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Facts about guns and using them here in the Fifty States

We can talk a LOT about “Freedom Technologies” as we did in a recent commentary, but one of the very foundational technologies to support and promote is an old one, constantly updated. Firearms. Guns. Personal weapons that do NOT require … Continue reading

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As with the Beer Flu, gun violence is fully propagandized

As we enter into the next phase of the Pandemic Panic, with the distribution of multiple vaccines, we don’t want to lose track of other important issues of liberty. Consider the on-going struggle to preserve and restore our right to … Continue reading

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In what universe?

Statistics can lie. Especially when professional liars use them. As I recently wrote about, governments made up of liars and criminals is what we have. And they are very good at making statistics lie. Consider this recent claim (sent by … Continue reading

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Is he right? Staging and knowing corruption and fraud in elections

Rob Morse published this screed on his blog SlowFacts this weekend. Is he right? (I am not necessarily endorsing anything that Mr. Morse is stating, of course, so don’t get your intestines in a knot – just throwing it out … Continue reading

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Killing people in the Fifty States

By Nathan Barton Are we really one of  the most violent societies on earth?  Are we a bloodsoaked culture? According to some, the Fifty States are.  But lets look at the reality. To me, one of the more interesting webzines … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 06 November 2015, #15-44D: Cops, Lies, and Statistics

By Nathan Barton Cops kill: we know that, and all too often they kill for no justifiable reason: certainly not in self-defense. But police, as a profession, have a good many other dark aspects. In the Fifty States, we are … Continue reading

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