Doomed? American cities (2nd try!)

Note: For some reason the WordPress editor has totally glitched and the first attempt, published at noon today (12JUL21) was totally botched up. So here is another try.

Readers of this commentary know we here at TPOL are NOT lovers of urban areas.

But as time goes on, our distaste for the places and their “culture” and “society” and especially government grows by leaps and bounds.

Consider San Francisco.

A few years back, Proposition 47, passed in 2014 by the wonders of Californian “democracy,” triggered a still-growing wave of shoplifting, especially in the woke and so-called progressive (regressive) City of San Francisco. It is not just that an increasing percentage of the city’s population is insane by (old) standards, but that the power-hungry politicians feed on the situation, promote it, and actually trigger it. The bureaucrats, the politicos, and their fellow gangsters treat urban areas as their own fiefdoms to be exploited, using the excuse of protecting people (and disgustingly, the claim of protecting their rights) and seeking to end the evils of modern capitalism and the American system.

The shoplifting is just one symptom of the madness, but a highly visible

one. A video on Twitter (I was referred to by a friend – not on that social media myself) shows a gang of ten people – ten criminals. Stealing handbags in broad daylight from a Neiman Marcus store in the heart of Babylon-by-the-Bay. Yes, they are wearing masks and they are running, but they know they have little or nothing to fear. Police do not even attempt to stop or arrest the perps – who would be just one more example of catch and release.

It is no wonder that a recent survey reported that 44% of San Franciscans plan to leave the city (and perhaps even the State). (Although mainstream media and academia seem to be working overtime to refute this, according to a story seven days later.)

The filthy condition (physical, mental, and moral) of San Francisco is perhaps extreme but different only in scale from those of dozens of other cities. And they are not limited to the Coasts: these conditions are found in the Heartland as well – in Flyover Country. We’ve seen it personally in cities in Colorado and New Mexico, and we’ve seen the conditions get steadily worse.

And it is NOT limited just to Democratic Party regimes.

Nor is it limited to the urban core. It is NOT just Albuquerque, but Bernalillo and the other suburban towns around it in New Mexico. It is not just Denver, or even Denver and Aurora. It is both the inner and outer suburbs: Arvada, Golden, Greenwich Village, and increasingly the more remote farm-towns turned bedroom communities: Bennett and Strasburg, Sedalia and Parker, Hudson and more. Ramping-up (and increasingly unreported) “minor” crime like vandalism, petty theft, and more. Increased domestic violence. Vicious verbal attacks, sometimes turning physical. And as a result, overloading of the various response agencies.

This appears to be the case in every MAJOR urban area in the Fifty States – and many smaller ones. From New England to Southern California, and from Puget Sound to South Florida. And even the Heartland: Chicago, Omaha, Kansas City, Salt Lake City. More and more.

American cities are dying – worse, they are killing themselves. It is NOT

just a matter of government stupidity and actions. It is leaders, businesses,

residents – and not just the underclass or the poor. I have met with and spoken with dozens of people fleeing inner suburbs for outer suburbs, or even to the “exburbs” – places like Bosque Farms and Sandia Knolls and Moriarity around Albuquerque. Places like Broomfield and Fort Lupton and Keenesburg around Denver. I am sure every urban area has such problems: it is a disease spread by parasites on society and the economy. People, especially with families, are fleeing to “safer areas.” But all too often these areas are still ruled by the very county (and State) governments that have turned their old neighborhoods into places of horror.

What is to be done?

Fortunately, with modern technology, we are no dependent on these monstrous urban areas for many essentials. At least, the capacity exists for the services they provide, and the goods produced there, to be provided in far smaller and much less densely populated areas. And not just rural hinterlands: true rural areas and even frontier areas.

