I am NOT Charlie

By Nathan Barton

“I am NOT ‘Charlie'”

Really.  Within hours of the cold-blooded murder of a dozen people in the totally unarmed and virtually undefended offices of an “in your face” comic magazine in Paris, the signs started appearing: at first hand-made but quickly printed professionally.  “Je Suis Charlie” or “We Are Charlie” is a fad, a hash-tag, and an excuse for doing little or nothing else.

Fox News reported on this in a recent story “‘We are Charlie’: Tens of thousands march to honor victims of Paris attack.”  Mama Liberty pointed out: Not a word about any need to change the “gun free zones” to facilitate self defense. Not anything even close. No, I am NOT “Charlie.” I am armed. I don’t expect anyone else to defend my right to free speech, or anything else.

Obviously, Mama Liberty speaks for me, as well. Tens of thousands will protest and create memorials AFTER someone gets killed, and will “honor” those dead, but not lift a finger to defend them – and in fact work very hard to KEEP those people from having the tools to defend themselves.  Apparently at Charlie Hebdo, they didn’t even allow the police “bodyguards” to be armed.

But even libertarians are mouthing that odious phrase “We are Charlie,” as if it will do ANYthing to:

(a) restore the liberty of people to own and learn how to use the tools of defense

(b) take action to get RID of the threats such as posed by the two brothers and their minion and allies

(c) get people to stop thinking as Islam as ‘just another religion’

Mama Liberty and I are NOT the only people to feel this way.  Even one of the surviving Charlie staffers finds himself  “disgusted” by all the new friends. He said, ‘We vomit on all these people who suddenly say they are our friends,’ and added that most of the support has come from people who have ‘never seen Charlie Hebdo.’  He makes a very good point.

“Charlie Hebdo” is a disgusting little publication, so very typically French.  It’s ‘art’ is hideous and atrocious, for the most part, and it spews foul language and vicious attacks on all political factions and all religions.  The ONLY reason to support it is because the God-given right to free speech INCLUDES foul, offensive, and mean language, not because the magazine and its staff and contributors offer any reason to love or admire them.  Indeed, their lack of care for their own safety and survival is obvious.  Maybe if they had attacked their own government for its policies regarding self-defense, gun ownership, and personal responsibility, they would have been able to respond to the murderous attack.

I am NOT Charlie and neither is The Price of Liberty.  We are no doubt offensive to many people, and we no doubt lack a certain polish and even professionalism that so many publications, on- and off-line, have.  but we are NOT a publication that exists merely to irritate and anger people, or only to poke fun at and insult those we write about.  We – each of us, individually – accept that only WE can defend ourselves against those who would attack us, who would try to kill us: that we must arm ourselves, train ourselves, and be observant for threats against us.  Charlie and its staff did not, and apparently could not – not because they were incapable of doing so, but because they WOULD not.

Thankfully, we are NOT Charlie.  And prayerfully, neither are millions of Americans, and neither are millions of Brits and Europeans and Canadians and Argentines and Indians and Australians.  But it is NOT something that just happens. It is something than can only happen with intent and planning… and accepting responsibility.  Including the responsibility NOT to allow another two or three thugs to gun down a dozen people without a defensive shot being fired, or any action taken in self-defense.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (christian), Pahasapan, Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer.
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2 Responses to I am NOT Charlie

  1. Darkwing says:

    I know that this thing in Paris is total BS. Thousands of people showed up in support of the mag people with prepared signs, that would take weeks to print. Then the mag was printed in 16 languages with a couple of million copies, that would take weeks.


    • MamaLiberty says:

      Hard to say, really. The question I have is “who benefits?” What is/was the baseline reason for anything that happened? When we trace who benefits, we very often discover the truth. And that is so often something nobody even much thought about, when all is said and done. Don’t expect the mainstream media to root this out either, of course.


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