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Why are you waiting? Get them out!

By Nathan Barton You have children (or grandchildren) of school age in your family, your home, your church, or your neighborhood.  They probably go to “public schools” (that is, government-run, tax-supported schools). Ninety percent of American children do. Let us … Continue reading

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Did You Ever Wonder…

By MamaLiberty Did you ever wonder why the most dysfunctional, irrational, irresponsible people so often believe that they know – and should control – what is best for everyone else? Why so many people seem to think that responsibility for … Continue reading

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The Efficacy and Ethics of Voting

By Ben Stone As many times as I have spoken and written on this topic, I chose restraint on formally addressing it again until the madness of the 2016 election cycle faded. The reason for this restraint is that I … Continue reading

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Private Property?

By MamaLiberty What is private property? What defines it as private? Why is that important? Just another “food for thought” item. Your comments are welcome!

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Food for Thought #3

By MamaLiberty Interesting discussion of the first two items, so maybe these questions will ring a few more bells. Is theft and extortion ever justified? When, if ever, is a tax not theft? Does it make any difference what tax … Continue reading

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Oh, oooh! Where can I donate?

By Nathan Barton Actually, that is a rhetorical question… the website is [yescalifornia.org] and the donate button is right there at the top, slightly to right of center. Which is NOT where the backers and organizers of this secession movement … Continue reading

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Government: the Disaster

By Nathan Barton My recent commentary on disasters and government response triggered a response from a friend: the REAL disaster in this country is GOVERNMENT. How true. It seems that every year, there are more and more disasters, but when … Continue reading

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