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Progressivism and new prohibitions – implications for the future

Given 170 years of Progressivism, the century of history of alcohol prohibition, 80 years of (some) drug prohibition, and more, where do we stand in 2020? (This commentary continues the series, with the original postings found Here, Here, and Here.)

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Progressivism and Prohibition – History and implications

Progressivism – which I believe is a key element and ally of Transnational Socialism (Tranzis) and which I think of more and more as “Regressivism” – has been an unfortunate and evil facet of American society and politics for a … Continue reading

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Meth – “we’re on it!”

I almost HAVE to comment on this rather funny issue and controversy, here at home in South Dakota. Funny but deadly serious. Tom Knapp posted on Freedom Net Daily today:

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Drug wars come close to home

By Nathan Barton The recent attack which killed nine people: three women and six children, in the middle of Sonora State in Mexico, brings the war on some drugs – and Mexico’s internal war – close to home. It is … Continue reading

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The priorities of government

By Nathan Barton (Note: This, in a shorter version, was originally a response to a comment to my commentary “The Art of the Deal – January 2018.”) What are the priorities of government?  Of government agencies?  Of government employees? Of … Continue reading

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The art of the deal – January 2018

By Nathan Barton The cries are loud.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recinded the Obummer-issued memo telling the nation’s federal prosecutors to leave off on pursuing cannabis pushers and users in the growing number of states that have legalized medical … Continue reading

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Is Crime Increasing?

By MamaLiberty First, of course, we must sort out what we mean by “crime.” So many things have been criminalized the last few years that it is no wonder people are often confused. We need to define the premise for … Continue reading

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