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Happy new year from The Price of Liberty

After two years of crises, threats to liberty, fears and panic, we can all pray that 2022 will offer opportunities to promote and enjoy peace, prosperity, and liberty for all. Let us look forward! Although it is just pages on … Continue reading

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Socialism and liberty (Part 2)

So, is socialism compatible with liberty? There are many who claim that it is. There are others (few, admittedly) who claim that some form of socialism is ESSENTIAL to liberty. Before diving in, let us be perfectly clear: we at … Continue reading

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Guest column: Unimpeded mobility: right NOT privilege

Editor’s note: This commentary by Robert J Hansen was originally published at Newsbreak.com. as “Unimpeded Mobility: the right to drive, on 26 August 2021, and is published for purposes of commentary. Mr. Hansen is not affiliated with TPOL in any … Continue reading

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Vaccine “fascism” or what?

Max Borders at AIER makes some very important points about what can be termed “Vaccine Fascism” – an unholy alliance between big business and big government revolving around the increasingly contentious vaccine for the dreaded COVID-19. (Much more that just … Continue reading

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Not-so-new feudalism

Although not so precisely stated, the fundamental principle of feudalism as practiced in the Dark Ages in much of Europe – and in Japan – is pretty well understood. “You swear to follow, obey, and be a loyal supporter to … Continue reading

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Fourth of July Special

As I sit here in a certain unnamed city in Colorado, I hear the occasional pop or boom of fireworks. Fireworks almost certainly illegal in this municipality, which has so graciously permitted SOME legal fireworks (if you can call them … Continue reading

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Paying the piper locally

Paying the Piper: The failures of local government in the Fifty States is more and more clear as the 21st Century progresses. And it is the inhabitants of their lands that are paying the piper for these failures. Local government … Continue reading

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Where do we stand?

Here at The Price of Liberty, we are pretty limited in “staff,” and none of us are full time. Well, except for the spirit of Mama Liberty. (Whom we knew as “Lady Susan” from the old Liberty Round Table and … Continue reading

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Worshipping the “State”

Peter stood up with the others and told the Sanhedrin, “We must obey God rather than man.” Joshua ben Nun addressed the entire assembly of Israel, and told them, “Choose you this day whom you will serve. But as for … Continue reading

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Why don’t we have riots in rural areas?

I got asked an interesting question the other day. I reworded it slightly. I suspect that the questioner is not an American, or not one for very long, and really doesn’t understand rural areas. Especially not American rural areas, or … Continue reading

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