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Guns and statistics – liberties and lies

A guest column by Don Robinson Some time ago (back in 2017), Don answered a question, and his answer is worth reading. The question: What statistics would convince “pro-gun people” (who love guns) that less access to guns and certain … Continue reading

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Why are gun owners opposed to gun registration?

Guest post by Gregory K. Taggart, courtesy of Slow Facts. Some editing by TPOL. Question: “Why are gun owners against a central gun-owner database, also referred to as “Gun Registration”? At its root, the concept of a central gun-owner database … Continue reading

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As with the Beer Flu, gun violence is fully propagandized

As we enter into the next phase of the Pandemic Panic, with the distribution of multiple vaccines, we don’t want to lose track of other important issues of liberty. Consider the on-going struggle to preserve and restore our right to … Continue reading

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Business as usual – for gun-haters

Over at Bearing Arms, the attempts by “Everytown” (the anti-defense group set up as shills for Bloomberg) to justify closing of gun shops as “non-essential” by New York, Los Angeles, and other localities are demolished. Good job, Cam. But it … Continue reading

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Second amendment – prohibited by law?

By Nathan Barton Bloomberg tells us that the Supreme Court has decided that the Second Amendment doesn’t apply in Maryland or Florida, based on two very recent decisions. “The U.S. Supreme Court steered clear of the intensifying [sic-NAB] gun debate … Continue reading

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Ammunition Cartridges – What makes the difference?

By Arnold Scope (With “note” from MamaLiberty) No matter what you are using your guns for, be it hunting, target shooting or self-defense, when it comes to cartridges you have almost countless options. Popular rifles, like the Remington 700 are … Continue reading

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I Love My Guns

By MamaLiberty Some recent comments on various message boards frequented by shooters indicate that a few people are either changing their minds or are bowing to the politically correct pressure of the day. They have begun to assert that they … Continue reading

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E-books from The Future of Freedom Foundation

NOTE: Limited time offer… Thursday and Friday, 12 -10 and 11 If you didn’t get your free download, you can still get these fine books in kindle format for only 99 cents each at the links below. [ML] In light … Continue reading

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AmmoMan – Hollow Point Ammo Review

By MamaLiberty A few weeks ago I wrote a review of FMJ ammo that AmmoMan sent me to test. It was a very interesting experience, so I anticipated pretty much the same with the hollow points they sent. That proved … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 14 August 2015, #15-32f: Cops and guns

By Nathan Barton I find that the constant drumbeat about how dangerous it is to be a cop, especially in states with high gun ownership, and high levels of “domestic violence” is getting really tedious. A lot of news items … Continue reading

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