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A Simple Solution ™ – Greater Justice Under Law

By Nathan Barton The jury is the heart of Anglo-American justice, historically.  This situation, although never achieving the ideal, was far better than the current hidebound mess Americans (and members of the Commonwealth) are saddled with today. Today, the American … Continue reading

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Supreme Court – worth fighting and fussing about?

By Nathan Barton Eric Holder, that wonderful paragon of government service “to the people” and incredible example of strict adherent of the rule of law, has condemned the Nazgul, questioning the body’s legitimacy in the wake of adding Kavenaugh to … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 21 DEC 2015, #15-51A: Muslims, Satanists, Cops, Nazgul and Sarcasm?

By Nathan Barton or someone who hacked me… While I was dealing with family matters, someone seems to have hacked into my notes and put some commentary about stories that is either VERY liberal-Tranzi OR very, VERY sarcastic. Read the … Continue reading

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