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Do not become slaves of men

A guest commentary by Stuart Hall, originally published at Pistos.com, 24 SEP 2022. Primarily religious (christian) in content, it applies to all lovers of liberty, christian or not. TPOL has done some stylistic editing and made some further comments in … Continue reading

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The price of slavery

What is slavery? Libertarians tend to include taxation – involuntary taxation – as a form of slavery. That is, taxes forced out of people (whether the force is actual or implied/threatened) for which nothing of worth is actually exchanged. It … Continue reading

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Warning – Independence Day ahead!

Welcome to the last day of June 2022, indeed a horrible month for many reasons.(Apologies for the delay in publishing – computer gliches are always with us!) In just two days, many lovers of liberty will celebrate American Independence Day … Continue reading

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American fascism and the War Between the States

A number of libertarian historians, and in particular, Thomas DiLorenzo, have long researched, written, and preached the truth about that American demigod, “Honest Abe” Lincoln. One of his latest commentaries can be found at Lew Rockwell. Thomas notes the 100th … Continue reading

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Are some societies and people better than others?

Humans are, well, weird. We can blame it all on the Creator, of course. He gave us free will: the ability to decide for ourselves what to think, say, and do. Well, some of us think so. Others say we … Continue reading

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Warning signs – Roman and Western Civilizations

Americans have long had a fascination with Roman civilization (shared with our British-Commonwealth cousins) for many reasons. This is particularly true for a major reason: Rome fell. Rome’s ultimate collapse: both the fall of the Western Empire (centered on today’s … Continue reading

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An extreme proposal to permanently deal with the reparation issue

It ain’t gonna go away. As the recent proposals of the Biden regime, and actions by various local governments shows, the entire idea of reparations for 350+ years of black slavery and 150- years of racism, segregation, etc. is NOT … Continue reading

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Masks, liberty, and slavery

You got a mask? For 99% of Americans, the answer is yes. Stores and websites are selling them like hotcakes. It seems like every other store (especially the big-box and small-box stores and the supermarket and convenience store chains) has … Continue reading

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Mainstream media shows its bias – the history of slavery

By Nathan Barton That dean of the mainstream media, as it continues to fail and decline, has a special series this year to commemorate the 400th anniversary the first known slaves to arrive in the English Colony of Virginia (at … Continue reading

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A look back at the Declaration of Independence

By Nathan Barton Today, in 2019, we hear the Founding Fathers and even the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution are racist, hypocritical, and therefore to be treated with contempt and anger.  And the principles contained therein are to be … Continue reading

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