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Progressivism and new prohibitions – implications for the future

Given 170 years of Progressivism, the century of history of alcohol prohibition, 80 years of (some) drug prohibition, and more, where do we stand in 2020? (This commentary continues the series, with the original postings found Here, Here, and Here.)

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Progressivism and Prohibition – History and implications

Progressivism – which I believe is a key element and ally of Transnational Socialism (Tranzis) and which I think of more and more as “Regressivism” – has been an unfortunate and evil facet of American society and politics for a … Continue reading

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The extreme nanny state event horizon?

One of the many marvelous scenes in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is the discussion of the “Shoe Event Horizon.” Emotional depression turns into economic madness. Read about it here. I wonder if we here in 21st Century America, … Continue reading

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Ramping up the nanny state – a tiny delay

By Nathan Barton The Trump administration has put on hold an Obummer-era FRA/FMCSA regulation that would have required companies to test all drivers/railroad engineers for sleep apnea, presumably adding that to all the other requirements for CDL (commercial drivers licenses). … Continue reading

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Libertarian commentary on the news, #15-02B: Cop wars, Islamic wars, and more stupidity

By Nathan Barton Good morning! Welcome to the Cop wars: New York City police officers have been told not to take any vacation or sick days until the number of low-level arrests and summonses return to normal levels, according to … Continue reading

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