So at least one thing that can be done is what is already happening: Abandon these dinosaurs. And avoid creating small versions of them. Don’t just flee Albuquerque for Santa Fe or even Farmington: instead go to places like Las Vegas (the New Mexico Las Vegas, NOT Lost Wages, Nevada), Raton, Vaughn, Gallup or Socorro. Don’t run to Colorado Springs or Pueblo or Grand Junction: search out places like Limon and Burlington, Poncha Springs, Kremling, and even Sterling and Brush. We don’t want to turn still-tolerable small urban areas (examples, at least to some, like Rapid City and Sioux Falls and Sioux City and Gillette) into copycat urban areas.

Another thing? Seek actively to decentralize: build futures for your children and grandchildren that do NOT encourage them to flock to the big urban areas. Whether for education or employment. Yes, the “big bucks” are enticing, but most of us can learn the price demanded in sanity, safety, moral and ethical soundness, and more – is just not something we want to pay. Or have our children pay.

And don’t let the current crop of people (belatedly) fleeing the cesspools like SF, LA, KC, DFW, etc. bring the same habits and attitudes that made those places stinking sewers to YOUR town: teach them early and quickly about liberty and freedom – especially freedom from government and privilege. Let the parasites die with the cities they are killing.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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4 Responses to Doomed? American cities (2nd try!)

  1. Chas says:

    Sorry Nathan, but you are still living the lie. There is NO RUNNING AWAY…. They will show up eventually. What needs to happen is a culling of the bad crops.. I’m sure that goes against your religious beliefs, but look at it this way. This country was founded by some of the most Christian people ever, and look what they had to do. How many of their fellow British did they kill? How many soldiers, sailors and more important how many loyalists did they fight and kill? Those loyalists were their neighbors, friends and even family.. It’s time to wake up and realize this country if it is to survive as a Constitutional Republic, must be fought for.. Again, sorry if I exploded your paradigm but we need Americans willing to raise the flag and start slitting throats.. Praise the Lord….


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      Sorry, but I don’t see how I am either “living the lie” or how you “exploded my paradigm.” I’ve never denied nor opposed the need to defend ourselves as lovers of liberty AND AS FOLLOWERS of Christ Jesus through the use of violence. I draw the line at initiating aggression against others – even those who are enemies of liberty and God. As both a follower of the Lamb and a lover of liberty, I see that as wrong. But even then, I do not believe we are obligated to wait to defend ourselves until our enemies have struck a physical blow: a serious threat to aggress against us, directly (whether overtly physical or not) is morally a justification to use violence to defend ourselves, our loved ones, and our neighbor.
      So why do I advocate what you call “RUNNING AWAY”? First, because I am a firm advocate of choosing your battlefield, your place of defense, wisely. And of living to fight another day. Modern American (and European, and Third World) urban areas are NOT the right battlefield. For many reasons, but among them the sheer number of opponents and the tight confines. Secondly, I have come more and more to the conclusion over the years that large cities (and I might be so bold as to say any urban area of more than 40 or 50,000 people – however organized) are themselves evil and corrosive to the human spirit and to society. Again, for many reasons, including the psychological nature of crowding and confined spaces, and the greater opportunities presented to the parasites – the immoral and amoral predators and those of a slavish mentality.
      In the past, the problem has almost always been the difficulties in communicating and transportation, which was (lazily) solved by the ever-increasing concentration of people, wealth, and infrastructure into these evil warrens – these cesspools. Cities are BAD for you: for your parents, for your children and grandchildren, for your physical and mental and moral health.
      But simply retreating (withdrawing, not running away) to find and use a better battlefield and to avoid the dangers inherent in some terrain is NOT an end in itself: it is the means to an end. Defeating the enemies of liberty and freedom – not just physically but morally and mentally.
      After all, I fully believe that it is most of the ENEMIES of liberty that should pay as much of the price as possible.
      Chas, you are right: a culling IS needed. And will come! But to use a biblical parable (which I may butcher), I don’t think we have to, or want to, stand in the middle of a weed-choked field and try to burn (or poison) the weeds to save the crop from inside the field. Deal with them from outside – or even draw them out into OUR chosen killing field when they have finished soiling their own nest. (Have I mixed enough illustrations yet?)
      Your thoughts?


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