American fascism and the War Between the States

A number of libertarian historians, and in particular, Thomas DiLorenzo, have long researched, written, and preached the truth about that American demigod, “Honest Abe” Lincoln. One of his latest commentaries can be found at Lew Rockwell. Thomas notes the 100th Anniversary of the Lincoln Memorial in DC, one of the great “secular temples” that graces the streets of the District of Criminals to glorify not just their own kind (that of politicians and rulers) but their philosophy.

US Mercury Dime Reverse featuring the Fasces

We here at TPOL always learn from from Dr. DiLorenzo’s articles, and often reminded of things we know and yet did not understand the full significance. This article is no different: Thomas points out the massive presence of fasces in the Lincoln Memorial, and how that reflected not just the attitudes and political philosophy of the era (WW1 and immediately afterwards) but also the record of Lincoln himself.

I know about those: I have visited that building, that temple, more than once over the decades, especially when stationed nearby in once-free Virginia. But I did not know (as Thomas pointed out) that the National Park Service – that advocate of incredible political correctness and “protector” and manager of hundreds of pilgrimage sites for the American civil religion – publishes a brochure talking about the incredible presence and repetition of the fasces in that structure.

(A structure by the way, located near the end of the bridge and grand processional way across from the Custis-Lee Mansion, now the heart of Arlington National Cemetery. That too, is an enduring monument to American fascism and the evils of government: the Lee plantation stolen by Honest Abe and turned into a cemetery for war dead to ensure that Lee and his family would never return. Is there a clearer case of government theft, revenge, corruption, and general government evil in so symbolic a location?)

Thomas points out that modern fascism has its origins in the Lincoln regime and its aggression, abuse, and terror waged against those labeled as enemies of the State. A fascism not just repeated and expanded by the likes of Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. This in large part led to the highly visible presence of the symbol in the Lincoln temple, as Thomas relates.

Although the NPS does not point out that Lincoln (beloved of Karl Marx, by the way), Teddy Roosevelt, and Woody Wilson all were inspirations for movements worldwide. Among them are the Italian Fascism of Mussolini, the National Socialism of Uncle Adolf, the Falangist fascism of Franco in Spain, and Peronismo in Argentina. And from them, of course, we can trace the Chauvinismo of Venezuela, much of the Islamic fascism (first named in 1933). And of course, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt New Deal of the 1930s and 1940s. And today, the variants of fascism found in Ukraine and elsewhere – as well as the results/products of that evil political philosophy around the world.

It is appropriate therefore to talk about his as we are made to “honor” the latest DC-mandated “national holiday” of Juneteenth. For Juneteenth is the latest product of American fascism. It is yet another holy day to demonstrate both to the faithful disciples of the government (and therefore of the power of this world) and to the unbelievers (people like libertarians and at least some christians) the power and majesty and benevolence of human government.

But it is ALSO a reminder of just how evil, how hypocritical, how monstrous government is – and in particular the Federal government was and is. The FedGov of Honest Abe and the Bull Moose, Professor Woody, FDR, LBJ, Tricky Dick, the Bush clan, and now Uncle Joe the Senile. We are told that on this day in 1865, a quarter-million black Texan slaves learned, two years after the fact, that they had been freed by Lincoln’s hypocritical and worthless Emancipation Proclamation.

In reality, the Proclamation no longer applied to Texas once its civil authorities and military forces surrendered to the invading Union troops, as the Proclamation only applied to areas in rebellion. Although today it is being presented by media and politicians as a new “National Independence Day” for black slaves? In actuality, there were still tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of black slaves in “loyal states” (including Missouri, Kentucky, and Maryland) that would not legally or formally be emancipated for several years – with the passage of new constitutional amendments outlawing slavery. Juneteenth, and its observance, is a perfect example of fascism and its symbols and worship – just as much as any Nürnberg rally.

And as Jeffrey Hummel long ago (30 years) explained, Lincoln and his disciples emancipated slaves and enslaved free men. A result or product of early fascism we see today in Juneteenth and many other problems and events that bedevil us today.

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