Commentary on the news – a quick look at a collapsing civilization

In this Year of our Lord 2021, a year in which godliness continues to be at a premium, the news is filled with reports of chaos, depravity, and a general breakdown of society – all strong indications of a soon-to-come total collapse of Western Civilization, including especially American civilization here in the Fifty States and thousands of enclaves around the planet.

This commentary looks at just a few examples in recent news stories. I do not promise the accuracy of any of these stories or the veracity of their sources.

Glorifying criminals not heroes

Lets start with a relatively minor incident in blood-soaked Chicago. Fourth of July weekend was a nasty one, with many shot, some killed, and other sorts of violence “not worth reporting” by the mainstream media.

One story encourages reading: as reported in Smart News, a “Chicago concealed carry holder shoots gunman who killed 1, injured 2 others, police say” After shooting and killing a wo man and shooting two others because one of them (the dead woman, perhaps) complained that he was shooting his pistol in the air, a bystander with a concealed pistol stepped forward and shot the murderer three times: arms and torso, ending the rampage. But the Smart News story doesn’t have a picture of the 49-year-old CCW hero, or any information about him. Rather, we have TWO photos of the gunman who killed one and wounded at least two. He appears to be a pretty standard, cookie-cutter gangsta type thug. Smart News was apparently reposting a Fox News story. So it appears that Fox is in essence glorifying the murdering thug, ignoring the man who saved lives.

Am I being too harsh? Interpreting this wrongly? This seems to be a common situation in mainstream media: giving fame to the killers and ignoring those who help. But maybe Fox has some good motive? Protecting the responding man from revenge by the murderer or his family?

Only 40% responsible for pulling the trigger

Next story: Anyone remember the Sutherland Springs murder spree at the First Baptist Church in that Texas town in 2017? 26 dead and 22 wounded before two local heroes intervened and stopped the killing? According to The Texas Tribune, a Federal Judge has found the US Air Force 60% responsible for the killings and shootings: the USAF murdered 16 people and wounded 14 people in a church building. The actual gunman (dead minutes later, fortunately, at his own hand) was ONLY responsible for 10 dead and 8 wounded.

The “logic” (a sick excuse, in my opinion) of the nazgul in this case? The USAF was to blame for MOST of the deaths because when the actual murderer was convicted of family violence and booted out with a bad conduct discharge, the USAF failed to report this to the database maintained by the FedGov under the Brady Act. Obviously, if the killer’s name HAD been in the database, he could NOT have had the Ruger AR-556 used, because no one would have sold it to him!

Stupidity, naivety, or malice on the part of the judge? Who knows, but just one more example of recent stupid decisions by judges regardless of politics, experience, or appointment.

(Please note: I am NOT saying that the USAF or the FedGov does not have SOME responsibility or liability for failing to obey their own (usually worthless and stupid) law. I realize there are technicalities regarding restitution and related matters. But the ONLY person responsible for murdering 26 people and wounded 22 others is the man pulling the trigger: not his former military service, not bureaucrats, not the gun shop, or “society.” Morally responsible.

Is there blame to assess on others? Absolutely. Starting with the idiot politicians and hoplophobes and hoploclasts who claim that just passing a law is enough to stop crime. Continuing with a society who does not consider violence against spouses and your own children to be a capital crime, not just punished with a BCD, but with a parade open-square formation and dancing the Danny Deever. And honestly, with a congregational leadership who does not consider “caring for the flock” to include provision for physical defense of the assembly.

California War on Some Drugs II

On to a third: Again, Smart News reposted this story. $1.19 billion worth of marijuana was seized in California.” Oh, wait, I thought that cannabis was LEGAL in California? So people think, but in reality ONLY cannabis that is “lawfully” grown, sold with the proper permits and licenses, and on which all bribes (license and permit fees and above all TAXES) are properly paid.

Free market? Drug legalization? Don’t make me laugh. The failure of the war on some drugs is… unsurprisingly, FAILING.

The numbers are staggering. 16 tons of pot – wet, I assume, not cured or dried. 22 felony arrests, 108 misdemeanor arrests, and 16 “water theft” arrests (whatever those are). 375,000 plants, 65 vehicles, $28,000 (reported at least), and 180 animals. Animals? The largest pot bust in California history,

Why? Because California didn’t really legalize cannabis: instead they tried to in essence enslave people by taxing and regulating the entire supply chain. And people are by and large NOT playing the game: illegal sales of marijuana is apparently far larger than the legal market. And black markets attract gangsters – including the cartels. Who are, in the words of California law enforcement, the bogymen. In fact, a mayor is terrorizing Californians: “This is the cartels. We are very very close to driving down the freeway and seeing bodies hanging from the underpasses. That is what is coming.”


Look, we know that societies and civilizations can exist which are irrational, illogical, and frankly, insane. But societies which started out sane and rational (or mostly so) which go mad, are deadly and short-lived. The solution? Liberty and freedom. Both in increasingly short supply in our 2021 world.

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Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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