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Who owns us?

By Nathan Barton For those of us who advocate and practice (to the best of our abilities) the principle of self-government, the answer is obvious. Whether we are proponents, or even comfortable with, the philosophy of Ayn Rand or Harry … Continue reading

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More on liberty and authority

By Nathan Barton The vast gulf between libertarians (lovers of liberty – NOT members of a Libertarian Party) and Authoritarians, or Controllers, applies to more than just the State, governments, and politics. We find it in society, in the market … Continue reading

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Liberty and Authority

By Nathan Barton I’ve forgotten who said this: “And here is the difference between the Libertarians and the Authoritarians: the latter have no confidence in liberty; they believe in compelling people to be good, assuming that people are totally depraved; … Continue reading

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Wise words

By Nathan Barton A guest writer, Russian Stanislav Mishin, for JPFO, has some words of wisdom for us, based on his nation’s history for the last couple of centuries. Do not be fooled by a belief that progressives, leftists hate … Continue reading

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Should libertarians support “New California?”

By Nathan Barton Eagle Rising, a conservative website, has an article discussing and applauded efforts of “rural” California attempting to secede from the core urban areas of the Golden State. A lessening in the size and power of the People’s … Continue reading

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