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Energy economy and lies

As the major powers – particularly the cabal in DC – try to change the world and where we get the energy that is essential to progress, peace, prosperity, and much more, we see some disturbing trends. It is not … Continue reading

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Is Uvalde the event that brings the whole charade down?

The charade of how government “protects” us? How “taxes are the price we pay for civilization?” Ever since that murdering madman went into a government-run, tax-funded (“public”) school in Uvalde, Texas, the questions and the revelations have be tumbling out … Continue reading

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Paying the piper locally

Paying the Piper: The failures of local government in the Fifty States is more and more clear as the 21st Century progresses. And it is the inhabitants of their lands that are paying the piper for these failures. Local government … Continue reading

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