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Firing people – examples of modern political hypocrisy

By Nathan Barton Recent news about firing people points out some really cute examples of how those who support and believe in the state are demonstrating their hypocrisy in different ways. Consider the city of Forest Lake, Minnesota, where the … Continue reading

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A Dummy’s Guide to Depending on Government?

By Nathan Barton Several recent events again illustrate how really, really stupid it is to depend on government to deal with emergencies or listen to government agencies when they try to dictate what private citizens and businesses should do in … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News #15-42A: Homeless and Migrants and Barbarian Invasions

By Nathan Barton Mama Liberty notes that “Of course there is not one word proposing to eliminate all the taxes and other government barriers in place preventing people who wish to do so from taking any real responsibility for themselves.” … Continue reading

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