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Ammunition Cartridges – What makes the difference?

By Arnold Scope (With “note” from MamaLiberty) No matter what you are using your guns for, be it hunting, target shooting or self-defense, when it comes to cartridges you have almost countless options. Popular rifles, like the Remington 700 are … Continue reading

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I Love My Guns

By MamaLiberty Some recent comments on various message boards frequented by shooters indicate that a few people are either changing their minds or are bowing to the politically correct pressure of the day. They have begun to assert that they … Continue reading

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E-books from The Future of Freedom Foundation

NOTE: Limited time offer… Thursday and Friday, 12 -10 and 11 If you didn’t get your free download, you can still get these fine books in kindle format for only 99 cents each at the links below. [ML] In light … Continue reading

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AmmoMan – Hollow Point Ammo Review

By MamaLiberty A few weeks ago I wrote a review of FMJ ammo that AmmoMan sent me to test. It was a very interesting experience, so I anticipated pretty much the same with the hollow points they sent. That proved … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 14 August 2015, #15-32f: Cops and guns

By Nathan Barton I find that the constant drumbeat about how dangerous it is to be a cop, especially in states with high gun ownership, and high levels of “domestic violence” is getting really tedious. A lot of news items … Continue reading

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The Sermon On The Gun

By Emiliano Antunez For decades, many have pontificated on the evils of gun violence in the United States. Recently, Fareed Zakaria host of CNNs GPS (Global Public Square) on his show and in his Washington Post column took another shot … Continue reading

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Killings in South Carolina: Vicious Venom

By Nathan Barton It is incredibly predictable, but the venom seems to be more vicious than ever. No, not the racism.  One man in millions being a racist and willing to kill strangers because of it is bad, but not … Continue reading

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