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Gun Confiscation Day?

By Nathan Barton At Quora.com, an interesting and often frustrating site, this recently was posted: A gun confiscation finally goes into effect and police are going door-to-door. Your home is next — what do you do? Paul Harding, listing himself … Continue reading

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Gun Grabber Posters

By MamaLiberty Do you wish there was something you could DO about the gun grabbers? Here’s something fairly simple… If you’ve got a blog, FB page, Twitter or Gab account (or whatever), grab these and let them loose on the … Continue reading

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Freedom or Death Camps?

By MamaLiberty So these people are begging the government to destroy what is left of their true civil rights. And, of course, they are not happy destroying their own… they desire with breathtaking passion to destroy the civil rights of … Continue reading

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The NRA Does NOT Speak For Me

By MamaLiberty No, the NRA doesn’t speak for me, and never did. Neither the “president,” nor any politician can speak for me either. I do hope Mr. Trump manages to learn that he can’t please everyone, and finds some rational … Continue reading

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2nd Amendment redux – another state!

By Nathan Barton Just hours after posting my commentary on the Nazgul denying hearing cases in Florida (on open carry) and Maryland (prohibiting ownership of “assault weapons”), the State of Hawai’i demonstrated yet another massive threat to the freedom of … Continue reading

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Las Vegas Massacre #2

By Nathan Barton As I said in part 1, war came to the streets of America again this weekend. In a way far more familiar to much of the rest of the world than such things as the Orlando or … Continue reading

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Islamic Politics and Killing

Libertarian Commentary, 12JAN2016, #16-02B by Nathan A. Barton Islamic wars: choosing up sides. As reported in the Fort Dodge Messenger (via Freedom Net Daily) the Islamic State of Pakistan says that it will “respond” to any threat to Saudi Arabia: … Continue reading

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