Business as usual – for gun-haters

Over at Bearing Arms, the attempts by “Everytown” (the anti-defense group set up as shills for Bloomberg) to justify closing of gun shops as “non-essential” by New York, Los Angeles, and other localities are demolished. Good job, Cam.

But it reminds us that panic or not, pandemic or not, trashing the economy or not, the usual haters of guns (and all liberty) are still hard at work trying to steal our liberties away. The hoplophobes and hoploclasts haven’t been laid off.

And the opportunities for them to create further mischief abound. They grind their teeth in anger at the reestablishment of rights to keep and bear arms in so many states in the last several decades. They froth at the idea of people being able to go to a shop or a show and buy a weapon to defend themselves, their families, and their property. They burst into emotional tantrums at the passage of every law which reaffirms the idea that a person’s home is their castle and that there is a God-given right to use deadly force if in fear of life or liberty. That does NOT restrict the carrying of weapons to government goons (and the private thugs hired by the elite and celebrities).

As unemployment explodes – even well beyond the depths of the Great Depression of 90 years ago – the politicians, the powers-that-be, are fearful of “civil unrest.” With 40 million unemployed indefinitely, they may have a point. Apparently, Trump at least understands the potential of that crash (and the fact that – however much an idiot Biden has become – to defeat him at the polls). That means that the various councils and commissions and boards and legislatures will be willing to try and impose more restrictions “just for the emergency.”

Be prepared. Both to work to defeat such efforts AND how to deal with those thefts of liberty which are illegally imposed.

Afterword: One bright spot: truckers are continuing to push to get the right for over-the-road highway truckers to be able to carry their weapons in their trucks and on them even when going through states and localities that still refuse to recognize their God-given rights. Although better than in the past, truckers still risk their lives and liberty in too many states whose voters allow idiot pols to deny basic freedoms. (You can learn more at these sites: Nonforce Dispatch, Ask the Trucker, and Handgun Law.)

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