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Is secession dead?

By Nathan Barton Back in 2012, following the reelection of a very divisive squatter at 1600 PA in DC, there was a raft of petitions posted to FedGov websites (such as “We the People”) and other venues, petitioning the FedGov … Continue reading

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Breadstick vote nears – Can the UK free itself?

by Nathan Barton Author’s Note: I wrote this before news came that an MP had been assassinated in her own constituency, supposedly by someone who was a supporter of “LEAVE” in the Brexit vote. (Or “breadstick vote” as one person … Continue reading

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United No More?

by Susan Callaway and Nathan Barton This week, on Thursday the 18th, up to 4.3 of 5.3 million Scots subjects of Her Majesty will vote on whether or not to secede from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern … Continue reading

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The War of 1812 and the Ravages of War – Lessons NOT Learned

By Nathan Barton This year we note the 200th Anniversary of the Battles of Baltimore and Fort McHenry, and of Washington, all part of the British invasion of the States in the War of 1812. Although there were legitimate reasons … Continue reading

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Libertarian Commentary on the News, #14-18A: Government action versus voluntary private action

By Nathan Barton Good morning.  A few stories from the weekend and even last week, which I think you will find of interest.  Apparently, Ukraine did NOT explode over the weekend, although Mount St. Helens is showing life and there … Continue reading

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