We have met the enemy…

And it is NOT us, as Pogo so famously quipped decades ago.

It is a cabal that has decided that 18 months of the Pandemic Panic is NOT enough.

So one member of that cabal is ramping up the fearmongering once again. “We’re all gonna die!” “Your elders and your children will die!” “The hospitals will be overrun!”

Consider some recent headlines.

From Colorado, we have this from KHN news: “Delta variant surges in Colorado as the bands play on.” It is NOT all of Colorado, an increasingly dependable “blue state” with a General Assembly and Governor – Tyrant Jered Polis, hypocrite and liar – increasingly cranking down the screws on the state’s denizens. No, the story tells of the evil nature of Mesa County and its major city, Grand Junction, core of the Western Slope. And home of the monster Lauren Boebert, a radically-conservative GOP member of the US Congress. And thorn in Pelosi’s side.

Supposedly, the “surge” (which started with the daily “positive” tests jumping from two to an incredible FIVE persons in just one day) is threatening everything in Colorado because of the Grand Junction hot spot and the new Delta form of the flu. It is claimed, by the health nazis of the local health department, that the disease was spread simply by having one unmasked person walking past another unmasked person on the sidewalk! A super-spreader event was a big country music festival in the small town of Mack, near the Utah border. The fear is being whipped up in such blue communities as Moab. (Which voluntarily destroyed its economy very early in the Panic last spring.)

Meanwhile, another story, CNN supports the cabal in this report: “Five undervaccinated clusters put the entire United States at risk.” Indeed, the story goes on to report the entire WORLD may be endangered by these five clusters – all in the Southern States, the worst of 30 “clusters of counties” that have low vaccination rates but plenty of people. (By the way, the writers and editors at CNN do not understand that, contrary to DC, Missouri is still a Southern State and not a “Midwest” State.) West Texas and the Llano Estacado city of Amarillo are particularly singled out.

Of course, these regions are not just reservoirs of COVID-19 infection, but of whiteness, white supremacy, conservativism, and bitter clingers to everything. In the eyes of the cabal. Which is a bit of a conundrum for them: not sure how a bunch of barefoot, ignorant, redneck, overall-wearing (commando, of course), isolationist inbred hicks are going to spread COVID-19 Delta to the world. After all, they are so primitive they cower in their fortified houses and sidehill farms with their guns and attack dogs and moonshine. Don’t they?

But those, I am sure, are seen by the cabal of politicians, bureaucrats, transzi business, media, and the elite in health and education, as fertile grounds for recruiting the vast hordes of militia. The militia that will boil out of Arabia and conquer half the known world, occupying and enslaving Babylon and Antioch and Alexandria and Jerusalem and Constantinople.

Oops, wrong century and location. The hordes that will sweep out of Flyover Country and swarm over the Capitol, the White House, Wall Street, the Loop, Hollywood and Nob Hill, looting and burning and gunning down innocent people and setting up autonomous zones.

Oops, wrong “clear and present danger.” That is Antifa and Black Lives Matter. (Except they don’t come from Flyover County – they are internal enemies.)

There are dozens of other stories about surges in new cases of Beer Flu. And of course, we must mourn that worldwide 4 million people have died – even while other fatal illnesses of the elderly and health-impaired continue to remain relatively low.

But never fear, oh worried reader – our beloved Uncle Joe… “no, read the card in your LEFT pocket not the RIGHT one!” … Uncle Joe is on the job, and has a solution: strike teams descending on the unvaccinated zones, seeking out and “persuading” people to be vaccinated. These, it seems, will join with and be supported by local “volunteers” who have already been going door-to-door to get people vaccinated and therefore saved.

I don’t know what this reminds me of most: are these the equivalent of French Partisans in WW2? Or the same as Franco’s Fifth Column in Madrid? Is this Biden operation going to end up the way the first operation to save the country from the Slugs in Heinlein’s Puppet Masters? Or Sherman’s March to the Sea?

It may be a form of intelligence operation to prepare for more aggression against these regions by various groups: finding out which houses (and no doubt businesses) are occupied by sheep willing to conform when pushed (or who already have). And which are the bitter-clingers and Trumpista and the like: enemies of the state?

We may soon see.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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1 Response to We have met the enemy…

  1. Darkwing says:

    I remember the movie “Red Dawn”, I ask people what would do if it happened, they all sat there in silence. The attack on America will not come from outside the US, it will come from inside.


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