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Stupid, ignorant, or both? Statists in 2017

By Nathan Barton One of my sons pointed out a news-tidbit about some celebrity claiming that names like Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Mary are all so “white” that a “person of color” should not give their children names like that. … Continue reading

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Do people “deserve” liberty?

By Nathan Barton Do people “deserve” liberty? I have just been embroiled in a heartbreaking situation, one of a series. Without going into detail and thereby creating problems of privacy and decency, bear with me a minute. An older married … Continue reading

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Spiraling downward

By Nathan Barton There are times when things seem to be swimming around the drain, faster and faster as the spiral gets tighter and tighter. Incompetence in business, in institutions (religious and educational), and in government at all levels grows. … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 04 SEP 2015, #15-35D: Craziness abounds!

By Nathan Barton Mama’s notes: I thought that happened only in Chicago! Wonder how widespread this is, and how it matches with the actual vote totals. Eight Texas counties list more voters than residents, according to Fox News. The difference is … Continue reading

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“The NRA Is Facing Disaster.”

By MamaLiberty As reported at Sipsey Street Irregulars: “The NRA Is Facing Disaster.” Yup, you guessed it. The ATF snitch John Brown rears his ugly head again. Based on many other details published here, Brown appears to be little more … Continue reading

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Biden In The Window

Let’s have a caption contest! Use your imagination and tell us what you think Biden is thinking. No prizes except belly laughs. “It’s no fun being second banana…” [Photo source]

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By Nathan Barton Last week, I commented on a couple of stories regarding stupidity, especially here in the Fifty States.  I want to elaborate on those, and think about stupidity and government and their relationship. First, according to British news … Continue reading

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