Texan hypocrisy on display

I happened across the MSN news story this afternoon. Even MSN called it shocking news: a Texan House committee passed a bill on an 8-5 vote that will raise the age in which people are “allowed” to purchase “AR15-style” semi-automatic rifles from 18-21.

Libertarians should not be surprised that two GOP bootlickers joined six Woke Democrats to pass the bill onto the entire House of Representatives. Yes, even in Texas the scumbags elected to Austin are more interested in kowtowing to the popular vote (or claims of that) than to preserving God-given rights to defend ourselves and others. And thereby making MORE mass murders likely – even probable. But the GOP is just as corrupt and wicked as the Democratic Party. Yes, there are a few (in both parties) who understand and live by their pledges to obey and protect the Constitutions of both these States and the State of Texas, but it appears that many (if not most) do not.

Instead, these bow down to the “will of the people” and play the game of “democracy” instead of standing up for liberty. The actions of these eight Texans demonstrate not only what hypocrites they are (yes, Democrats as well as Republicans) but how they betray their word and the trust that Texans place in them. And for what? This law will do nothing to prevent more mass killings, and indeed may even increase the risk of those happening.

The excuse (and pressure, I admit) was because the Uvalde school killer was only 18 and was able to legally purchase 2 semiautomatic rifles the day he turned eighteen. Never mind the stupidity and lax irresponsibility of the school, the school district, virtually every law enforcement agency involved, and the dozens of people, few family, who knew him and heard him make threats and act in a manner that indicated he was deranged, abused, and a threat to himself and others.

No, no, no, supposedly the Uvalde parents chose to blame the State of Texas for letting adults buy weapons. An 18-year-old is allowed, without parental permission to enlist and bear military arms, to marry, to drive and operate heavy equipment, and of course, to vote. Age discrimination is illegal for all but governments, apparently. It is okay to deny citizens of age who can sign and be held to contracts such rights as owning firearms, smoke, and drink alcohol. Yet despite that, criminals including those under age 21 DO all these things.

There are no doubt tens of thousands of 10-20 year olds in Texas who have guns – rifles whether semi-automatic or single-shot or lever-action, or whatever. Of those tens of thousands, 99.99% did not murder someone. Yet THEY must be denied God-given rights because of one deranged, abused, and evil man.

As usual, the panicked woke and terrified people are willing to punish the peaceful and honest by passing laws that the criminals and scofflaws will and do ignore. What good does this do? Absolutely none. But as we were warned centuries ago, they would rather trade a false sense of security, of safety, for their liberty. Giving up not just their own rights but stealing the rights from other people.

Weakly, Texans and most Americans willingly bow down to the pressure of fearful, panicked, and screaming hoplophobes and hoploclasts.

And all that happens is that more and more places become soft targets, and the killers, the psychotic and evil, have more and more opportunities to kill innocents: adults, children, and anyone unable or unwilling to defend themselves, or not be defended by someone.

About TPOL Nathan

Follower of Christ Jesus (a christian), Pahasapan (resident of the Black Hills), Westerner, Lover of Liberty, Free-Market Anarchist, Engineer, Army Officer, Husband, Father, Historian, Writer, Evangelist. Successor to Lady Susan (Mama Liberty) at TPOL.
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3 Responses to Texan hypocrisy on display

  1. Restorer1 says:

    All very well stated Nathan and I couldn’t agree more with your thoughts. I am finding myself coming back to the questions; “What can be done about this?”, “How can we push back?”.


  2. Restorer1 says:

    All very well stated Nathan and I couldn’t agree more with your thoughts. I am finding myself coming back to the questions; “What can be done about this?”, “How can we push back?”.


    • TPOL Nathan says:

      Even those of us who abandoned Texas decades ago almost certainly have relatives in Texas we can get to send nastygrams to the idiots representing their district in the Senate and the House, and get hold of both sympathetic media (like Pratt on Texas) and those who are not. More telling and vocal support can include supporting the various Texan independence movements and lawsuits against even attempts like these to subvert our liberties.
      The murders in Allen are again evidence that (1) gun control does not work to prevent murderers from their evil deeds and (2) gun control DOES reduce the ability and willingness to go armed and take action to defend others. When you have been hit with legal bills in the 10s of thousands by a thug just because you pulled your gun on someone breaking into your house, even if you were not convicted and jailed, it puts a chill on your reaction time in the future.


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