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Responding to Thomas Jefferson: “a wise and frugal government”

By Nathan Barton “…Enlightened by a benign religion, professed, indeed, and practiced in various forms, yet all of them inculcating honesty, truth, temperance, gratitude, and the love of man, acknowledging and adoring an overruling Providence, which by all its dispensations … Continue reading

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The Kentucky Resolutions of 1798

Posted by Nathan Barton These are lengthy reading but important, and worth once more seeking to apply to a FedGov gone wild and certain to get worse. I am providing these to spark discussion and encourage people to follow again … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, 17 July 2015, #15-28F

By Nathan Barton A short column, due to some lengthy rants starting HERE.  Have a great weekend! Another mass killing, and this time with some suspicion of Islamist terrorism on American soil, although CNN and other news sources are being … Continue reading

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The War of 1812 and the Ravages of War – Lessons NOT Learned

By Nathan Barton This year we note the 200th Anniversary of the Battles of Baltimore and Fort McHenry, and of Washington, all part of the British invasion of the States in the War of 1812. Although there were legitimate reasons … Continue reading

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