ruined, theft-funded) schools? Based on the actions of various school administrators, there are not many. School officials in … Continue reading

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Civil Society is Dead

Libertarian Commentary #16-10C By Nathan Barton While it is necessary to “trust but verify” in dealing with people, today people are more and more fearful of others, and take the least excuse to scream wolf. Consider this story from World … Continue reading

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