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A libertarian christian perspective on the drug crisis, part 1

Bear with me while I write about a christian free-market anarchist’s perspective on drugs and government (Much of the concept herein is taken from some excellent articles by Lawrence Vance (another “christian libertarian”), and other writers who love God and … Continue reading

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Other causes of panic (other than Beer Flu)

Coronavirus (Beer flu) is not the only reason we are seeing panic. Consider: Wars and rumors of wars, rebellions, revolutions, elections, economic downturns, natural disasters, diseases, famines, droughts and more are with us constantly. When it comes to politics, the … Continue reading

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Dealing with government and our anger towards it

By Nathan Barton Okay, we are angry with government.  LOTS of people are angry with government. But what can we do about it?  The entire idea of self-government is that we don’t let, or need, others to control us.  We … Continue reading

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Angry with government? Welcome to the club

By Nathan Barton Today, we run into a lot of anger.  People are getting angry about every little slight and misunderstanding.  At the same time, it seems that misunderstandings, disagreements, and poor treatment of people are getting to be more … Continue reading

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