Libertarian commentary on the news, #15-02B: Cop wars, Islamic wars, and more stupidity

By Nathan Barton

Good morning! Welcome to the Cop wars:

New York City police officers have been told not to take any vacation or sick days until the number of low-level arrests and summonses return to normal levels, according to a published report. According to the New York Post, officers in individual precincts are being ordered to hand in “activity sheets” to borough commanders. The sheets describe the number of arrests and summonses made during each officer’s shift.  Mama Liberty: The floggings will continue until morale improves…  I wonder just how many of these people will simply quit and go elsewhere? Not enough, probably, but some. And I wonder how long they will hold out this way. It’s actually amazing to see such defiance by the police. Nathan: I suspect many WILL come down with “blue flu” – how can they legally tell someone NOT to take sick leave?  And what does it matter whether they fill out one more form or not?

A new Wisconsin law has gone into effect, requiring that an OUTSIDE agency investigate anytime that a cop kills someone.  Will this make a difference?  There are probably lots of ways around it, but it took a retired Air Force officer whose son was killed by cops to find and push at least ONE alternative to doing business as usual.  His solution, which took TEN years to get into law, is based on aviation industry standards for investigating crashes, but it included law enforcement, so I have my doubts.

They are trying to get us coming and going.  Missouri lawmaker wants tax increase on gun purchases to fund cop body cams. As more police departments throughout the nation are adopting policies requiring officers to wear body cameras while on duty, one Missouri lawmaker believes the cost of the new equipment should be offset by levying a new tax against lawful U.S. gun owners.

Some general news items of interest:

Sigh.  ‘Close, But No Cigar’ for landing on historic SpaceX mission. The goal was to land the rocket on an ocean barge, but the mission ended unsuccessfully as the rocket was damaged by a hard landing. Despite the failure, SpaceX founder Elon Musk tweeted that the attempt “[b]odes well for future.”   The challenge is still there, and it sounds like they are not giving up.

Look what a WONDERFUL job government does protecting us1 The BPA alternative disrupts normal brain-cell growth, is tied to hyperactivity, study says In a groundbreaking new study, researchers have shown why a chemical once thought to be a safe alternative to bisphenol-A, which was banned by the government for baby bottles and sippy cups, might itself be more harmful than BPA.  Anytime government gets involved, expect the worst.

Mama’s Note: Just always remember that much, if not most of this “research” is bogus, for one reason or another. Almost all of it is agenda driven, rather than scientific curiosity.

The Silk Road is back, newer and better in its reloaded reincarnation, or so it is being reported by Motherboard. The big news is that the site has moved from Tor to I2P.  “Tor takes the directory-based approach – providing a centralized point to manage the overall ‘view’ of the network, as well as gather and report statistics, as opposed to I2P’s distributed netwo​rk database and peer selection,” according to the I2P website. Whereas Tor relies on a set of relays run by volunteers, and then people use their computer to connect to the network, I2P takes a peer-to-peer approach, and makes every user’s computer a node in the network itself. “Essentially all peers participate in routing for others,” the I2P​ site reads.

An interesting concept: In Silicon Valley, the children of several heavy-hitters in the high tech industry go to a small school where there are no computers, no iPads, no electronic devices: they use pens and paper and other basic instruments.

WalMart is linking the 1st and 2nd Amendments, in a bad way, according to this editorial in Political Outcast.  DO businesses have to comply with the US Constitution?  No, certainly not.  But that is not the right question to ask: it is whether or not business have to recognize and accept fundamental human liberties, given by God.

Islamic wars:

This week’s Boko Haram attacks in Nigeria continued a horrific trend of using young girls (as young as ten) as “suicide bombers” (there are suspicions that the bombs were set off by remote control.  Coupled with the still-missing 200+ school girls (now claimed to have converted and “married”), this makes Nigeria’s situation as ugly as that in Mesopotamia and other Muslim regions in which Islamists are murdering people in more and more ways.

A US airstrike in a large city in Syria on 28 DEC 2014 may have killed fifty civilian prisoners of the Caliphate . The issue of civilian deaths in U.S. strikes is a critical one as the United States hopes to win support from average Syrians for its campaign against the Islamic State. The deaths are seen by U.S.-allied moderate rebel commanders as one reason support for their movement has eroded in northern Syria while support for radical forces such as al Qaida’s Nusra Front and the Islamic State has gained. Rebel commanders say they have intelligence that could avoid civilian casualties, but that U.S. officials refuse to coordinate with them. Political Outcast asks the same question that I do:  Are American forces “rescuing” these civilians from the Caliphate by killing them?”

Nothing nearly as bad as killings in France, Nigeria, or Mesopotamia, it seems that U.S. military social media accounts were apparently hacked by Islamic State sympathizers. Hackers claiming allegiance to the Islamic State took control of the social media accounts of the U.S. military’s Central Command (in Florida) on Monday, posting threatening messages and propaganda videos, along with some military documents.  If the military hackers can’t protect their own systems, what hope they will protect the rest of us?

Back to Europe: the offices of a German newspaper that had republished the Charlie Hebdo cartoons were attacked by arsonists early Sunday morning. Files in the Hamburger Morgenpost’s archives were destroyed, but no one was injured and two men were detained as suspects. The direct death toll in Paris and vicinity is seventeen murders and three terrorists dead; how many more attacks will be executed in the next few days?  They will be claimed to be copy-cat attacks, but I think it is likely that the terrs are getting better organized.

French President Francois Hollande says that the terror “suspects” in the Charlie Hebdo attack and murders (two of whom were killed in a police raid today) “have nothing do with the Muslim religion.”  Yet, he disagrees with a Muslim writer in USA Today which blames France for failing to control Charlie and allow the magazine to trash Islam and Islam’s prophet.  There do not appear to be any denunciations BY MUSLIMS of the USA Today opinion piece. (The writer is Anjem Choudary, a radical Muslim cleric in London and a lecturer in sharia.) Meanwhile, the current president (and strongman) of Egypt, Al-Sisi, has been ignored by the West in his New Year’s call for a “religious revolution” to end the violence and source of “killing and destruction.” Here is at least ONE prominent Muslim leader who HAS admitted that Islam is the source of the killings and violence around the world. A letter sent to various Muslim groups in the Fifty States by a coalition of concerned citizens regarding their position on Al-Sisi’s speech on 7 JAN, about the speech, has yet to be answered.

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