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Ramping up the nanny state – a tiny delay

By Nathan Barton The Trump administration has put on hold an Obummer-era FRA/FMCSA regulation that would have required companies to test all drivers/railroad engineers for sleep apnea, presumably adding that to all the other requirements for CDL (commercial drivers licenses). … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 10 Sep 2015, #15-36C: Government Excess

by Nathan Barton How on earth?  CNS News reports that the FedGov “Bureau of Labor Statistics” reports that total Federal, State, and Local Governments (don’t know if that includes Tribal governments or not) employee numbers are 1.8 times that of … Continue reading

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The evils of natural gas

By Nathan Barton You have a nice warm house.  That is a luxury that very few people had for millennia, at least if they didn’t live in the tropics or have servants. Used to be that people EXPECTED the interior … Continue reading

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