Cuba Libre!

(Yes, I know it is a cocktail. But before it was a drink, it was a cry for freedom of Cuba from the Spanish Empire, way back in the mid-1800s.)

For virtually my entire life, the wonderful people of Cuba have suffered under the disgusting and insane tyranny brought to them by a mediocre college baseball player and a fat Red Army kommissar. Oh, and the stupidity and hypocrisy of DC.

And now, for various reasons, it may be that the Cuban people are rising up. And in a way that not even the Castro-worshipping American and European mainstream media can really hide.

The scummy abusers are, of course, Fidel Castro, lawyer-turned-conquistador, who sought the “liberation” of Cuba from decades of American-encouraged corrupt tyranny. And who quickly either embraced Soviet Communism or revealed his secret Communist. The fat political officer? None other than Nikita Khrushchev, First Secretary of the Communist Party, and his cronies in the Politburo. The stupid Americans? Well, that is a long list, but the more recent ones were Ike; JFK; and a cast of hundreds. Some of whom (like JFK) ADMITTED that the FedGov was a major architect and builder of Batista’s intolerable rule. Which collapsed when pushed by Castro’s 26th of July Movement after almost six years, way back in 1959.

I remember that: Castro scared Batista into running away, but also corrupted what could have been the first free election in Cuba’s history. And put a puppet behind the Presidential Desk. The frontman disagreed with Castro’s growing authoritarian socialism, and quit. So Castro took more power as military leader and prime minister.

Quite young at the time, I had a sarcastic babysitter tell that Cuba had become the 51st State. This was towards the end of 1959, after Alaska was admitted in January and Hawai’i in August. Of course, the truth was the exact opposite: Cuba was rapidly becoming an enemy of the Fifty States AND the FedGov. Because of American stupidity and hypocrisy. And the corruption and greed and stupidity of Cuba’s own upper-class elite. And the perfidy and constant lies and lust for power of Fidel and his cronies.

Today, sixty-two years later, one of the few remaining Communist “dictatorships of the proletariat” in the world faces perhaps the largest “peaceful protests” of the regime’s history. A regime renowned (and hated) for its killings and imprisonments (extrajudicial AND “legal”) and its bringing of mayhem and death and destruction to much of South America and Africa.

Over the years, I’ve paid attention now and then to the burdens and agony of Cubans. My unit was involved in providing aid to the Marielito boatlift in 1980, when Castro got rid of both political and criminal troublemakers. I’ve seen and read of thousands of refugees fleeing (and too many dying) across the Gulf to Florida. I’ve spoken with christians, including missionaries (many Cubans returning “home” to bring the Good News) and the abuse and terror they were given for crimes like bringing a Bible or overheard singing and praying. I’ve been able to help some to provide some of the spiritual and physical needs of an oppressed people.

And I’ve seen the likes of Bernie Sanders and Obummer and others proclaiming the wonders and tremendous good example of Cuba and its wonderful medical and educational opportunities.

And right now, I’m watching recordings – seemingly ordinary people -shouting libertad! and waving US flags. And hearing the mainstream media tell me that the people are protesting high food prices and expensive or non-existent COVID-19 vaccines, in fear that Americans are going to kill them all by infecting them with the Beer Flu.

Who you gonna believe?

Just from the few Cubans I know , guess what? I don’t believe the media. Not a bit.

People – many and perhaps MOST people – want to be free. They want to be adults, responsible for their own actions, making their own decisions, minding their own business. Even many people raised from the cradle to believe that the universe resolves around them but that they must let others make all important decisions for them. Even when they are taught from birth to worship the creature – a Castro, a Kim, a Kennedy, etc. – rather than the Creator.

Maybe, just maybe, that is what is happening in Cuba. Even if that is NOT what Biden and his lackeys and supporters say is happening. No, it isn’t Trump’s fault – no more than we can (and should) blame the likes of McKinley, Teddy Roosevelt, Hoover, FDR, Ike, JFK, LBJ, Tricky DIck, and yes, even Ronald and Jimmy and Bill. Instead of standing up for the liberty, the freedom of people around the world, including Cuba, time after time American regimes have allowed Castros and their jackbooted thugs to abuse and degrade Cubans. Maybe that time is coming to an end? I pray so.

Of course, in many ways, despite the human garbage on some of those Marielito boat, the Fifty States have benefited tremendously from the Cubans seeking liberty. Even the dubious liberty of Miami and Tampa and New York. But somehow, I don’t think that was the intent behind those who let Castro lord it over his little empire.

I am sure people will tell me what a wonderful example and illustrious hero Fidel was to stand up to the big Yanqui bully and fight against the imperialists. And how the treatment of Cuba by DC (the embargo and more) was just another example of White Supremacy and Racism and evil, vicious American exceptionalism.

Garbage. Fidel Castro, his brother, his fellow revolutionaries and goons and thugs – especially Che, were just that: human garbage. Parasites living off the suffering of not just their own people but those of many other nations.

Praise God that at last more than just one or two people at a time have decided enough is enough. (And do not seem to be imitating American Antifa and Black Lives Matter “peaceful activists.”)

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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1 Response to Cuba Libre!

  1. doug1943 says:

    It’s very good to see someone acknowledge the American role in supporting the dictator the Cuban revolutionaries overthrew, although our support was not really the crime that our installation of the Shah of Iran was, or our overthrow of Arbenz in Guatemala. A lot of good people were Fidelistas for a while. But … experience has taught them, socialism does not work, and liberty is precious.

    Some of these people, including some inside Cuba, now put out a newsletter, called The Havana Times. It’s very interesting reading, and subscriptions to it are free. Everyone should subscribe, because it helps raise their morale. The more people around the world who are reading it, the better.

    You can sign up, or just check out the paper, at


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